Featured SCP Archive II - 101 through 200

This archive displays the second listing of 100 SCP articles that have been featured on the site's front page.

148. SCP-5721 (by Cerastes): What Passes As Worship In The Digital Age [Featured by Karakatt and Cerastes]

  • SCP-5721 is the collective designation for anomalous phenomena associated with Discord…

147. SCP-5380 (by chiifu): My World [Featured by Truc Linh and Quadraginta]

  • As a result, the entire mall was showered with snowflakes and small paper hearts.

146. SCP-4823 (by Sebarus): The Whole World Has Gone Bananas! [Featured by OCuin, Flopmind, and REDESERT]

  • Following entry, SCP-4823 will unpeel itself.

145. SCP-5309 (by Greyve): is not to exist. [Featured by barredowl, Captain Cold, and DianaBerry]

  • I am Sisyphus.sic, a synthetic intelligence construct employed by the Department of Pataphysics.

144. SCP-4793 (by Dyslexion): Stele [Featured by Dyslexion]

  • SCP-4793 must be escorted to the Site-20 Medical wing at 7:00 every morning for Procedure-4793.

143. SCP-5550 (by Popsioak): I, Singh, My Body Collected [Featured by Popsioak]

  • SCP-5550 is the designation for approximately three cups of ashes of PoI-1342, Hari Singh Nalwa.

142. SCP-4364 (by taylor_itkin): Let Him Eat Cake [Featured by N_Aepic_Fael]

  • In the event of SCP-4364 expiration, a full autopsy is to be performed and an exploration team dispatched into SCP-4364.

141. SCP-5058 (by AlanDaris): Our Normal Fellow Humans [Featured by gee0765 and AlanDaris]

  • SCP-5058 are entities that visually resemble Homo sapiens (humans)…

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