Dr. Lee Roy Carlson's Personnel File
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Dr. Carlson is not, nor has he ever been, affiliated with the Shark Punching Center in any way, shape, or form. He will continue saying it until you believe him. No one has ever once seen him punching a shark, and even if they did what of it? Lots of people hate sharks! They're dangerous and scary! Stop looking at him like that! He loves it here at the SPC!

No, please, he meant to say SCP, he swears! It's an easy mistake to make! Don't…

Dr. Carlson is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the cognitohazard.

Things Dr. Carlson has not punched, and wouldn't punch even if they were sharks:

  • SCP-4225 - Sammy the Superfluous Serpent, by Sr. Supertainment
  • SCP-4314 - An Irrational Number
  • SCP-4820 - The Custom of the Sea

Stories that are not about Dr. Carlson punching sharks:

  • Halloween on 17th Street - my entry for the Halloween2018 contest, about what happens when you tell an 8-year-old Type Green about Halloween
  • The Drooling Path - a series tying together some supremely creepy but largely underused SCPs, including some of my personal favorites. Starring SCP-058, a slightly unhinged researcher from the memetics division, and a research assistant named James.

Testing logs that Dr. Carlson has contributed to. Some of them actually do involve sharks and/or punching, but that doesn't mean anything!

Other things people have accused him of being involved with:

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