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Ah, yeah, that makes sense- I was intentionally being vague because I was scared of over-explaining and putting everyone off with a full on essay, haha.

I totally understand the concern about splitting up the narrative, too, and it's something I have been thinking about. I've intentionally made it a main goal to make sure each piece can stand on its own, and knowing they're part of a larger narrative improves them, rather than the pieces depending on the larger narrative to be good. Obviously no method is failproof, but I'm hopeful that this will be a good litmus test.

That being said, I guess it's time to bust out the full on essay! If you only care about the plot contained in this particular article, you can just read the first paragraph.
(TW for suicide mention and depression- no visual descriptions)

TL;DR: Person is depressed & dies, makes feelings phone and 'logic' ghost, feelings phone contains backstory on why they happened, logic ghost is still depressed but now in the 'feelings machine broke' way because they dont have one anymore, oh no theyre doing crimes to try and feel emotions, solve the mystery and figure out the phone and ghost are connected, lets put em back together so they stop that, todays lesson is you deserve to live and be loved

Seeking Greenlights: yes

Page type: SCP Article

Elevator pitch: The foundation secures a number of anomalous objects that are dangerous, but due to the incompetence of researchers/personnel, accidents keep occurring which render them safe and useful to the foundation, which in turn is the work of an anomaly.

Central narrative: The report begins with stating that several seemingly unconnected objects have been collated into a single SCP article due to this anomaly, and goes on to detail each anomolous object, its effects, and the incident report which rendered it safe for use by the foundation. A senior researcher notices the trend of these objects being made safe and believes it can no longer be down to coincidence, and begins to research the people involved with the incident reports, to discover that each time a D class or civilian has been involved, with the foundation having no known record of them beforehand. The senior researcher believes this is a single entity, and is the true anomoly behind the accidents. Upon this discovery the senior researcher is contacted by them, with a formal interview taking place that details the entities motives. It wants to help the foundation turn the tide against the enormous amount of anomolous threats that it is currently aware of or containing, and it was trying it's best to help discreetly, for fear of being discovered and contained itself.

Hook/Attention grabber: The start of the article detailing the incident logs is fairly comical, as incompetence normally makes things much worse in the SCP universe. Then the common thread throughout the stories is a revelation to the reader, seeing there was a competent driving force the entire time.

Additional notes: Not sure how picky the rules are about including multiple anomolous objects under one scp, but without them the article wouldn't work properly.

No, no this is either a joke or something written by someone that doesn't read skips.
Missing rating module, remaining "[[image" near header, you named it "Scp 5083" instead of the normal format "SCP-5083". Your formatting isn't right.

As for the description of the special containment procedures and the description of the skip, let me boil it down to this.
Big bad Does big angry. If big bad escape, big danger. Epic strongest fighter, big bad, strongest scp.

The writing is off putting, there's random emboldening of words, random capitalized words.

But in general, this is not how you write a skip. Read say, the 10 latest top rated new pages for inspiration. That is, if this skip is not meant to be a joke. I get the impression you're trying to reference something, but it's unclear.


by Damian UckDamian Uck, 23 Sep 2020 09:27

So, I had this idea for an SCP. I really don't know if it is worthwhile, but I am going to give it a shot. I have an idea to use the fungus that gave the Viking Berserkers their name and make and SCP out of it. It will involve miss information, feats of superhuman abilities and a possible use if deemed safe for the MTF's. What I intend to do is create a brand new species that is the real fungus and the one that everyone knows about is just a regular mushroom that gets people high. let me know if this is worthwhile.

Alright, at my time of reading, this sits at -3 with no comments, so here I go.
Odd skip, here's some reasons why.

1. besides some minor typo's (which I fixed in edit) the writing is off. For example;

When describing the facility you mention it's location in regards to the island, it having 3 antennae and them sending out frequent EMP's. And that's it. You mention it's large sized, but no specifics, no material composition, color, etc. You tell us a thing sits there without telling us what it looks like. It lacks in specifics.

other examples include "At the presumed time when this effect began, there was an attempt by …". That sentence is oddly worded. Not to mention, how would they know this, but ill get to that later.

There are more oddly worded sentences, but I have difficulty putting into words what I mean, so ill move on to the next crit.

2. Your description.
Im a little confused by what the skip is. Going by your description, I'm to believe SCP-5268 is the facility and not the time loop. This is just my personal opinion, but I'd recommend reversing the roles. Make the time loop the skip and bring up the facility as a potential reason why and how it is as it is.

3.The interview log with Lieutenant Brandenburg.
So this feels unlike the Foundation. You get a presumed anomalous human, and within minutes of starting the interview you just tell him he's in a time loop and it's in fact 2018. From the get go he doesn't seem very emotionally stable and you drop such a bomb on him. I'd think the interviewer could be a little more subtle. Also the guy just suddenly believes it's 2018. He sees color TV and an Iphone 8 (which he can only assume is an animated small television.) and he just accepts it's 2018, his family, his house, all gone. Just like that, and then he dies. It feels rushed.

4. The information.
How would they know when the loop began? By seeing americans fight japanese. An SCP report is a collection of facts and pieces of information. If something is unknown it is exactly that. There are no assumptions and no presumptions in an SCP report.

All that said, the information is in depth. There is plenty material for this to be written slightly differently.
I too am rating this as a -1.
In this ever gets rewritten or changed, ill gladly read it again.

by Damian UckDamian Uck, 23 Sep 2020 08:53

Thanks for the advice, I’ll look into different methods. I just hope I do it right.

I might be a little nitpicky, but if it's an outside force which anchors to mirrors, why hasn't it anchored to another mirror yet? Is it because it can't or because it doesn't want / need to? Also, could it anchor to any reflective surface or just to items which are typically considered as a mirror?

I know the foundation is probably currently investigating those questions, but I think the foundation would forbid to bring any highly reflective item into contact with the scip, until this theory is proven wrong.

But overall I really enjoyed it. Especially the way you slowly realise it's "purpose". +1

by TheLutronTheLutron, 23 Sep 2020 08:24

This is a great first piece, ill happily await the new tales.

by Damian UckDamian Uck, 23 Sep 2020 08:20

Hello, my name is TekkazKJ, although you can call me anything you like I don't mind.

I've been on the wiki for about a month and am really inspired by the creativity of some writers; I've been thinking of writing an SCP article and am looking for tips so if you want to help just msg me :)
I have written a few basic SCP articles based on the ones that I have read.


It was meant 0.75-0.8/1.3-1.5?

usually run at about 40</>300,

It was meant 0.4/3? Using hundredths without explicitly indicating it is disrespectful to those who will read this text. Author, you maybe also write "distance from Earth to Moon is 384 km", hoping that readers will guess for themselves what you meant not kilometers, but thousands kilometers? Simply, you slapped in the face of the readers many times.

Also, you see what you change 86 to 860? "Oh-oh, slip on precious values, the three-digital values are cool!"

and it is theorized that this effect extends across all known space.

Object raise Hume level in all universe… Okay, first of all, it is imba. Second, it must interact with other objects, what also raise Hume level, but you simply just ignored it.

It is good idea, but it is so BAD realization. I'm sorry, what I cannot to downvote this twice.

by murzei_chaosmurzei_chaos, 23 Sep 2020 07:50

I'm not sure which is more depressing: the possibility that we didn't do well in the rankings - 4-digit number means between 999 and 9998 universes did better than us - or the possibility that, despite the fact that we passed the message ~50000 times, we still performed well, if not exceptionally.

by ParadoxPotentiaParadoxPotentia, 23 Sep 2020 07:45

A Viking longship composed of millions of individual human nails about 860 m in length.

I can't for the life of me remember the number, but i've read somewhere that there was an SCP with this description.

by CylaraCylara, 23 Sep 2020 07:45

This is really helpful feedback I think, sensible and easy to understand, so thank you. After reading what you said, I've reworked some part of my article to trim down some of those thorns.

Thanks again for all your wonderful feedback!

That's wildly brilliant. +1

by DrRhummhavenDrRhummhaven, 23 Sep 2020 07:14

I assume you're referring to this, MikaeliousMikaelious. In that case, it's rather simple.


Though I should warn you it doesn't actually notify the person you're mentioning, it just serves as an unambiguous method of identification.

Re: How do you "tag" people? by CerastesCerastes, 23 Sep 2020 07:08

Personal take: This is a war between two different anomalies, and both are trying to rig history to support their stance better. Neither is actually being completely honest. The birds are trying to forge the extent of their claim to dinohood, the ghost dinosaurs are a reptile counterplay.

Neither accurately represents the dinos of an untampered past. (To me, this makes it more absurd, not less.)

by ParadoxPotentiaParadoxPotentia, 23 Sep 2020 07:04

I've seen people "tag" other users (i.e. mentions the other user in a way that it becomes a link) in comments/forum posts. I don't really know how to do it myself, could someone help me out? I also hope I explained this well enough :D

How do you "tag" people? by MikaeliousMikaelious, 23 Sep 2020 06:30

Seeking Greenlights: Yes

Page Type: SCP Article

Page Layout: Class -> Cont. Procedures -> Description -> Discovery log -> Research logs -> Incident reports -> Addendum (containing a new set of cont. procedures and descriptions)

*I'll discuss reasoning for this in the 'Central Narrative' section, as it plays a part in the… well, central narrative.*

Elevator Pitch: This SCP is an old projector that is physically undestroyable as it repairs any damage it sustains and when turned on will create a cross dimensional gateway onto the projected surface. The dimension is a severely dilapidated mirror image of the immediate area. Inside the dimension live different creatures, but one can consider them more-so as 'monsters'.

Central Narrative: In the article it is mentioned that the object is of safe class, but that there is a pending review to reclassify it as keter. We follow the lead researcher (my own Dr. Warden) in his gradual discovery of why this SCP is so dangerous. As such the layout shows the progress of this discovery, having initially safe cont. procedures and a description for just the projector. But as the research logs go on, they start turning into incident reports, and the final addendum is a testament to how dangerous he has found this SCP to be. The discovery log also acts as a teaser to try and keep readers interested as it details the results of what is unknown about the SCP.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: This SCP is an old everyday object, an object that is known for simply creating a moving picture. But now this picture leads to a different dimension, with incredibly abnormal and inhumane creatures living inside it.

Additional Notes: Don't particularly have any notes, just wanted to apologise for any length issues in relation to this ideas post, as I already have a completed draft ready that I wrote before I joined up with SCP, so this is just a very compressed version of that… to an extent. If anything I'm just worried about the idea having already been done.

'A Projector's Dimension' by Lockyn_KeyLockyn_Key, 23 Sep 2020 06:25

Whoa. This tale hooked me in at the first sentence and carried me through the rest. Intriguing and visceral. The detailed, graphic descriptions. The images made the piece so much better as well, giving it the look of a journal. +1 because to my knowledge there isn’t a +2.

by Commander_Asshat420Commander_Asshat420, 23 Sep 2020 06:23

Alright, let's dig into this.

If you respond to this comment and would like me to see it, please send me a Wikidot PM, as I will not be notified otherwise.
Re: Sinister Spider Signs by SonderanceSonderance, 23 Sep 2020 06:15
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