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2/4203 LEVEL 2/4203
Item #: SCP-4203


Two instances performing SCP-4203.

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel from MTF Gamma-42 ("Critter Catchers") are to be stationed within major insect observatories to dissuade civilians from directly interacting with damselflies. Educational films mentioning damselflies are to include a segment during which the viewer is to be advised to not disturb damselflies during mating.

Description: SCP-4203 is a mating ritual observed in the Pyrrhosoma nymphula subspecies of damselfly. The end product of this ritual is the creation of a Type-II localized wormhole to an extra-dimensional space.

To initiate SCP-4203, the male instance performs a courtship dance by hovering in front of the female and displaying its wings and abdomen. The instances then mate by conjoining in a "heart" formation, often while flying in tandem.

The female will then attempt to locate a protected area to continue mating (usually a small tree branch or rock). Once identifying a suitable location, the female will grasp onto a nearby object with its legs while the male impregnates it.

Following successful impregnation, SCP-4203 will activate, creating a wormhole within the "heart" formation. If the formation is broken at this time, then the wormhole will destabilize before gradually dissipating.

Within the extra-dimension generated by SCP-4203 is "Sweety's Emporium of Fine Delicacies, Treats, and the Exotic" (SCP-4203-1), an invertebrate-themed brothel and nightclub. Numerous entities are believed to reside within SCP-4203-1, with most being employees.

Addendum 4203/1: Exploration Log

Following its discovery, a preliminary exploration was initially approved by Site-31 staff. Due to the size of the entryway, a Foundation MicroDrone was selected to carry out the mission, despite its limited memory storage.


The drone enters SCP-4203-1, appearing to emerge in a dimly-lit room. A secondary infrared camera is activated, revealing an entity (ENTITY-A) resembling an enlarged damselfly. It is seen consuming an apparently alcoholic beverage from a large jug.

A large tarantula wolf spider (ENTITY-B) scampers into the room. The drone hovers near the ceiling to avoid unintentional contact with either entity. After a few moments, ENTITY-B approaches ENTITY-A.

The two entities promptly engage in extensive physical contact with each other. ENTITY-B begins vocalizing moans and whines. A clear liquid is leaking from its abdomen.

ENTITY-B raises its front four legs and presses ENTITY-A into a nearby wall. The feed pans slightly, revealing a pair of tibial hooks used by ENTITY-B to pin ENTITY-A's wings to the ceiling. More vocalizations are heard, followed by substantially increased physical interaction.

After several minutes, ENTITY-B releases ENTITY-A's wings whilst still embracing. ENTITY-A curls the end segments of its abdomen towards ENTITY-B's posterior lung covers, exposing claw-like genitalia. It begins making a small incision across ENTITY-B's lower abdomen. More clear liquid is seen coagulating into a puddle on the ground.

ENTITY-A inserts its genitals into the open wound of ENTITY-B. Further vocalizations are heard. The feed tilts upwards, showing ENTITY-B biting off sections of ENTITY-A's head. One of ENTITY-A's eyes is dislodged and consumed by ENTITY-B. The drone moves closer to the incision site to observe internal movements.

An additional incision is made within ENTITY-B's book lungs, allowing access to the sperm receptacle. A four-pronged clasper attached to ENTITY-A's genitals grabs a congealed mass of sperm, drags it through ENTITY-B's lungs, and spills it onto the floor.

ENTITY-B retracts its tibial hooks, releasing ENTITY-A from the wall. A chunky white liquid begins dribbling out of ENTITY-B's mouth, followed by it regurgitating two small, metal coins. ENTITY-A retrieves these coins using its clasper before ENTITY-B exits the room.


Afterword: At this point, the MicroDrone indicated that it was unable to record and transcribe additional data and was successfully extracted. Following review by Site-31 staff, further exploratory missions into SCP-4203-1 were postponed due to ethical concerns.

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