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Author Commentary

Critter Profile: Sampson
My first article that stuck! I first had the idea for Sampson after binging all of WWS one night. It started out as an Egyptian Golden Wolf who somehow mage his way to Oregon, and it took off from there. I posted a WIP picture of my first draft in a Discord server and got DarkStuffDarkStuff interested in it. He was a super big help in getting Sampson to his current state. Without him, I don't think I would have finished and posted my first article. Thanks again DS, you're the best!

Critter Profile: Wobbles
My first collab! I wrote this alongside Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini after he approached me one day and asked "Wanna collab on a Critter Profile?" and I said "Sure." I didn't know it at the time, but that was the start of a beautiful friendship. And a successful article! To be honest most of this was Nico's work. All I did was pitch an idea, and fill in some details. He wrote most of it, and put up with my lack of internet for a week. People seem to like Wobbles, since it's the second highest rated Critter Profile (You just can't beat the original, sadly) and my second highest rated article! Wobbles wouldn't be a thing without you Nico, you're an amazing author. (And friend!)

A Walk Along The Riverside
My first (somewhat successful) tale! This was my first entry into PeppersGhostPeppersGhost's Original Character Tournament. This isn't my proudest work, to be honest. There are a lot of things I don't like about how I wrote it. Most of them stemming from myself not waiting to get critique. I might rewrite it one day, who knows?

Nobody's Observations on Temporal Displacement, Family, and Waffles
My first GoI format that isn't a Critter Profile! I wrote this with HotColesHotColes basically overnight. This is a sequel of sorts to Sampson's Critter Profile from the point of view of Nobody, continuing the story of Daniel, Jonathan, and Sampson. Most of the work was done by Cole, while I contributed by creating Sampson and making sure all the pieces fit together in the story. Thanks a bunch for inviting me to help Cole!

My first SCP! :D This was a collaboration with my good friend RounderhouseRounderhouse for Cliche Con 2019. This is about a giant metal pig who demands a following, and won't take no for an answer. While I didn't contribute as much as I would of liked to 4511, I'm still confident in calling it my first SCP, and hey look, it's my first article to reach 100! 200!!! (Making it my highest rated article!) Even though Rounder is a fucking dork, he's still a blast to work with. Thanks for writing my first SCP with me Rounder, you're a great friend!

SCP-4512: A Goddamn Filthy Teleporting Party Pool
Another collab! This was a joint effort between WoedenazWoedenaz, RounderhouseRounderhouse, and Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini that I sort of just latched onto. It's about a Jimmy Buffett impersonator fake Hawaiian pool that demands you clean it. While I didn't do much for this, I still had a blast working with these dweebs. Thanks for letting me help the small amount that I could nerds!

SCP-4510: Avelar Express First Class Prime™!
My entry for the SCPD draft swap! This was originally written by RounderhouseRounderhouse, and I got it for the SCPD draft swap.

SCP-4206: The Weighing of the Heart
Nico's entry for the SCPD draft swap! This one was originally a draft for my first scip that I had entered into the SCPD draft swap, and Nico got it and turned it into a disturbing article set in the End of Death canon.

Critter Profile: The Polar Bear
My third and dare I say, most important, Critter Profile! This is one part in a trilogy of articles that cover the Ursus Maritimus Incident and the origins of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, including On the Radar, written by DarkStuffDarkStuff and UIU File: 2008-21, written by Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini.

SCP-4509: The Windigo Cold Cases
My first SCP in a long while. This one's about a gnome who murdered a large number of campers on a remote island off the coast of Michigan. I'm not quite happy with it, but I'm glad to put have something out. This also serves as a way to get two of my characters out there: a trans woman named Devorah Adani, and a mysterious Scotsman named Gregor McWilliam.

About Me

My name's Jade, or DrAnnoyingDog as my first account was named. I'm a trans furry from Michigan. I've done some things and will do some more at some point.

Fan Art

Sampson, drawn by Satan's Janitor!

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