Interviewing Icons Hub

Welcome to the hub for my series of interviews with authors or figures who have left their impact on the site in some way or another!

This series was inspired by Roget's An Interview With "The Administrator". The intention of this series is to provide the community with an opportunity to see who the authors and figures of the site happen to be. Hopefully, a byproduct of this project will be the preservation of a small part of our site's history to reflect on for years to come. Below, my inspiration has been listed with Roget's approval alongside my own series.

It is my sincere hope that you will be able to relate to the interviewees and to better understand the thoughts and efforts that were needed to produce some of our site's greatest works. It has been a blast to work with such wonderful people throughout this process! ~ WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

An Interview With "The Administrator"

Founder of the SCP Foundation as we know it and first member of the site, The AdministratorThe Administrator

Interviewing Icons - djkaktus

Your actual dad, djkaktusdjkaktus

Interviewing Icons - Tanhony

Mister 5000 and cohost of Discovering SCP, TanhonyTanhony

Interviewing Icons - Rounderhouse

"i am truly the scp author for the new age", RounderhouseRounderhouse

Interviewing Icons - Ihp

Secret Mayor of Sloth's Pit, WI, IhpIhp

Interviewing Icons - ... Coming Soon

Stay Tuned!, WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

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Meet the Administrators Hub

Interviewer of Admins and Icons alike, WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

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