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Item#: NULL
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Specific Containment Procedures: Hypothetically, Cyvstvi13 does not exist, has never existed, nor will it ever exist. Any information contrary to the prior statement is to be disregarded and dismissed as facetious.

Description: If the assumed Cyvstvi13 doesn't exist, can they even be contained?

This question was the primary matter of this article: A way to contain a potential Cyvstvi13 and their, seemingly, endless knowledge on almost all subject matter but solely in a trivial capacity.

Steps were taken to nullify this paradoxical (and frankly ridiculous) conundrum. This was via the prior Specific Containment Procedures; to contain a presumed Cyvstvi13, one only needs to ignore the bloody bugger.1

Primary Addendum - Evidence of SCP articles written by the supposed Cyvstvi13:

Articles Rating Comments
SCP-5099 + 75 19
SCP-5852 + 62 13
SCP-5173 + 41 8
SCP-4738 + 34 11
SCP-5213 + 15 6

Secondary Addendum - Evidence of Tales written by the apparent Cyvstvi13:

Articles Rating Comments
Disillusionment + 22 4
Indignitas + 18 2
Blood, without Forme. + 15 5
Louise's Photograph + 9 1

If you wish to contact the elusive and plausible Cyvstvi13, please either contact them via IRC where they go by the name of Cyvstvi, or by Wikidot PMs.

The love line in your hand,
Cleverly disguised.
All the promises of stone,
Crumble in the light.
Most of what you see, my dear, is worth letting go
Because not everything that goes around comes back around you know.
Holding on too long is just a fear of what to show
Because not everything that goes around comes back around you know.
Not everything that goes around comes back around you know,
One thing that is clear, it’s all down hill from here.
~ … Like Clockwork, Queens of the Stone Age.

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