Dr. Lee Roy Carlson's Personnel File
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His family calls him Leroy, his friends call him Elroy (L. Roy), his acquaintances call him Lee, nobody calls him Roy, and his enemies call him Carl.

Dr. Carlson is not, nor has he ever been, affiliated with the Shark Punching Center in any way, shape, or form. He will continue saying it until you believe him. No one has ever once seen him punching a shark, and even if they did what of it? Lots of people hate sharks! They're dangerous and scary! Stop looking at him like that! He loves it here at the SPC!

No, please, he meant to say SCP, he swears! It's an easy mistake to make! Don't…

Dr. Carlson is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the cognitohazard.

Testing logs that Dr. Carlson has contributed to. Some of them actually do involve sharks and/or punching, but that doesn't mean anything!

  • Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682, anything with his name on it, plus 101. The non-anomalous tests are my favorite because I think we're starting to lose focus on our actual goal here and just crosstesting for the crosstest god. Of course, that is the intention of the article, so whatever. There was another Carlson/SPC joke here, but it was removed.
  • SCP-1459 Extended Testing Log, anything with his name on it. Trying to do some actual science here to learn about the thing's properties and origins, but a little bit of fooling around too. There used to be one where Dr. Carlson causes a PROTOCOL 4000-ESHU breach, but it was removed.
  • SCP-978 Extended Test Logs - SCP-134, SCP-076-2, SCP-466, D-11424, Talloran, and Kondraki. I really wish this log was in chronological order like literally every other test log on the website.
  • Document 507-3B - the one with the apple seeds. I am not sorry.
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