Karas Corner Of Doom
Karas Corner Of Doom
Author: CelesteKaraCelesteKara
Published on 15 Dec 2020 15:56
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On the Subject Of the Kara


A drawing of the Kara I hate drawing myself. It's annoying and it takes 70 years.

What do Karas do? We’re very unsure.

We know that se enjoys art, music, and occasionally fire. Possibly avian in nature? Though, se has shown signs of being a cat, and a bird, also strangely a monkey? Its assumed se is a harpy. Probably a shapeshifter as well. Contain at all costs. To never be contained.

Se had an odd quote se keeps carving into everything. We understand nothing about this weird creature.

”You are not real.”

Se has ruined 40 desks.

The Personnel File

Hello Hello!

I’m Kara!

No, no. Sit down, and shut up. Leaving is illegal, and there will be appropriate lethal force taken to ensure you stay in this room.

So, about me…

I somehow managed to get an author page, so uh, yay!!! I have a cool art page I guess? Gonna try and break it soon! I write mostly tales here on this wiki. So, I guess if you want those you could scroll down. Maybe?

In the meantime, I like Team Bird WAY too much and I’ve read everything over like 5 almost 6 times now. Same with Parks and Recreation, but I’ve watched that show about 50 times over and have almost all of the script memorized. Did you know that I also hold a 2nd place speed run time for SCP-022?

Aside from my bragging, we should get into things ACTUALLY about me. I’m 16, se/sim/serself, in marching band, jazz band, and concert band. I play bassoon, piano, and synth. We here in Texas love our football, but I just enjoy marching band. I have made region band 3 times, and honestly if you get me talking about band I may never shut up!

As you could probably tell I really like doing art. Did I mention my art page yet?!?

“Yeah, like 2 times now.”

Well, fuck you too then!

My Works that have been Posted


Misc Tales


Blood In The Water

Rating: +66
Comments: 10
+/- : +82/-16
Last Comment: Bawower (23 Dec 2020 03:09)
Last Edit: OCuin (11 Jan 2021 23:05)

Give It!

Rating: +21
Comments: 14
+/- : +48/-27
Last Comment: Rounderhouse (17 Oct 2020 03:10)
Last Edit: OCuin (11 Jan 2021 23:05)

Scenes from a Comprehensive Clusterfuck (feat. not_a_seagull, The Pighead, and HarryBlank)

Rating: +41
Comments: 8
+/- : +48/-7
Last Comment: HarryBlank (20 Oct 2020 05:02)
Last Edit: The Pighead (21 Nov 2020 18:43)

Katalina and Cal Tales

Anthem Of The Angels

Rating: +22
Comments: 2
+/- : +29/-7
Last Comment: Calibri Bold (31 Jul 2020 05:40)
Last Edit: OCuin (11 Jan 2021 23:04)

This Cruel Moon

Rating: +85
Comments: 16
+/- : +97/-12
Last Comment: Chrysanthere (15 Feb 2021 14:09)
Last Edit: CelesteKara (01 Mar 2021 04:41)

SCP-5097 Tales


Rating: +54
Comments: 7
+/- : +59/-5
Last Comment: KaraKatt (24 Jul 2020 04:40)
Last Edit: Zyn (25 Feb 2021 05:29)

Without You

Rating: +35
Comments: 5
+/- : +37/-2
Last Comment: KaraKatt (26 Jul 2020 07:59)
Last Edit: OCuin (11 Jan 2021 23:04)

Team Bird Tales

A Given Purpose

Rating: +52
Comments: 5
+/- : +52/-0
Last Comment: KaraKatt (30 Apr 2020 03:06)
Last Edit: gee0765 (11 Jan 2021 23:06)

Social Media


Its my friend and I right after Prelims BOA San Antonio 2019! (I’m on the right)

Honestly, that's it. I have nothing else to my name, EXCEPT FOR THESE COOL SOCIAL LINK-A-MEDIAS!

My DeviantArt

My Twitter

My Instagram

My Youtube

The Three People I Stan Too Hard

“That's it?”

Don’t like it? Wait a month or five, there might be more! Or not, I don’t know…

In the time between, go read some of these wonderful peoples’ work!

Lt FlopsLt Flops is an amazing author, she has almost 50 pages on this wiki. She’s really kind and a great person no matter where you talk to her. She's really cool and very good at writing. (Plus she let me steal her code from her author page, so, she's more cooler now.)

A Snippet of Normal Conversation With The Flooooop:


Lt Flops
Are you scared yet?
Lt Flops

Lt Flops’ Author Page.

Wait, one more thing!

If life happens, and I decide to leave the site, I die, or I otherwise don't exist for 4 years, without anyone knowing about my whereabouts and having the ability to contact me, then I wish for Lt FlopsLt Flops to take ownership of all of my articles (aside from collaborations, which go to their co-authors), and all matters of deletion, porting and licensing are to be forwarded to her. Calibri BoldCalibri Bold Has my phone number and he's cool, so if I’m dead or just disappear he’d know.

The Team Bird Art Page is a special case and should be handled by the Team Bird Team (notgullnotgull, Lt FlopsLt Flops, AyersAyers, and Quantum PhysicianQuantum Physician) They’re great people and I have trust in them (Maybe too much.)

That's it. Go home, you can not stay here!

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License