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Here are my articles, listed in order of creation. If you like one enough to make art, please let me know, and I'll post it below. It's generally a good idea to start reading my articles beginning with 5466. Everything before that really isn't worth it, trust me.

SCP-5035 [[The Freedman]]
Director, that thing is sitting in stasis thinking about all of the different ways it can kill us.

SCP-5061 [[A Toast To Elizabeth Connors, A Brilliant Actress]]
You know, I was getting used to not having strange men stare at me in my dressing room.

SCP-5076 [[Every Planet We Reach Is Dead]]
Sentient monkeys appear out of the sky and now fifteen-hundred people are missing? Oh, ape-man, you don't know the Foundation.

SCP-5093 [[Damnatio Memoriae]]
I guess you're D-Class too, doc.

SCP-5992 [[The Dionysus Pit]]
What exactly are we containing here?

SCP-5269 [[Exile]]
I don't have to think about her anymore.

SCP-5466 [[Death of the Creator]]
Contained. Imperfect. Finished. Complete

SCP-5104 [[Urgent Massage]]
'five red shapes'

SCP-5818 [[Frankenstein Burger King]]
Did I request thee, Maker, from my meat to mold me burger? Did I solicit thee from the kitchen to promote me?

Prepare to be vanquished by DEATH KNIFE, bitches!
- a rewrite of an article by OpMateo8080OpMateo8080

SCP-5391 [[Anastasis]]
The Veil has been lifted. This is now a war on all fronts.

SCP-5437 [[A Beast Cast From Heaven]]
They see the number five, or a starfish, and they think you start talking nonsense, but that's not the case. It never really is.

SCP-5514 [[The Dragonslayer]]
This has allowed it to 'pataphysically mantle the mytheme of the character archetype "The Dragonslayer".
- a collaboration between stormbreathstormbreath, Ellie3Ellie3, chiifuchiifu, and myself

SCP-5119 [[Uncle Charlie's Toys and Games]]
I'm your Uncle Charlie, I have to know.

SCP-5124 [[playdo mous]]
playdo mous

SCP-3651 [[Chalk Children]]
There are wonderful things happening outside.

SCP-5787 [[Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia]]
I wash ye with the blessing of the Wit Witout, the universal scales tip ever so even. Fucking whatever.
- a collab with PlaguePJPPlaguePJP

SCP-5345 [[Huesos Malos ("Bad Bones")]]
I'm the realest motherfucker in professional wrestling, and I'm a goddamn skeleton!

SCP-5673 [[A Forest For Ourselves]]
Over the next two minutes, SCP-5673-A will wither, its body reduced into a hot ash.


SCP-5992- The Dionysus Pit

by CuriousReaderCuriousReader

SCP-5466- Death of the Creator

by etoisleetoisle

Dr. Jay Dune

by daviiiddaviiid

SCP-5345- Huesos Malos ("Bad Bones") FEAT. SCP-3988 - Napoleon Bonyparts, Skeleton Superstar

by PlaguePJPPlaguePJP

SCP-5818- Frankenstein Burger King

by H0dariH0dari, as a part of the 2020 Holiday Art Exchange!



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