Confirmed Sightings
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The following is extended documentation regarding the infiltration of the Foundation by SCP-103-J. Any personnel who identify SCP-103-J-2 in an anomaly must document the instance photographically, highlight the instance(s) for ease of viewing, and append the documentation to this page.


Dr. Carver cannot stress this instance of SCP-103-J-2 enough. It spooked the bowtie right off of SCP-1048.


SCP-610 itself is safe, in the sense that it has no SCP-103-J-2 instances. It is dangerous and extremely fucked up in all other senses of the word.


●●-●●●●●-●●-● 💬 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ 👀 😭 💔


SCP-103-J is most likely responsible for the invention of noses. It's the only explanation.


The hill visible in the background was questioned, amnesticized, and then terminated as a precaution.


The table in question has been destroyed with a woodchipper with the remains poured into SCP-123. Thorough examination has revealed no SCP-103-J-2 instances on SCP-123.


Exposure to SCP-099 with SCP-103-J-2 highlighted greatly enhances the ability of personnel to detect other SCP-103-J-2. Further research is recommended.


Instances of SCP-2875-A confirmed to be agents of SCP-103-J. Full ramifications of this are unknown.


Photograph from Incident 096-1-A. An instance of SCP-103-J-2 is within the yellow circle - close inspection and magnification is recommended.


The Crab Nebula and the entire friggin' night sky is filled with SCP-103-J-2. Guys, that angry pulsar headed straight for us isn't a problem.


In light of recent discoveries, personnel are now advised to terminate potential victims of SCP-106.


Oh come on! They're not even trying to be subtle about it anymore.


Note that this particular instance of SCP-103-J-2 is inverted, making it resemble a goat's head. This is thought to be evidence of Baphomet worship by SCP-049.


SCP-902 is believed to contain an instance of SCP-103-J-2, which is causing the 'ticking' sound heard by personnel. Don't open it, that's what it wants. Open it, it needs you to.


SCP-1370 upgraded to Keter-class as a precaution.


SCP-2747 is confirmed to be an anti-Radiohead plot by SCP-103-J.


Dr. Bright is currently being brought into interrogation, to discover if he is aware of SCP-963's link to SCP-103-J


It was the unanimous opinion of the Illumination Intelligence Inc. that the keys protecting SCP-001 have been tampered with by SCP-103-J.

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