Featured Tale Archive II - 101 through 200

This archive displays the second listing of 100 SCP articles that have been featured on the site's front page.

118. A Terrible Thing by Riemann [Featured by Naveil, Riemann, and YellowISlol]

  • The freak comes last. He is larger than the rest. He wears no parka.

117. The Significant Others, Part "A" by HarryBlank [Featured by weizhong, Grigori Karpin, and PlaguePJP]

  • "I'm not a subject in containment," said Phil.
  • Azad grinned. "Sure you're not."

116. michael the kiler by pastarasta1 [Featured by The Pighead, Marcelles_Raynes, and Pedagon]

  • Also, isn't this place for irl paranormal events/conspiracy?

115. L'appel du Vide by forbiddenquest [Featured by Zyn and forbiddenquest]

  • For no discernible reason, he felt disappointed-and a little nauseous-to see his wife.

114. REMEMBER by Cerastes [Featured by Truc Linh, Comrade Waldo, and Dr Sage Evergreen]

  • Cain didn't have the luxury of forgetting why he did it…

113. Substation 9 by The Great Hippo [Featured by Karakatt and chiifu]

  • I work for an electric company that provides power to over a dozen warehouses and manufacturing complexes.

112. Private Hell by DrClef [Featured by DrAkimoto and The_Pighead]

  • It should be awesome, he realizes.

111. Síobhra by Ihp [Featured by MalyceGraves and OCuin]

  • They've come back.

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