Desk of Junior Designer S. Yvonne
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Iconography Division

Materials recovered from the desk of Junior Designer S. Yvonne:

Materials recovered from Junior Designer S. Yvonne's extranarrative space:

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- Department of Semiospherics - Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD
- Pharmaceuticals Division (of the Manufacturing Dept.) - Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD
- Department of Kinetology - Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD
- Joint‌ ‌Ambassadors‌ ‌in‌ ‌Lessening‌ ‌External‌ ‌Relations‌ ‌Stresses‌ ‌(JAiLERS)‌ ‌(of the Dept. of External Affairs) - Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD
- STF Mu-12 ("Book Club with the Gals") - ElunerazimElunerazim

New logos might be added from time to time, contact S. Yvonne at EstrellaYoshteEstrellaYoshte or through Discord at SYwaves#7903.
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