The Based God

Hello everyone. djkaktus here.

I've very much enjoyed writing for you all over the last few years and consider it the blessing of a lifetime to have connected with so many people. The happiness you all (mostly) have brought into my life is something I can never repay.

Unfortunately, over the last few months I've started to realize that my usual creative processes are just not working. I don't know if it's exhaustion, or stress, or something else entirely, but I am 100% at a block and have thus far been unable to find a way around it. Hopefully it doesn't last very much longer, but in the meantime I'm going to take some time off to try and work it out.

I ask that you please don't try and contact me during this time - not that I don't love hearing from everyone, just that I think I need to decouple a bit. If you really need to get in touch with me, you can contact WoedenazWoedenaz or Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby.

My sincerest apologies for the additional delays on all my ongoing projects. I beg your understanding, and look forward to the day when I can continue crafting narratives here alongside all of you.

Thank you!




SCP-2812 Echoes of Yesterday
SCP-2399 A Malfunctioning Destroyer
SCP-2980 Devil's Nightlight
SCP-2598 Traveling Moth Salesman
SCP-1994 Rot
SCP-1781 The Moonlight Theater (w/ kinchtheknifeblade)
SCP-2464 Suspension
SCP-2120 Damage Control
SCP-1864 The Lonely Liar
SCP-2540 Time Lime
SCP-1160 Effective Containment
SCP-001-DJK1 The Children
SCP-2932 Titania's Prison
SCP-2445 Wondertainment Logistics
SCP-2090 Potentially XK Tim Duncan
SCP-2670 Somebody Else's God
SCP-2740 It Wasn't There
SCP-715 My Face That I May Be
SCP-2271 Factory Loans
SCP-2875 The Town That Got Fucked By Bears
SCP-2151 The Ties That Bind Us
SCP-2846 The Squid and the Sailor
SCP-1730 What Happened to Site-13?
SCP-2844 Gary of the Paperclips
SCP-2776 Mr. President
SCP-2933 Mr. Scary
SCP-2610 Procreation
SCP-527 Mr. Fish
SCP-2270 An Unnecessary Utilization of Excessive Force
SCP-2316 Field Trip
SCP-2818 A Gun That Shoots People
SCP-2522 🥇 hatbot.aic
SCP-001-TGK The Broken God (w/ TwistedGears)
SCP-2935 O, Death
SCP-2951 10,000 Years
SCP-3000🥇 Anantashesha (w/ A Random Day / Joreth)
SCP-001-CK-J The Broke God (w/ Doctor Cimmerian)
SCP-damej-J damej robit (w/ Decibelles / faminepulse)
SCP-3301 The Foundation
SCP-2576 Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Goat
SCP-80s-J Strangerer Things
SCP-3740 God is Dumb
SCP-3935 This Thing a Quiet Madness Made
SCP-049-J The Plague Fellow
SCP-3812 A Voice Behind Me
SCP-3355 St. Nick
SCP-3813 The Fall of Hyperion (w/ Doctor Cimmerian / Zhange / VolgunStrife)
SCP-3930 The Pattern Screamer
SCP-3785 Jasper's Hill
SCP-3521 forced banana equivalent dose by dado
SCP-3929 boner pill by dado
SCP-3208 YKHN (w/ Doctor Cimmerian)
SCP-3693 Postscript - Through A Glass, Darkly (w/ The Great Hippo)
SCP-049 The Plague Doctor (w/ Gabriel Jade)
SCP-3494 waste management by dado
SCP-001-DJK2 Atonement
SCP-2254 The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust [♥️]
SCP-3790 Department of Abnormalities (w/ Croquembouche)
SCP-3293 You Can't Go Home
SCP-3625 The Great American Meme Machine
SCP-2398 Home Run Bat
SCP-4444🥈 Bush v. Gore
SCP-4000-J Taboo 2: Tabooer
MZL-1730 What Happened to Site-19?
SCP-4911 September 11th, 2001
SCP-4812 Wrath
SCP-001-DJK3 The Way It Ends
SCP-4760 An Eye for an Eye
SCP-4935 Hereafter
SCP-4840 The Demon Lancelot and the Flying City of Audapaupadopolis [♣️]
SCP-4173 The House on Hadley Hill
SCP-4498 The Plurality of Jack Bright
SCP-4548 The Hateful Star
SCP-4390 A Bad Maze
SCP-4176 taxes (w/ Uncle Nicolini)
SCP-4971 Rituals
SCP-4485 Such Black Light (w/ Woedenaz)
SCP-4643 The Wheel of Fire
SCP-4941 Forever Yours
SCP-4654 angels by dado
SCP-4864 Depravity and Indifference
SCP-5935 Blood and the Breaking of My Heart
SCP-5740 all cop are buddy by dado


Track 1: Old Chilly the Space Trucker Constellation Starfish
Track 2: The Book of Dave Constellation Starfish
The Surfside Beat Constellation Starfish
The Face of God Constellation Starfish
Track 4: You and Me Constellation Starfish
Siren's Song Constellation Starfish
Three Farewells Tale (w/ Jacob Conwell / TwistedGears)
Fourth and Long Gloriana Alexylva
Postgame Gloriana Alexylva
Fear Alone Tale
Starch and Cream🥉 Tale
Reconciliation Tale
Integrity Project Resurrection
Hugo Hijinks Tale
Additional Resources Resurrection (w/ LurkD)
Folly Resurrection
A Site-19 Christmas Carol Tale
The Last Good Man In The Foundation Tale
Secure Facility Dossier: Site-81 Dossier
Atzak I Atzak
Atzak II Atzak
Coach Panagakos Eldest and Most Revered Gloriana Alexylva
The Unforgiving Gridiron Gloriana Alexylva
Anima Ex Machina Gloriana Alexylva
Atzak III Atzak
Dusk Tale
To Never Again See the Light of Day Tale
Smoke Tale
Moonrise Tale
The Four Arcana Rat's Nest


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