Audio Adaptations
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This is a page to showcase those stories, essays, and guides which have been adapted into audio form.

SCP Series VI (5000-5999)

SCP Title Audio Link
SCP-5040 血の涙 ("Tears of Blood") Shaggydredlocks
SCP-5740 all cop are buddy by dado SCPDataPodcast

SCP Series V (4000-4999)

SCP Title Audio Link
SCP-4000 Taboo Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-4018 Eye TheVolgun
SCP-4026 guardian "angel" Site-42
SCP-4031 The Amnesiac Redemption Site-42
SCP-4046 What do you want to be when you grow up? Site-42
SCP-4050 Oh, The Humidity! Site-42
SCP-4080 Spotlight Site-42
SCP-4087 Absence of a Knife Site-42
SCP-4089 Untoothing Site-42
SCP-4107 Dead Site-42
SCP-4113 Long is the Way You Must Wander Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-4135 Maullard Site-42
SCP-4148 Space Ladybugs Site-42
SCP-4192 As Above Site-42
SCP-4201 Pizza of Mass Destruction Dr. Maxwell
SCP-4213 I Scream Dr. Cimmerian; Site-42
SCP-4252 Beans and Betrayal TheVolgun
SCP-4290 The Child Hungers Site-42
SCP-4310 The Hero's Journey Site-42
SCP-4334 Nature is Cool Site-42; Random SCP
SCP-4352 Storytime Site-42
SCP-4378 Her Noodly Appendage Site-42
SCP-4389 Big Ol' Eyebrows Site-42
SCP-4394 Liquid Piano Site-42
SCP-4411 At Long Last Landing Site-42
SCP-4414 PEEL NomadicArchives
SCP-4420 A Potato Thirst Site-42
SCP-4464 Dogs Could Be Bigger Site-42
SCP-4465 No Man is an Island Site-42
SCP-4474 Steve, and 0ther Gods Site-42
SCP-4481 A Casualty of the Single Worst Astronautical Disaster in History Site-42
SCP-4490 Cruel To Be Kind Site-42
SCP-4500 Socratic Containment Procedures Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-4510 Anomalous Delivery Service Skele Jones
SCP-4513 Pounded in the Butt with Moby Dick by my IRS W-2 Tax Form Site-42
SCP-4521 please raise your voice, my hearing isnt what it used to be Site-42
SCP-4546 A Sparkling Personality Site-42
SCP-4560 Everything is Fine Dr. Maxwell
SCP-4559 Would You Like A Receipt? Site-42
SCP-4597 Thick-Skinned Man Site-42
SCP-4666 The Yule Man TheVolgun
SCP-4729 Beauty From Pain Site-42
SCP-4730 Earth, Crucified Eastside
SCP-4748 Arctic Whaleways Site-42
SCP-4759 The Challenger of Donut Taxes Site-42
SCP-4763 Down the Tragedy Well Site-42
SCP-4775 The Absolute Gall NomadicArchives
SCP-4780 Shrunk Site-42
SCP-4813 My only way out is to forget I ever need a way out. Site-42
SCP-4821 You Get What I Never Got Site-42
SCP-4826 No One But Me Gets To Say When I Die Site-42
SCP-4843 Take It With Me When I Go Site-42
SCP-4878 Six-Foot Soldiers Site-42
SCP-4910 The Grinner Shaggydredlocks
SCP-4948 Behind Ajar Doors Shaggydredlocks
SCP-4966 Tubbioca: Devourer of Souls, Consumer of Secrets, Lord of Munchies SCPDataPodcast
SCP-4999 Someone to Watch Over Us TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast

SCP Series IV (3000-3999)

SCP Title Audio Link
SCP-3000 Ananteshesha Synthetic Alien; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-3001 Red Reality Site-42; GRYITH
SCP-3005 A Light That Died NomadicArchives; Shaggydredlocks
SCP-3008 A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA TheVolgun; Site-42; SCP Archives
SCP-3020 Depression Synthetic Alien
SCP-3023 And then it decided to be an angry spider Site-42
SCP-3034 The Counting Station Dr. Maxwell
SCP-3041 The Red Knife Site-42
SCP-3043 Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER! Site-42
SCP-3063 A fly TheVolgun; Shaggydredlocks
SCP-3069 To Force the Hand of God Eastside
SCP-3079 300 Tricks: Stage Magic Made Easy Site-42; Reel to Reel
SCP-3080 The Power of Love Site-42
SCP-3082 Neverland's Lost Boys and Girls Reel to Reel
SCP-3084 Seven Strangers at a Feast Shaggydredlocks
SCP-3086 Death of the Author, etc. Site-42
SCP-3088 Law Of The Land Site-42
SCP-3092 Gorilla Warfare Site-42
SCP-3108 The Nerfing Gun Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-3143 Murphy Law in… The Foundation Always Rings Twice! Site-42; Eastside
SCP-3166 You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield Brendaniel; Shaggydredlocks; TheVolgun
SCP-3186 These Words Of Ours, Written So Deftly Across The Sky Site-42
SCP-3199 Humans, Refuted TheVolgun
SCP-3200 Chronos Synthetic Alien
SCP-3208 YKHN Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3209 Boredom Butterfly TheVolgun
SCP-3213 F*ck off Carl. Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3232 Bug Pillow Site-42
SCP-3238 dado juice Site-42
SCP-3246 A Nice Old Lady Site-42
SCP-3295 Thank You For Smoking Site-42
SCP-3300 The Rain TheVolgun
SCP-3302 The Jim Look Site-42
SCP-3305 The Father, The Son, and The Holy Toast Site-42
SCP-3307 Cornucopi-ass Site-42
SCP-3312 OwO what's this? Site-42
SCP-3313 Poor Richard Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3316 The Grand Spectacle Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3317 Libre la Livres Site-42
SCP-3331 With Apologies To John Cena GRYITH
SCP-3332 Anchoring For A Citroen Site-42
SCP-3351 Future Days Dr. Cimmerian; Site-42; NomadicArchives
SCP-3384 Try Not to Laugh Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3393 For Your Eyes Only Dr. Cimmerian; SCPReadings•
SCP-3394 Brain Scientist Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3408 Welcome to Site-3408 Dr. Cimmerian; TheVolgun
SCP-3426 Reckoner Eastside
SCP-3441 Probability Trees Site-42
SCP-3450 OC DO NOT STEAL Site-42
SCP-3456 The Orcadian Horsemen TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-3459 Phobia Plague NomadicArchives
SCP-3487 Cats Think The World Revolves Around Them Site-42
SCP-3494 Waste Management by dado Site-42
SCP-3513 The brain that ate itself TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-3515 Unearth Dr. Maxwell
SCP-3521 Forced Banana Equivalent Dose by dado TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-3536 Bacteriophage Enabler Site-42
SCP-3541 Twice as Bright Site-42
SCP-3551 Dr. Wondertainment's Inflatable Invasion Site-42
SCP-3558 Eyelid Removal Tool TheVolgun
SCP-3566 Not Even That Funny Site-42
SCP-3579 Insta-Gator Site-42
SCP-3616 Writer's Block Site-42
SCP-3637 Many Waters Site-42
SCP-3657 Posthumous Hero Site-42; NomadicArchives
SCP-3660 The Zoo Zipper ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-3663 The Adventure of the Cardboard Box NomadicArchives
SCP-3670 Dreamed Corn Site-42
SCP-3673 But when the door is closed… Dr. Maxwell
SCP-3693 Postscript - Through A Glass, Darkly Shaggydredlocks
SCP-3707 Fly By Night Only Morbid Memories; Site-42
SCP-3733 Everybody Else Dr. Maxwell; Site-42
SCP-3759 Isle of the Tortoise Terminarch Morbid Memories; Site-42
SCP-3788 Titanic Super Soaker Site-42
SCP-3790 Department of Abnormalities Shaggydredlocks
SCP-3794 Salsa Hammer Site-42
SCP-3802 hare growth by dado Site-42
SCP-3823 Put On Your Red Shoes NomadicArchives
SCP-3831 Can't Call Out Dr. Maxwell
SCP-3841 Death & Rebirth Site-42
SCP-3850 I Can't Drown My Demons Shaggydredlocks
SCP-3863 Hole-y cow! I can't bee-lieve it! Site-42
SCP-3866 Youth In Asia by dado Site-42
SCP-3883 Dildos Have Dreams Too Site-42
SCP-3887 Monster under the bed TheVolgun
SCP-3900 The Internet of Things That Are Wolves Site-42
SCP-3908 SCP-3908 NomadicArchives
SCP-3929 boner pill by dado Site-42
SCP-3930 The Pattern Screamer GRYITH; Site-42
SCP-3942 UNDEFINED Site-42
SCP-3949 Penumbra W.A.V.E. #1 Fan! Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-3973 Would you like to re-roll? Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-3979 Will You Walk Into My Parlour? Site-42
SCP-3983 To Petition the Dead Eastside
SCP-3994 Normal Human People TheVolgun
SCP-3997 In My End Is My Beginning Synthetic Alien
SCP-3998 The Wicker Witch Lives Synthetic Alien; NomadicArchives
SCP-3999 I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me Site-42; Synthetic Alien

SCP Series III (2000-2999)

SCP Title Audio Link
SCP-2000 Deus Ex Machina Morbid Memories; MR SCP•
SCP-2001 A Space Oddity NomadicArchives
SCP-2002 A Dead Future NomadicArchives
SCP-2006 Too Spooky TheVolgun; Brendaniel; NaturesTemper
SCP-2008 …but blood must sometimes be spilled… Dr. Cimmerian; NomadicArchives
SCP-2010 No EyePhone Morbid Memories
SCP-2014 Zsar Magoth HauntedReader
SCP-2016 Wizard's Doll NomadicArchives; Ordinary Men
SCP-2020 Cliche, Right? Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-2021 Single-sided Paper Reel to Reel
SCP-2030 LA U GH IS F UN TheVolgun; Brendaniel; Synthetic Alien
SCP-2038 Unstable Standees Ordinary Men
SCP-2043 REMEMBER ME Ordinary Men
SCP-2059 Wall of Flesh TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-2061 Entire Local Family Chokes To Death On Single Calculator SCPReadings•
SCP-2065 Empty Inside Reel to Reel
SCP-2067 Shah's Guardian Reel to Reel
SCP-2076 Shooting Yourself Can Increase Your Bullet Resistance SCPReadings•
SCP-2086 Rerouting TheVolgun
SCP-2095 The Siege of Gyaros Eastside
SCP-2099 Brain in a Jar Tunes
SCP-2112 And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth Eastside
SCP-2113 Haunted Liopleurodon Skull Morbid Memories
SCP-2116 Lonely Ragdoll SCPReadings•
SCP-2121 Gods' Noose SCPReadings•
SCP-2126 Letter from Grandma Reel to Reel
SCP-2137 The Forensic Ghost Of Tupac Shakur Site-42
SCP-2142 Just Clap Your Hands Morbid Memories
SCP-2153 Charitable Clovers Site-42
SCP-2158 The Gun That Never Misses Site-42
SCP-2163 Hollywood Reel to Reel
SCP-2165 Irredeemable Site-42
SCP-2191 Dracula Factory TheVolgun
SCP-2193 Monthly Termination NomadicArchives
SCP-2197 Shop Class Site-42
SCP-2200 Soulberg TheVolgun
SCP-2201 Cross-Dimensional Barbershop Morbid Memories
SCP-2203 Find the One for You! SCPReadings•
SCP-2219 PORRIDGE Brendaniel
SCP-2221 A Friendly Agreement TheVolgun
SCP-2228 Foundation Playsets Eastside
SCP-2268 Loaf Page Ordinary Men
SCP-2285 Cloudivores Morbid Memories
SCP-2295 The Bear with a Heart of Patchwork Nick D'Alberto
SCP-2298 Life in a Plastic Box Ordinary Men
SCP-2303 Tower of Silence Eastside
SCP-2316 Field Trip Synthetic Alien
SCP-2317 A Door to Another World Site-42; Eastside; SCP Archives•
SCP-2329 …But Nobody's Home Reel to Reel; SCPReadings•
SCP-2337 Dr. Spanko Site-42; TL333s•
SCP-2341 Welcome Home TL333s
SCP-2348 sky Site-42
SCP-2351 A Wild Goose Chase Site-42; Morbid Memories
SCP-2357 The Perfect SCP Random SCP; SCPReadings•
SCP-2365 The universe is trying to tell you that it hates you Dr. Maxwell; Morbid Memories
SCP-2373 Behind You Eastside; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-2385 Somewhere In The Between ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-2399 A Malfunctioning Destroyer TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast; Infame Kato•
SCP-2401 Mary Had a Little Lamb Synthetic Alien
SCP-2430 Immortal Hitler Clone Eastside
SCP-2439 Slot Unallocated Eastside
SCP-2456 Dreams of a Broken World Eastside
SCP-2460 Dark Satellite Morbid Memories
SCP-2468 Wounded Child NomadicArchives
SCP-2475 Culinary Deduction Morbid Memories
SCP-2482 Liquid Itch Ordinary Men
SCP-2509 Hardware Pets Ordinary Men
SCP-2513 Also, Carthage Must Be Destroyed Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2501 The Claw TheVolgun
SCP-2521 ●●|●●●●●|●●|● HauntedReader; TheVolgun; Sahkert; Synthetic Alien
SCP-2529 Rest In Peace Shaggydredlocks
SCP-2537 Werebricks Ordinary Men
SCP-2539 Highway to Hell Shaggydredlocks
SCP-2557 A Holding of Envelope Logistics® Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2558 Horseshoe Beach First Baptist Church (Relocated) SCPReadings•
SCP-2566 Demurrage Ordinary Men
SCP-2569 Blood Lamp Morbid Memories
SCP-2571 Cragglewood Park TheVolgun
SCP-2573 I ain’t never heard of no commy Fifthists or nothin'. TL333s
SCP-2577 Falling Ships Site-42
SCP-2583 Dust to Dust Eastside
SCP-2584 Loop Snakes Ordinary Men
SCP-2602 Exbibliothetic Morbid Memories; Dr. Maxwell
SCP-2604 Not A Fence Ordinary Men
SCP-2614 Sometimes, I Go Out In Pity For Myself Shaggydredlocks
SCP-2616 Shoo, Fly Morbid Memories; SCPReadings•
SCP-2623 Distance Reel to Reel
SCP-2627 Boardwalk Empire Site-42
SCP-2632 No Fury Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2642 Half of an Elephant's Face Site-42
SCP-2650 Pediatric Pupaphobia Site-42
SCP-2662 cthulhu f'UCK OFF! TheVolgun; Site-42; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-2665 The Miner's Escape Site-42
SCP-2679 The Many Graves of Jeannette Parslov NaturesTemper
SCP-2686 Moon Wizard Site-42
SCP-2690 Angel's Tongue Site-42; Ordinary Men
SCP-2695 Lucibelle Perhacs Synthetic Alien
SCP-2700 Teleforce TheVolgun
SCP-2701 True Solitary Eastside
SCP-2710 A Certain Breach TL333s; Site-42; Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2718 What Happens After Eastside; Dr. Maxwell
SCP-2719 Inside Site-42
SCP-2732 《缢王本纪》 NomadicArchives
SCP-2733 Head Cabinet Site-42
SCP-2746 ████ is dead. TL333s
SCP-2747 As Below, So Above Shaggydredlocks
SCP-2750 Navajo Skinwalkers TheVolgun
SCP-2754 How To Put 110% Into Everything Morbid Memories
SCP-2755 Brevity of Writ Site-42; Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2771 Border Duty Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2774 The Slow Burn Sloth TheVolgun
SCP-2786 The Archetype TheVolgun
SCP-2797 Белки Site-42
SCP-2802 Un-woodpeckers Morbid Memories
SCP-2808 Doomsday Site-42
SCP-2810 Turtles All the Way Down Site-42
SCP-2817 The Carpet King Prosecutes Itself Site-42
SCP-2820 Vaishnavastra Reel to Reel
SCP-2826 The Boys From Patrol NomadicArchives
SCP-2840 Apex Nightmare Morbid Memories
SCP-2844 Gary of the Paperclips Site-42; TL333s•
SCP-2845 THE DEER TheVolgun
SCP-2851 Red Site-42
SCP-2852 Cousin Johnny TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
SCP-2864 Di Molte Voci Site-42
SCP-2873 Another Human Weapon Reel to Reel
SCP-2874 Don-Burten Explosive Dev13e Reel to Reel
SCP-2875 The Town That Got Fucked By Bears Reel to Reel; SCPReadings•
SCP-2876 Dream A Little Dream Reel to Reel
SCP-2881 The Tree You Cannot Climb Site-42
SCP-2884 One Nation Under CCTV TheVolgun
SCP-2897 The Bard of Analytics Morbid Memories
SCP-2912 Clowny Clown Clown TheVolgun
SCP-2915 Frostee-Flesh Dr. Maxwell; Morbid Memories; READ-ACTED
SCP-2924 Drifters Reel to Reel
SCP-2941 Do Not Eat or Inspire Reel to Reel; The Roost•
SCP-2950 Just A Chair Site-42; Morbid Memories
SCP-2954 Looping Kaiju Killing Site-42
SCP-2966 InfiniTP TheVolgun
SCP-2967 Sapient Cephalopods TheVolgun
SCP-2969 In Your Own Words Eastside
SCP-2973 Ihct͟o̢ga̴m͠a̢t Eastside
SCP-2978 Motherburg TheVolgun
SCP-2980 Devil's Nightlight Eastside
SCP-2984 Girl on Fire Site-42
SCP-2986 Outside the Box Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-2989 Of Bookworms, Bamboo, and Beating Hearts. Reel to Reel
SCP-2991 Scarf TL333s; Ordinary Men
SCP-2994 Interactive Whiteboards Ordinary Men
SCP-2995 Radiant Son TheVolgun
SCP-2997 Ashes of the Fallen ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-2999 The Black Cat and the White Rabbit HauntedReader

SCP Series II (1000-1999)

SCP Title Audio Link
SCP-1000 Bigfoot TheVolgun; SCPReadings•; MR SCP•
SCP-1003 Tapeworm Child TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; SCPReadings•
SCP-1004 Factory Porn TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; Ordinary Men
SCP-1006 Spider Proletariat Brendaniel; Eastside
SCP-1011 Humanization Process HauntedReader
SCP-1016 The Bloody Key Reel to Reel
SCP-1024 The Basic Set Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-1025 Encyclopedia of Diseases Eastside
SCP-1030 Anything Golem Morbid Memories
SCP-1034 Dollmaker's Kit Eastside
SCP-1038 An RCA Cable Morbid Memories
SCP-1039 The Gathering Doll HauntedReader
SCP-1045 Candle of Life Site-42; Morbid Memories
SCP-1046 A House Without a Bedroom Ordinary Men
SCP-1048 Builder Bear TheVolgun; Site-42; Ordinary Men
SCP-1055 Bugsy NomadicArchives
SCP-1057 Absence of Shark Site-42; NomadicArchives; Morbid Memories
SCP-1066 Instant Education Morbid Memories
SCP-1072 Memory-Replacing Disc Reel to Reel
SCP-1076 The Only Child Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-1104 Nose Crab TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-1106 Grow Your Own Child Kit HauntedReader
SCP-1108 A Swamp God NaturesTemper
SCP-1107 A Signal HauntedReader
SCP-1110 Videos of a Robbery Synthetic Alien
SCP-1111 The White Dog NaturesTemper; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-1120 Freeze Tag SCPReadings•
SCP-1123 Atrocity Skull <Space_Race>
SCP-1124 Xenoplague TheVolgun
SCP-1127 A Film Festival Eastside; Ordinary Men
SCP-1128 Aquatic Horror HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-1130 A Handy Shortcut HauntedReader
SCP-1141 Entrepreneurial Spirit SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1146 Psycho Printer TheVolgun
SCP-1151 A Handy Marker Eastside
SCP-1152 A Common Raccoon TheVolgun
SCP-1155 Predatory Street Art Morbid Memories; TheVolgun; Infame Kato•
SCP-1157 Bifurcating Man Reel to Reel
SCP-1162 A Hole in the Wall Ordinary Men
SCP-1165 Minus Level NomadicArchives
SCP-1167 Disembodied Robot Head TheVolgun
SCP-1170 Romantic Ghost TheVolgun
SCP-1171 Humans Go Home Site-42; Reel to Reel; SCP Archives
SCP-1174 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Reel to Reel
SCP-1177 The Coupon Cutter Site-42
SCP-1193 Buried Giant TheVolgun
SCP-1195 Child's Storybook Ordinary Men
SCP-1197 Room For One Ordinary Men
SCP-1207 Not a Mirror TheVolgun; Morbid Memories
SCP-1227 The Family Man HauntedReader
SCP-1228 The Fan Club Ordinary Men
SCP-1230 A Hero is Born TheVolgun; Brendaniel; SCPReadings•
SCP-1233 The Lunatic Eastside
SCP-1238 Tunnelfish Morbid Memories
SCP-1241 Livin' With Werewolves sideshowfreak7
SCP-1242 Doppelganger Virus Reel to Reel
SCP-1244 Universal Stopwatch Morbid Memories
SCP-1252 A Half-Formed Idea Augmoff•
SCP-1265 The Mesozoic Preserve TheVolgun
SCP-1268 Mass Hysteria Site-42
SCP-1269 Stalker Mailbox TheVolgun; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-1274 Dance Craze Ordinary Men
SCP-1280 Mematodes TheVolgun
SCP-1281 The Harbinger TheVolgun
SCP-1285 The Wooden Movie Prop Ordinary Men
SCP-1293 Squeedle Deedle Dee! Ordinary Men
SCP-1295 Meg's Diner Ordinary Men
SCP-1298 The Doorstep Babies SCPReadings•
SCP-1299 Drowning Tub TheVolgun
SCP-1302 Loss Chaser Morbid Memories
SCP-1313 Solve for Bear SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1315 The Hardest Game Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-1316 Lucy the Kitten Feline Espionage Device NomadicArchives
SCP-1329 The Aquarium Reel to Reel
SCP-1331 Mouth Soap Ordinary Men
SCP-1336 5,000 Dots Reel to Reel
SCP-1341 JUNGLE IN A JAR TheVolgun
SCP-1342 To the Makers of Music NomadicArchives; TheVolgun; Dr. Cimmerian•
SCP-1352 Sentient Whirlwind Eastside
SCP-1356 Rubber Ducky SCPReadings•
SCP-1358 Northern Lights SCPReadings•
SCP-1360 PSHUD #31 TheVolgun
SCP-1370 Pesterbot Site-42; HauntedReader; ScpGregyb
SCP-1379 Stab Your Inner Child Ordinary Men ; SCPReadings•
SCP-1381 Cats' Cabinet Random SCP
SCP-1382 Save Our Souls Eastside
SCP-1399 Another Way of Hearing Ordinary Men
SCP-1403 Electric Goldfish Morbid Memories
SCP-1424 Patches ILLUSTRATED•; SCPReadings•
SCP-1425 Star Signals Midnight Channel
SCP-1427 Extinguishing Stele TheVolgun
SCP-1432 Doll DVD Ordinary Men
SCP-1437 A Hole to Another Place Eastside
SCP-1440 The Old Man from Nowhere HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1459 The Puppy Machine NomadicArchives
SCP-1461 House of the Worm TheVolgun; Morbid Memories
SCP-1463 Comprehension/Invasion/Evasion TL333s
SCP-1470 Telepathic Spider TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; Geno Aranea
SCP-1471 MalO ver1.0.0 Morbid Memories; TheVolgun; Ordinary Men
SCP-1472 Multiverse Strip Club TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-1486 Benny Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-1489 A "Ghost Train" Eastside; HauntedReader
SCP-1491 Camera man Ordinary Men
SCP-1497 Visual Perfection SCPReadings•
SCP-1498 Dial-A-Dream SCPReadings•
SCP-1499 The Gas Mask Stealthy Zoroark; Synthetic Alien; Eastside
SCP-1504 Joe Schmo HauntedReader; TheVolgun
SCP-1505 Paradoxical Avian Propagation Morbid Memories
SCP-1506 Aerial Arachnid TheSCP Archive
SCP-1507 Pink Flamingos TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-1510 The Tarnished Legionnaire HauntedReader
SCP-1515 Wallaby Wannabes SCPReadings•
SCP-1514 Star Wars Shaggydredlocks
SCP-1524 A Small Business Ordinary Men
SCP-1528 Finished With Lies SCPReadings•
SCP-1545 Larry the Loving Llama Brendaniel; Ordinary Men
SCP-1548 The Star, the Hateful HauntedReader
SCP-1550 Dr. Wondertainment's Custom-Pets™ TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-1551 Repeating House Eastside
SCP-1554 The Damaged Fellowship SCPReadings•
SCP-1559 Birdsoul In Your House Ordinary Men
SCP-1566 Free Hugs SCPReadings•
SCP-1573 Kids These Days SCPReadings•; Ordinary Men
SCP-1577 A Flare Gun TheVolgun•
SCP-1584 www.floatationdevice.███ Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-1591 Fallen Star Site-42
SCP-1595 Out of Time Ordinary Men
SCP-1600 Philosopher's Cheese Ordinary Men
SCP-1602 A Shower Curtain SCPReadings•
SCP-1609 The Remains of a Chair TheVolgun; Ordinary Men
SCP-1613 The Spoken Fool NomadicArchives
SCP-1618 Gilded Urinal Morbid Memories
SCP-1624 Heartworms Morbid Memories
SCP-1638 Silence Site-42
SCP-1642 Dr. Wondertainment's Insta-teen Tablets™ Ordinary Men
SCP-1656 Jealous Limbs Ordinary Men
SCP-1657 MAN EGG Brendaniel; TheVolgun
SCP-1663 Containment Site 1663-0 Site-42
SCP-1675 Goose Terminator Morbid Memories
SCP-1678 UnLondon ILLUSTRATED•; TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
SCP-1689 Bag of Holding Potatoes TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-1692 Came Back Haunted SCPReadings•
SCP-1696 Dr. Wondertainment’s Little Big-Banger™ SCPReadings•
SCP-1698 You Can't Get There From Here Ordinary Men
SCP-1715 Online Friend TheVolgun
SCP-1724 Soul Meter Reel to Reel
SCP-1727 Auto-Heaven Ordinary Men
SCP-1730 What Happened to Site-13? Reel to Reel•
SCP-1733 Season Opener Dr. Maxwell; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-1753 Vertigo Morbid Memories
SCP-1762 Where The Dragons Went NomadicArchives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1770 The Maker of Chains TheVolgun
SCP-1781 Moonlight Theater Presents: Hugo Weaving Site-42
SCP-1788 The Adults TheVolgun
SCP-1795 The Star Womb Eastside
SCP-1797 Kitten Flu NaturesTemper
SCP-1799 Mr. Laugh Ordinary Men
SCP-1810 Mr. Pierrot SCPReadings•
SCP-1819 Darkness is Only Skin Deep. Reel to Reel
SCP-1836 Mother in the Ice TheVolgun
SCP-1839 Reproductive Methods of Bony Fish Site-42
SCP-1843 God of Lambs Randomini
SCP-1847 The Rake Morbid Memories
SCP-1849 Telepathic Parrot Morbid Memories
SCP-1850 Accipiter sopwithii Eastside
SCP-1860 Its Bleeding Song SCPReadings•
SCP-1861 The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer TheVolgun
SCP-1867 A Gentleman HauntedReader (Pt 1), (Pt 2); TheVolgun•
SCP-1875 Antique Chess Computer Site-42
SCP-1886 The More The Merrier Reel to Reel
SCP-1893 The Minotaur's Tale HauntedReader
SCP-1903 Jackie's Secret HauntedReader
SCP-1913 The Furies Eastside
SCP-1919 Hotel of Duplicates SCPReadings•
SCP-1930 The Surgeon in the Box Reel to Reel
SCP-1933 Baileys Santa HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; SCPReadings•
SCP-1936 Daleport TheVolgun
SCP-1938 Dr. Wondertainment's Amaze-O Dive Tank® Morbid Memories
SCP-1943 No Anomalies Detected Synthetic Alien
SCP-1953 Artist Stomach Bugs Eastside
SCP-1956 The Gnomes Ordinary Men
SCP-1958 Magic Bus HauntedReader
SCP-1959 The Lost Cosmonaut NaturesTemper; Synthetic Alien; Ordinary Men
SCP-1964 Anomalous Television NomadicArchives
SCP-1965 A Voice Amidst the Silence TL333s
SCP-1974 Debating Tub and Communist Water TheVolgun
SCP-1975 Vindictive Hula Girl Ordinary Men
SCP-1977 Eye of the Storm Morbid Memories
SCP-1981 RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING Site-42; Dr. Maxwell; SCP Archives
SCP-1982 First Southern Fifthist TL333s•
SCP-1983 Doorway to Nowhere SCPDataPodcast; Eastside; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-1986 Imaginary Library SCPReadings•
SCP-1991 Cybernetically Enhanced Mammalian TheVolgun
SCP-1993 Your Leg Reel to Reel; SCPReadings•

SCP Series I (001-999)

SCP Title Audio Link
SCP-001 Awaiting De-classification [Blocked] Lilitha Star; ReadMyAudio; (0:00) Audio Archive
SCP-002 The "Living" Room Brendaniel; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-003 Biological Motherboard Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-004 The 12 Rusty Keys and the Door Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-005 Skeleton Key READ-ACTED; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-006 Fountain of Youth Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-007 Abdominal Planet Morbid Memories; Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-008 Zombie Plague TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-009 Red Ice TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-010 Collars of Control Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast; Miss Blackwolf
SCP-011 Sentient Civil War Memorial Statue Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast; Miss Blackwolf
SCP-012 A Bad Composition Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-013 Blue Lady Cigarettes READ-ACTED; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-014 The Concrete Man Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-015 Pipe Nightmare Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast; Micro fin
SCP-016 Sentient Micro-Organism TheVolgun; Hidden Voices; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-017 Shadow Person Site-42; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-018 Super Ball Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-019 The Monster Pot NaturesTemper; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-020 Unseen Mold TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-021 Skin Wyrm Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-022 The Morgue Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-023 Black Shuck Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-024 Game Show of Death Dr. Maxwell; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-025 A Well-Worn Wardrobe Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-026 Afterschool Retention Hidden Voices; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-027 The Vermin God TheVolgun; <Space_Race>; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-028 Knowledge AUDITORY DEPT; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-029 Daughter of Shadows Paranormal Toad; TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-030 The Homunculus NaturesTemper; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-031 What is Love? TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-032 Brothers' Bride Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-033 The Missing Number AUDITORY DEPT; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-034 Obsidian Ritual Knife Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-035 Possessive Mask Lilitha Star; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-036 The Reincarnation Pilgrimage of the Yazidi (Kiras Guhorîn) Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-037 Dwarf Star Lilitha Star; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-038 The Everything Tree Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-039 Proboscis Engineers Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-040 Evolution's Child AUDITORY DEPT; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-041 Thought-Broadcasting Patient AUDITORY DEPT; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-042 A Formerly Winged Horse Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-043 The Beatle Site-42; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-044 World War II Era Molecular-Fission Cannon READ-ACTED; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-045 Atmospheric Converter Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-046 Predatory Holly Bush Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-047 Microbial Mutagen Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-048 The Cursed SCP Number Synthetic Alien; Nick D'Alberto; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-049 Plague Doctor SCP Archives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-050 To The Cleverest Reel to Reel (Pt 1), (Pt 2); Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-051 Japanese Obstetrical Model Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-052 Time-Traveling Train Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-053 Young Girl Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-054 Water Nymph Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-055 [unknown] SCP Archives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-056 A Beautiful Person Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-057 The Daily Grind Paranormal Toad; ScpGregyb; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-058 Heart of Darkness TeejTalks; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-059 Radioactive Mineral Reel to Reel; Audio Archive; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-060 Infernal Occult Skeleton TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-061 Auditory Mind Control Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-062 Quantum Computer Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-063 The World's Best TothBrush Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-064 Flawed von Neumann Structure Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-065 Destroyed Organic Catalyst Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-066 Eric's Toy Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-067 The Artist's Pen Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-068 The Wire Figure Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-069 Second Chance Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-070 Iron Wings Lilitha Star; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-071 Degenerative Metamorphic Entity Reel to Reel; Audio Archive; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-072 The Foot of the Bed Dr. Maxwell; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-073 Cain Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-074 Quantum Woodlouse Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-075 Corrosive Snail Lilitha Star; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-076 Able TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-077 Rot Skull Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-078 Guilt Reel to Reel; Lilitha Star; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-079 Old AI NomadicArchives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-080 Dark Form Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-081 Spontaneous Combustion Virus Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-082 Fernand the Cannibal TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-083 An Abandoned Row Home Reel to Reel; Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-084 Static Tower Reel to Reel (Pt 1), (Pt 2); Paranormal Toad; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-085 Hand-drawn ''Cassy'' Lilitha Star; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-086 The Office of Dr. [REDACTED] Lilitha Star; Reel to Reel; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-087 The Stairwell SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-088 The Lizard King Ordinary Men; Reel to Reel
SCP-089 Tophet TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-090 Apocorubik's Cube Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-091 Nostalgia Reel to Reel; Audio Archive
SCP-092 The Best of The 5th Dimension Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-093 Red Sea Object TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-094 Miniature Event Horizon Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-095 The Atomic Adventures of Ronnie Ray-Gun Reel to Reel; Eastside
SCP-096 The "Shy Guy" SCP Archives; TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-097 Old Fairgrounds TheVolgun
SCP-098 Surgeon Crabs Ordinary Men, ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-099 The Portrait Ordinary Men
SCP-100 "Jamaican Joe's Junkyard Jubilee" Audio Archive
SCP-101 Hungry Bag Audio Archive
SCP-107 The Turtle Shell Audio Archive
SCP-105 Iris HauntedReader; Synthetic Alien; Hedgehog•
SCP-106 The Old Man SCP Archives; Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-108 Extradimensional Nasal Cavity Audio Archive
SCP-109 Infinite Canteen Audio Archive
SCP-110 Subterranean City Lilitha Star; Audio Archive
SCP-111 Dragon-Snails™ HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; Audio Archive
SCP-113 The Gender-Switcher Audio Archive; SCPReadings•
SCP-114 Bringer of Conflict HauntedReader; Audio Archive
SCP-115 Miniature Dump Truck Morbid Memories; Audio Archive
SCP-116 The Brittle Boy Audio Archive
SCP-117 Complete Multitool Lilitha Star
SCP-121 Concrete Cradle Audio Archive
SCP-122 No More Monsters Audio Archive
SCP-124 Fertile Soil SCPReadings•
SCP-127 The Living Gun Synthetic Alien; READ-ACTED; Reel to Reel
SCP-131 The "Eye Pods" TheVolgun; HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-133 Instant Hole Ordinary Men
SCP-134 Star-Eyed Child NaturesTemper
SCP-137 The Real Toy Morbid Memories
SCP-139 Possible Skull of the White Div TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-140 An Incomplete Chronicle Brendaniel; Hedgehog
SCP-144 Tibetan Rope to Heaven Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-146 Bronze Head of Shame Lilitha Star
SCP-149 The Blood Flies NaturesTemper
SCP-151 The Painting Site-42; READ-ACTED
SCP-152 Book of Endings Morbid Memories
SCP-153 Drain Worms Eastside
SCP-154 Offensive Bracelets Morbid Memories
SCP-157 Mimetic Predator Reel to Reel
SCP-159 The Perfect Lock Ordinary Men
SCP-162 Ball of Sharp Ordinary Men; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-163 An Old Castaway TheVolgun
SCP-164 Squid Tumors TheVolgun
SCP-165 The Creeping, Hungry Sands of Tule SCPReadings•
SCP-166 Teenage Succubus TheVolgun
SCP-169 The Leviathan Lilitha Star; Synthetic Alien; Ordinary Men
SCP-170 A Tube of Superglue HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-172 The Gearman ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-173 The Sculpture - The Original Nick D'Alberto; TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-174 Ventriloquist's Dummy TheVolgun
SCP-178 3-D Specs TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-179 Sauelsuesor ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-182 Rider Reel to Reel
SCP-184 The Architect ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-185 The Radio Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-186 To End All Wars HauntedReader
SCP-187 Double Vision Morbid Memories
SCP-191 Cyborg Child TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-197 The Greenhouse Ordinary Men
SCP-198 Cup of Joe Eastside; SCPReadings•
SCP-201 The Empty World Ordinary Men
SCP-204 The Protector TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-205 Shadow Lamps TheVolgun
SCP-207 Cola Bottles TheVolgun; Morbid Memories; Eastside
SCP-208 Bes Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-209 The Sadist's Tumbler TheVolgun
SCP-210 Flooded House Ordinary Men
SCP-212 The Improver Synthetic Alien; SCPReadings•
SCP-213 Anti-Matter Parasite Eastside; Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-214 Hemotopian Virus Lilitha Star
SCP-216 The Safe SCPReadings•
SCP-217 The Clockwork Virus Draw My SCP; TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-225 Unstoppable and Immovable Morbid Memories
SCP-226 Puzzle Of Terror Morbid Memories; Eastside
SCP-228 Psychiatric Diagnostic Tool Synthetic Alien
SCP-231 Special Personnel Requirements SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
SCP-236 Mimic "Crabs" SCPReadings•
SCP-238 Building Complex SCPReadings•
SCP-239 The Witch Child TheVolgun; HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-245 SCP-RPG SCPReadings• (Pt 1), (Pt 2)
SCP-247 A Harmless Kitten HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-248 110% NomadicArchives; Morbid Memories
SCP-250 Most of an Allosaurus HauntedReader
SCP-251 The Deceptive Snow Globe Site-42; Eastside
SCP-257 Professor William Woodsworth’s Collection of Curiosities NomadicArchives
SCP-258 Weeping Frog Ordinary Men
SCP-261 Pan-Dimensional Vending Eastside; Ordinary Men; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-273 Human Phoenix Reel to Reel
SCP-275 Ironskin Ordinary Men
SCP-279 Meandering Man Reel to Reel
SCP-280 Eyes in the Dark Morbid Memories; Synthetic Alien; SCPReadings•
SCP-291 Disassembler/Reassembler Ordinary Men
SCP-292 Egg Timer of Déjà Vu Ordinary Men
SCP-294 The Coffee Machine HauntedReader; TheVolgun; SCP Archives
SCP-297 Steely Dan SCPReadings•
SCP-299 Infectious Tree Ordinary Men
SCP-303 The Doorman HauntedReader; TheVolgun; Eastside
SCP-304 The Signal Morbid Memories
SCP-306 The Frogs Eastside
SCP-307 Carnivorous Ivy Eastside
SCP-309 Plush Toy Morbid Memories; Eastside; SCPReadings•
SCP-310 Eternal Flame Morbid Memories
SCP-313 Powerful Hand Dryer Morbid Memories
SCP-314 Motion-Seeking Blade SCPReadings•
SCP-323 Wendigo Skull Morbid Memories; TheVolgun; Lilitha Star
SCP-325 The Detergent Morbid Memories
SCP-333 City in a Symphony <Space_Race>
SCP-334 Stellar Vulpine HauntedReader
SCP-335 One Hundred and Fifty 3.5" Floppy Disks SCPReadings•
SCP-337 Hairball Morbid Memories
SCP-339 Be Silent, Be Still SCPReadings•
SCP-342 A Ticket to Ride SCPReadings•
SCP-343 God NaturesTemper; TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-346 Pterry the Pterodactyl SCPReadings•
SCP-347 The Invisible Woman SCPReadings•
SCP-348 A Gift from Dad Eastside; Brendaniel
SCP-351 Read-Only Memory Ordinary Men
SCP-352 Baba Yaga HauntedReader
SCP-354 The Red Pool ScpGregyb (Pt 1), (Pt 2); TheVolgun; Eastside
SCP-359 The Hawk SCPReadings•
SCP-365 Pool Noodle <Space_Race>
SCP-367 Little Dog Eastside
SCP-368 Paper Crane HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-372 Peripheral Jumper HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-387 Living Lego TheVolgun
SCP-395 The Bottle Baby Ordinary Men
SCP-399 Atomic Manipulation Ring HauntedReader
SCP-400 Beautiful Babies Morbid Memories
SCP-401 A Palm Tree Morbid Memories
SCP-407 The Song of Genesis TheVolgun
SCP-408 Illusory Butterflies HauntedReader
SCP-409 Contagious Crystal Reel to Reel; ILLUSTRATED•; SCPReadings•
SCP-410 Editor Beetles TheVolgun
SCP-413 Endless Garage Ordinary Men
SCP-420 Aggressive Skin Condition SCPReadings•
SCP-426 I am a Toaster Brendaniel; TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-427 Lovecraftian Locket SCPReadings•
SCP-432 Cabinet Maze SCPReadings•
SCP-432 Cabinet Maze SCPReadings•
SCP-432 Cabinet Maze ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-437 Summer of '91 SCPReadings•
SCP-439 Bone Hive TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-441 Jacob Ram Ordinary Men
SCP-448 Jack-in-the-Box Ordinary Men
SCP-450 Abandoned Federal Penitentiary Site-42; HauntedReader; Infame Kato•
SCP-455 Cargo Ship SCPReadings•; HauntedReader• (Pt 1), (Pt 2)
SCP-457 Burning Man TheVolgun•; Obscure Domain•; SCPReadings•
SCP-458 The Never-Ending Pizza Box SCPReadings•
SCP-461 ZICU-TV Ordinary Men
SCP-469 Many-Winged Angel HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-472 The Bloodstone TheVolgun
SCP-478 Tooth Fairies HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-483 Anti-Aging Placebos HauntedReader
SCP-485 Death Pen EuclidClassDunmer; SCPReadings•
SCP-486 Coatlicue Skin SCPReadings•
SCP-489 1-555-BUG-BASH Ordinary Men
SCP-500 Panacea TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-502 The Surrogate Heart Lilitha Star
SCP-504 Critical Tomatoes HauntedReader; Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-507 Reluctant Dimension Hopper TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-510 Soft Death Lilitha Star
SCP-513 A Cowbell Site-42; Dr. Maxwell; Ordinary Men
SCP-516 Intelligent Tank Eastside; SCPReadings•
SCP-520 Knife Switch SCPReadings•
SCP-522 Blood-draining Carpet SCPReadings•
SCP-525 Eye Spiders TheVolgun
SCP-527 Mr. Fish Site-42; Ordinary Men
SCP-529 Josie the Half-Cat Site-42; Reel to Reel; Morbid Memories
SCP-530 Carl the Variable Dog Reel to Reel
SCP-542 Herr Chirurg TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-543 Noise Ordinary Men
SCP-546 A Notebook Ordinary Men
SCP-555 Corpse Magnet SCPReadings•
SCP-559 Birthday Time! SCPReadings•
SCP-563 An Abandoned Farm in China TheVolgun
SCP-569 Heads Eastside
SCP-575 Predatory Darkness TheVolgun
SCP-576 Sleep Well Ordinary Men
SCP-577 Bullet Cat Morbid Memories
SCP-578 Blood Opals Handsome Man-Child
SCP-579 [DATA EXPUNGED] Shaggydredlocks
SCP-583 Deathly Video Tape Ordinary Men
SCP-590 He Feels Your Pain HauntedReader
SCP-598 Sentient Color Ordinary Men
SCP-600 That Guy HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-605 Living Storm Cloud SCPReadings•
SCP-606 The Teacher Eastside; HauntedReader; TheVolgun
SCP-607 Dorian the Grey Cat HauntedReader
SCP-610 The Flesh that Hates HauntedReader; TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-611 Parasitic Toothpick Morbid Memories; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-616 The Vessel and the Gate TeejTalks•
SCP-617 Pet Rocks Morbid Memories
SCP-621 Hypnobulbs TheVolgun
SCP-629 Mr. Brass Ordinary Men; MR SCP•
SCP-631 Nyctophobic Nocturnal Predator TheVolgun
SCP-632 Intrusive Arachnid Thoughts HauntedReader; Synthetic Alien; SCPReadings•
SCP-636 Elevator to Nowhere Synthetic Alien
SCP-643 Delicious Chocolates SCPReadings•
SCP-648 The Labyrinth Random SCP
SCP-649 Matchbox Full of Winter SCPReadings•
SCP-650 Startling Statue TheVolgun
SCP-654 Thunderhorn Lilitha Star
SCP-656 Home Edition Ordinary Men
SCP-657 Death-predicting Man Ordinary Men
SCP-662 Butler's Hand Bell Eastside; Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun
SCP-664 The Floor to Nowhere Ordinary Men
SCP-666 Spirit Lodge HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-667 Fairy Kudzu ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-668 13" Chef's Knife TheVolgun
SCP-674 The Exposition Gun Gavin Conti; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-679 Eyerot SCPReadings•
SCP-682 Hard-to-Destroy Reptile SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Site-42
Logs Hard-to-Destroy Reptile » Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682 ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-701 The Hanged King's Tragedy TheVolgun; Ordinary Men; SCP Archives
SCP-703 Into The Closet Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men
SCP-705 Militaristic Play-Doh TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-706 Perfect Porcelain Doll SCPReadings•
SCP-707 Nesting Dolls SCPReadings•
SCP-714 The Jaded Ring TheVolgun
SCP-718 Eyeball SCPReadings•; HauntedReader; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-723 Aging Staircase SCPReadings•
SCP-727 Hephaestus's Forge Lilitha Star
SCP-729 Marble Bath SCPReadings•
SCP-732 The Fan-Fic Plague Eastside; Synthetic Alien
SCP-734 The Baby HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-735 Insult Box HauntedReader; Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun•
SCP-743 A Chocolate Fountain SCPReadings•
SCP-745 The Headlights SCPReadings•
SCP-747 Children and Dolls SCPReadings•
SCP-750 A Different Outlook on Life Synthetic Alien
SCP-751 Organ Eater SCPReadings•
SCP-753 Automatic Artist SCPReadings•; HauntedReader
SCP-773 Voodoo Dartboard SCPReadings•
SCP-774 Whistlebones SCPReadings•
SCP-775 Hungry Ticks SCPReadings•
SCP-776 The Youth Cult HauntedReader
SCP-777 Kingdom of Sand Eastside; SCPReadings•
SCP-783 There Was A Crooked Man NaturesTemper
SCP-784 Christmas Cheer Brendaniel; Reel to Reel; Ordinary Men
SCP-791 Water Orb Lilitha Star
SCP-792 The Body Farm Morbid Memories
SCP-793 The Ghost Sickness TheVolgun
SCP-795 Reality-Bending Cat SCPReadings•
SCP-799 Carnivorous Blanket TheVolgun; Reel to Reel; SCPReadings•
SCP-801 Seven Furs HauntedReader
SCP-804 World Without Man TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-808 The Mechanical Choir TheVolgun
SCP-810 The Never-want Lamp Morbid Memories
SCP-811 Swamp Woman TheVolgun
SCP-815 Snake Nut Can Morbid Memories
SCP-817 Random Metamorphism TheVolgun
SCP-823 Carnival of Horrors TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; Ordinary Men
SCP-826 Draws You into the Book Ordinary Men
SCP-833 Charity Worms NaturesTemper
SCP-834 Marked Morbid Memories
SCP-835 Expunged Data Released Lilitha Star; ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-837 Multiplying Clay Reel to Reel
SCP-842 Operations Table Lilitha Star
SCP-845 Liquid Polecat SCPReadings•
SCP-846 Robo-Dude TheVolgun
SCP-847 The Mannequin TheVolgun
SCP-854 Dream Bridge Ordinary Men
SCP-858 Gravity's Rainbow Reel to Reel
SCP-860 Blue Key HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-865 The Gentleman's Lash Synthetic Alien
SCP-868 Mnemonic Meme TheVolgun
SCP-870 The Maybe There Monsters SCPReadings•
SCP-871 Self-Replacing Cake Dr. Maxwell; HauntedReader; Draw My SCP
SCP-872 The Tattered Farmer TheVolgun
SCP-876 Element-Switching Pills Reel to Reel
SCP-878 The Actor Ordinary Men
SCP-880 Trapped Winter EuclidClassDunmer
SCP-882 A Machine TheVolgun
SCP-890 The Rocket Surgeon TheVolgun
SCP-892 Everyone's Spreadsheet Reel to Reel
SCP-895 Camera Disruption HauntedReader; NaturesTemper; Synthetic Alien
SCP-899 Lost Children TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-902 The Final Countdown Morbid Memories; READ-ACTED; Ordinary Men
SCP-904 A Short Poem SCPReadings•
SCP-905 Mr. Chameleon MR SCP•
SCP-906 Scouring Hive SCPReadings•
SCP-909 Mr. Forgetful Ordinary Men; MR SCP•
SCP-911 Egyptian Book of the Dead HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-912 Autonomous SWAT Armor Morbid Memories
SCP-913 Mr. Hungry MR SCP•
SCP-914 The Clockworks Eastside; Reel to Reel; Ordinary Men
Logs The Clockworks » Experiment Log 914 Geno Aranea
SCP-916 Man's Best Friend Ordinary Men
SCP-917 Mr. Moon SCPReadings•
SCP-918 Baby Mill SCPReadings•
SCP-924 The Ice Water Men HauntedReader; SCPReadings•
SCP-931 A Rice Bowl Morbid Memories
SCP-932 Night Feeder SCPReadings•
SCP-939 With Many Voices HauntedReader; TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED• (Pt 1), SCP (Pt 2)
SCP-940 Araneae Marionettes Synthetic Alien
SCP-942 Blood Candy Lilitha Star; SCPReadings•
SCP-944 Mirror Maze SCPReadings•
SCP-946 A Formal Discussion Site-42
SCP-949 Wondertainment Land Morbid Memories
SCP-951 My Friend LUCAS NomadicArchives
SCP-953 Polymorphic Humanoid TheVolgun; HauntedReader (Pt 1), (Pt 2); SCPReadings•
SCP-955 Mr. Sillybug SCPReadings•
SCP-956 The Child-Breaker Ordinary Men; ILLUSTRATED•; SCPReadings•
SCP-957 Baiting Morbid Memories
SCP-959 The Bogeyman TheVolgun
SCP-962 Tower of Babble HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-963 Immortality TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-965 The Face In The Window TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-966 Sleep Killer TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-968 Tar Baby SCPReadings•
SCP-971 Exotic Fast Food Delivery Morbid Memories
SCP-979 Stoneware Rabbit SCPReadings•
SCP-983 The Birthday Monkey TheVolgun; SCPReadings•
SCP-984 A Public Restroom SCPReadings•
SCP-990 Dream Man HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPReadings•
SCP-993 Bobble the Clown TheVolgun; Site-42; Nick D'Alberto
SCP-999 The Tickle Monster TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED•; SCPReadings•

Other SCPs (-J, -EX, etc.)

Article Title Audio Link
International SCPs
SCP-018-DE The Permit Site-42
SCP-ES-I don't care-J I don't care Site-42
SCP-040-JP There was a cat Eastside
SCP-1092-RU Web of Words Site-42
Joke SCPs
Cimmerian-Kaktus Proposal The Broke God Site-42
SCP-0002-J Toilet Humor Site-42
SCP-005-J-EX No, because she thinks he's talking about the… Site-42
SCP-004-J Stan from Accounting Site-42; TheVolgun
SCP-006-J WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING TL333s; SCP Archives; NaturesTemper
SCP-007-J Unidentified Muffin Creature Site-42; Eastside
SCP-008-J Geoff Site-42; HauntedReader; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-009-J Where Is It? Site-42
SCP-014-J A Fork Site-42
SCP-016-J Is That A Missile In Your Pocket? Site-42
SCP-017-J Narcissistic Time Displacement Field Site-42
SCP-018-J Normal Trench Coat Worn By An Adult Site-42
SCP-020-J A Pale Comparison Site-42
SCP-022-J Memetic Metal Site-42
SCP-025-J A Cold Post Site-42
SCP-026-J Liquid SCP Foundation TL333s
SCP-031-J Evening of Terrors NomadicArchives
SCP-048-J Negative Probability Phrase TL333s
SCP-049-J The Plague Fellow TheVolgun; GothicLibrarian; SCPDataPodcast•
SCP-078-J Cooties Site-42
SCP-095-J Anomalous Typeface Site-42
SCP-145-J Another Shitty Day at Work Site-42
SCP-329-J The Ghoooost Siiiign TheVolgun
SCP-420-j The Best ████ in the World HauntedReader; TheVolgun
SCP-543-J Tweetle Beetles Averagemastermind•
SCP 666-J Dr. Gerald's Driving Skills NaturesTemper; HauntedReader
SCP-666½-J The Roaring Flames of Hell Eastside
SCP-789-J the butt ghost!! HauntedReader; Site-42; SCPReadings•
SCP-885-J Researcher Jacobs’ Inability To Clean Up After Himself Eastside
SCP-938-J Hell's Bells Site-42
SCP-999-J Creepy Speedo Man Dr. Maxwell
SCP-1322-J A Whole New World Site-42
SCP-1394-J Upside-Down Connector Site-42
SCP-1417-J Passive-Aggressive Meteorite Site-42; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1162-J Double Down Sandwich Eastside
SCP-2317-J A Door to Another Parody Site-42
SCP-2772-J SUV Sales Pitch Dr. Maxwell
SCP-3448-J Should Have Taken Him Sleeping Site-42
SCP-3999-J Talloran's Sacrifice Site-42
SCP-4357-j Cooperative Demon HauntedReader; Site-42; TL333s
SCP-4389-J Can the Foundation do THIS? Site-42
SCP-6132-J Terrain Fumble Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-8003-J Why Bother? ILLUSTRATED•
SCP-100000-J Procedure 110-Overkill Site-42
SCP-649-2568-J Technicolor Geography Dr. Cimmerian
SCP-K9-J-EX The Haunted House Eastside
SCP-___-J Procrastinati Site-42; TheVolgun; Randomini
SCP-[even number]-J An [Adjective] [Animal] NaturesTemper; SCPReadings
SCP-SAFE-J Some safes Site-42; TL333s; Trenton Maki
SCP-SPOOKY-J A Veteran Of The Skeleton War Site-42
SCP-TLDR-J An Easily Digestible Document Site-42
SCP-WOW-J Dr. Fynegan and Agent Forelli's Bizarre Adventure TL333s
SCP-WTF-J The Worst TL333s; Dr. Maxwell
SCP-\̅\̅\̅\̅-J The Subject is Aware Site-42; TL333s
Archived SCPs
SCP-049-ARC Plague Doctor Site-42; Synthetic Alien; ILLUSTRATED•
Explained SCPs
SCP-888-EX tan and laundry by dado Site-42
SCP-2700-EX What I Did For Love Site-42
SCP-8900-EX Sky Blue Sky Site-42

Tales and GoI Formats

Tale Audio Link
"Baby's First Guide to Keter-Class Anomalies" & Other Questionable Documents Recovered from the Hard Drive of Dr. ████ ███████ Hedgehog
2521-xxx Dr. Cimmerian
1. Mr. Headless MR SCP; TheVolgun
2. Mr. Clank MR SCP; TheVolgun
3. Mr. Money MR SCP; TheVolgun
4. Mr. Lie MR SCP; TheVolgun
5. Mr. Mad MR SCP
6. Mr. Stripes MR SCP
7. Mr. ███████████ MR SCP
8. Mr. Moon MR SCP; Randomini
9. Mr. Clumsy MR SCP
10:30 A.M. TheVolgun; SCP Archives; READ-ACTED
10. Mr. Mission MR SCP
11. Mr. Feather MR SCP
12. Mr. Laugh MR SCP
13. Mr. Purple MR SCP
14. Mr. Brass MR SCP
15. Ms. Sweetie MR SCP
16. Mr. Fish MR SCP
1346-1 Dr. Cimmerian
01110101 01101110 01100010 01110010 01101111 01101011 01100101 01101110 Dr. Cimmerian
A Circus Milked Dry Randomini
A Cooler Manifesto Hedgehog
A Day Of Infamy - A short story of SCP-705 HauntedReader
A Diminished Thing Mr. 17; Site-42
A Fancy Dinosaur Randomini
A Funeral On Mars Hedgehog
A Holiday Appeal TheVolgun
A Long Time Past Hedgehog
A Most Unfortunate Reunion HauntedReader
A Reason To Die Randomini
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal TL333s
A Strange Orientation Dr. Cimmerian
A Wandsman in the Court of the Hanged King Randomini; Hedgehog
A Witch's Tale - Mistakes Were Made Randomini
A World's Legacy Randomini
About The SCP Foundation AUDITORY DEPT; TheVolgun; Hedgehog
Adventuring Interlude Hedgehog
AIAD Homescreen NomadicArchives
All They Want is the Blood TheBatesee
Alma Mater Site-42
Alone SCPReadings
Also This All Happened On The Same Day, So I Don't Know Why He Said It Like That. Dr. Cimmerian
An Excerpt From Goodbye Ghost Site-42
And Now, The We[EXPUNGED] DrewOsito
And so the Crows Laughed Randomini
And Then What Happened? Hedgehog
Artificial Dragon’s Gate Eastside
As the Last Monster on Earth Goes to Hell AUDITORY DEPT
asmr by dado LordStonefish
Assistance for the Boss Lady Hedgehog
Audio Logs: Last Man Standing TheVolgun
Audio of War Synthetic Alien
Beasts of the Old Letters TheVolgun; ILLUSTRATED
Bees TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
Behind the Scenes TheVolgun; TeejTalks
Beneath Two Trees SCP Archives
Big Lads on Scene. No Wait. Not That Dr. Cimmerian
Birth of the Cool Hedgehog; NomadicArchives
black white black white black white black white black white gray AUDITORY DEPT; TheVolgun; Hedgehog
Break On Through READ-ACTED
Brökkën Güd Site-42
Budget Cuts Randomini
Casting His Shadow, Weaving His Spell Dr. Cimmerian
Challenge Accepted! Site-42
Chowderclef TheVolgun; Eastside
Clock Multiplier NomadicArchives
CODE NAME: ████ ███ - The Truth ILLUSTRATED
Command Performance TheVolgun
Command-Query Separation NomadicArchives
Consequences and Collarbones ILLUSTRATED
Contain Yourself TheVolgun; READ-ACTED
Critters TheVolgun
D Class Orientation READ-ACTED; Dr. Maxwell; TheVolgun
Date Night Toad King Studios; TheVolgun; Site-42
Decommissioned Randomini
Decompression Randomini
Different Kinds of Nihilism NomadicArchives
Director Rosie Overcomes His Sour Cream Addiction Site-42
Document #017-1 SCPDataPodcast
Document Recovered From The Marianas Trench SCPReadings; TheVolgun
Dr. Bright Is No Longer Allowed To Use Temporal Anomalies In Order To Travel Back in Time So He Can Kill Hitler Dr. Cimmerian
Dr. Robinson's Statement SCP Archives
Duke 'till Dawn Site-42
Eldritch Application Hedgehog; TheVolgun
Empty Unmarked Grave Hedgehog
Epilogue MR SCP
Ethical? Randomini; Site-42
Ethics Committee Orientation Hedgehog; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
Everyone Knows Randomini
Everything Will Be Okay SCPReadings
Fault Dr. Cimmerian
Fear Alone Randomini
Final Attack Orders Hedgehog
Fire TheVolgun
Flexibility Hedgehog
Four Stories Told In Order... Dr. Cimmerian
Fourth and Long TL333s; Randomini
Funerals Are Fun Synthetic Alien; Site-42; Hedgehog
Gamers Against Weed Dossier NomadicArchives
Gamers Against Weed Hub NomadicArchives
GOIng My Way TheVolgun
Good As New Randomini
Grasp On Reality TheVolgun
Ground Control Site-42; Dr. Cimmerian
Hartliss Detective Agency Randomini
Have A Heart NomadicArchives
He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. TheVolgun
Herman Fuller Presents: Icky the Magic Clown NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: Nixie the Nereid NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: The Amazing Sluggo NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: The Amazing Zoltan NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: The Dread Behemoth NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: The Fishman Of Manasquan NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: The Flame Faced Man NomadicArchives
Herman Fuller Presents: The Living Head NomadicArchives
Hiccup Jacet TheVolgun
Histories Hedgehog
How Dr. Clef Contained Christmas! Dr. Cimmerian
In His Own Image Site-42
In my eyes, indisposed. In disguises no one knows. Hides the face, lies the snake. The sun in my disgrace Dr. Cimmerian
In The Darke Dr. Cimmerian
In The End, We All Went Out in a Blaze Dr. Cimmerian
Incident 682-1548 ILLUSTRATED
Insufficient Clearance Hedgehog
Interval 1 MR SCP
Interval 2 MR SCP
It Just Shattered Hedgehog
It's All True Hedgehog
Iteration F Site-42
Kill 682 TheVolgun
Kingdom of Stone: The End of a Man Randomini
KoI Format Eastside
Last One To Die Randomini
Laughter Site-42
Learning Shit Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun
Leeway Randomini
Let The Right One Innily Randomini
Let Them Eat Cake Site42
Letter from the North SCPReadings
Letter of the Day TL333s
Letters to a Prophet Hedgehog
Local Legends Randomini
Log of Anomalous Ducks SCPReadings
Log of Extranormal Events TL333s
Log of Unexplained Locations Synthetic Alien
Lonely Randomini
Lord Blackwood and the Land of the Unclean Eastside
Magic Orientation NomadicArchives
Maybe god will forgive you if we both beg ILLUSTRATED
Medical Seminar Synthetic Alien; TheVolgun; Averagemastermind
Mementos Hedgehog
Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation Averagemastermind; Randomini
Memories TheVolgun
Memory Of Days Long Past Hedgehog
Mobile Task Force Basic School: Induction Remarks Obscure Domain
Mobile Task Furries Site-42
Monophobia Dr. Cimmerian
Mothers' Love SCPDataPodcast
Mr. Parker SCPDataPodcast
MTF Sigma-5 "Pumpkin Punchers" TheVolgun; Dr. Cimmerian
Mugging The Monster Dr. Cimmerian
My Beloved Gecko Site-42
Naptime SCPReadings
Never Metafictional Character I Didn't Like Site-42
New Job Site-42
New Kid on the Block Randomini
No Dating at Work Site-42
Nobody Dies Hedgehog
Nobody Knows TheVolgun
Nobody's Business Dr. Cimmerian
Not all Fiction is Told Dr. Cimmerian
Not Fade Away Dr. Cimmerian; Synthetic Alien
Novel Cultivars Hedgehog
Null-terminating String NomadicArchives
October Is Tomorrow Randomini
Of Multiverses and Dandelion Wine Hedgehog
On The Slope Of Olympus Dr. Cimmerian
Once But Not Now SCP Archives
Opening Moves Hedgehog
Orientation TheVolgun
Orientation for the Pastaphysics Department Dr. Cimmerian
Origin of Clef Randomini
Paper Pusher Randomini
Phoenix Dr. Cimmerian
Play TheVolgun
Playing God TheVolgun
Plumbing SCPDataPodcast
Posology Roget
Pounded in the Butt by the Screaming Gristle Beacon from Site-Everything (NSFW) TL333s
Project Proposal 1964-238: "The Eater of Worlds" Hedgehog
Property Values TheVolgun
Quiet Days TheVolgun; Dr. Cimmerian; Site-42
Quintessence Of Dust Hedgehog
Re: You Want Happy Endings? Site-42
Reboot or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypses Randomini; TL333s
Recording Stuff Or Whatever TheVolgun
Relationskips TheVolgun
Revised Entry Site-42; ILLUSTRATED
Routine Randomini
Santa's New Home Randomini
SCP-000 SCPReadings
SCP-173-D Randomini
Scratches TheVolgun
Second Date Site-42
Shady Meetings Hedgehog
Six Letters Addressed to the SCP Foundation (and One Letter Home) Hedgehog
Snakes And Ladders Hedgehog
Snap. Crackle. Pop. Site-42
Snip Snip Snip Hedgehog
So It Was Randomini
So You Can Live In the Light TheVolgun; Dr. Cimmerian
So, you've been trapped in a pocket dimension. What now? Dr. Maxwell; Dr. Cimmerian
Sonnet For Unethical Practices SCPDataPodcast
Sparks Of Creativity TheVolgun
Square your shoulders, lift your pack, and leave your friends and go. Dr. Cimmerian
Superencipherment NomadicArchives
Supplemental Report 239-B-192 TheVolgun
Supply and Demand Randomini
Surgery TheVolgun
Termination Order TheVolgun
The Broken Mind Hedgehog
The Case of the Missing Hand TL333s
The Cool Kids Hedgehog
The Dragon and the Pesterbot Site-42
The Exalted Randomini
The Executions of Doctor Bright Obscure Domain
The Foundation never changes Randomini
The Friday Exhibition Hedgehog
The Last Man SCPDataPodcast
The Lingering Lark of Leviathan Square TL333s
The Little Buck-Toothed Boy: A Fairy Tale Randomini
The Lizard in the Mosaic Site-42
The Lombardi Tales HauntedReader
The Lost Treasure of the Stranglefruits TL333s; Site-42
The Manager SCPReadings
The Meaning of Fear Site-42
The Night Before [REDACTED] TheVolgun
The O5 Orientation TheVolgun; Obscure Domain
The only way left to go is forward Randomini
The Only Way To Travel Randomini
The Playful Beast Randomini
The Real Adventures in Capitalism Hedgehog
The Recording TheVolgun
The Skylarking Gala Hedgehog
The Stars Do Not Wait For You TheVolgun; Randomini
The Super-Cool Road Trip Adventure Hedgehog
The Things Dr. Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation SCPReadings; ILLUSTRATED
The Three Bullets of Destiny Synthetic Alien
The Toyman And The Doctor Hedgehog
The Urge that Betrays Randomini
The Warrior And The Dragon ILLUSTRATED
The Wisdom To Know The Difference Dr. Cimmerian
The Woodvale Incident Obscure Domain
The Young Man Site-42; SCP Archives; TheBatesee
There in the starless dark, with vast wings across the canceled skies; the sudden blackness of nothing at all. Dr. Cimmerian
There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Wishing Well Dr. Cimmerian
Third Date Site-42
Transcript of Dr. Clef's seminar, "Reality Benders and You: How to Survive When Existence Doesn't." TheVolgun
Treats SCPReadings; TheBatesee
Trick or Treat TheVolgun
Triumph Hedgehog
Typo Positive Dr. Cimmerian
UIU Orientation TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
Until Death Site-42
Urban Legends TheVolgun
Welcome to the Future SCPReadings; TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
Where The Garden Began Randomini
Where They All Go READ-ACTED
Who Am I? Randomini
Why Change? TheVolgun; READ-ACTED; Site-42
Work Journal 2 Hedgehog
Work Journal 2 (Cont) Hedgehog
Work Journal 3 Hedgehog
wowwee go kill ursefl Hedgehog
yes Hedgehog
You Want Happy Endings? Hedgehog
The Wanderers' Library
The Death of Boris Yegorovich Randomini
Stars Eastside

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