Meet The Staff

Senior Staff and You

These are the people who are assigned responsibilities on the site. It's their job to help keep the site running as smoothly and as well as possible. Most of them are veterans, with experience built up from the time spent here. Here's a small dossier to help show who the senior staff are. If you have an issue for staff to address, please refer to the Contact Staff page.

Note: You are expected to know who staff are when you encounter them "in the wild", because you have to know when to listen to them. You don't have to memorize or even thoroughly read these bios. But you do have to know which people are staff.

PS: Yes, these are tongue-in-cheek, but they're still true, so don't be surprised. We warned you.


Clef: No.

Dexanote: Canadian Pokemon Master. Good at brainstorming and expanding on ideas, not so great when it comes to rewrites and refining failed drafts. Excellent at grammar and phrasing. Possibly part hobbit. Has not, in fact, caught them all.

DrMagnus: Most easily available via IRC ping. Current captain of the technical team, and Black Lion of the tech team voltron. Teaches Historical Fencing, has three black belts, odd obsession with fountain pens + paper, and is in to tea. Has been around the site forever and probably remembers whoever you're talking about. Don't hesitate to reach out if there's a tech issue.

Dr. Mann: A pretty cool guy, and a great writer. He's got a very impressive creative mind, though sometimes it's used for evil. Good choice for asking military-related questions. Also runs the Wanderers Library.

Modern_Erasmus: Erasmus tends to write about either deep historical mysteries or low quality puns. The Black Moon Howls with laughter at his dad jokes. Whether you need licensing queries, social media moderation, or rewrites, Erasmus is your guy.

pxdnbluesoul: Professional IT by day, and actually professional IT by night as well. Operates several services including the link shortener and S-CSS-P browser addon, and is an IRCOP and server administrator for SynIRC, our home. Runs a podcast and makes merch. Can answer questions about wiki formatting and usage, IRC, and most other technical aspects of the wiki universe.

Quikngruvn: Certified Old Fart™, now a Reserve Admin for the foreseeable future. Is vaguely aware that the wiki exists, and tends to disappear for months at a time, so is pretty much useless for critique or anything else (unless for some reason you're looking for trivia, sarcasm, and/or puns). Went by "Scordatura" in chat for a while, but more recently went back to the the original alt "Teratophobia" (something else to blame the pandemic on).

Roget: The lil' Stalin himself. Very active, and willing to help people out, if you send him a PM. Tries to answer every wikidot PM sent to him… eventually. Wrote the History Of The SCP Foundation essay series, so he's the best person to ask questions about site history.

SoullessSingularity: Quirky and bizarre sometimes pretty much all the time, but mostly harmless. Soulless has an intense passion for horror, strong prose, and compelling fiction- and will be happy to help any drafts out in becoming these things! He'll gladly listen to just about anyone's concerns and can be waved down on the chat or in Private Message. Go ahead and ask him what 'lmapo' means.

TheDeadlyMoose: Kind of sassy, but has a good eye for what works. A good editor. Has a tendency to leave lots of criticism when de-lurked. Likes anthropology, psychology, gender, and sexuality. Non-binary-gender (usually 'they' or 'zie/zir' pronouns). Admin at the Wanderers Library. Current chat owner of #site19 (now a ceremonial position!) and help chat (#site17). Permanently on Reserve.

Zyn: Psychology and social behavior major (formerly biology), poetry enthusiast, betta fish parent, and butterfly caretaker (generally of Nymphalis antiopa, in the spring), Zyn is readily available for answering of questions through wikidot PM. She can help if you want your articles to evoke non-scary emotions. Favors "Marp" as an onomatopoeia. Is kaiju butterfly ninja master on the weekends.


A Random Day: SCP Wiki in the streets, IRC chat in the sheets. Promoted to staff because people were too lazy to explain why he shouldn't be. Former editor of the SCP Site News, now captain of Community Outreach alongside his arch-nemesis ProcyonLotor. Resident expert on clinical tone - he even wrote the guide on it.

Accelerando: Resident tagger of articles and music aficionado dilettante. His attention span keeps him away from chat, and usually drops in once every 3 months before zipping back into the void. Highly willing to discuss and brainstorm article ideas (or albums) through PMs.

aismallard: Programmer, sapient duck, and avid article tagger. Sometimes writes too. Can be contacted on Discord, IRC, and Wikidot PM with questions about technical details for drafts, technical details for the wiki, and technical de

DrBleep: Most easily reached via IRC, or PM. Current Co-captain of MAST. Is a career Microbiologist, working towards graduate school, knowledgeable in most topics involving bacteria and viruses. Avid gamer, part of the Wikiwalk team. Staff member in other communities not involved with SCP. Sometimes on a full moon when they aren't running mad science, they are available to give critt.

Croquembouche: Knows things about CSS and ListPages. Changed the password to the coffee machine in the staff room and won't tell anyone what it is. Deals format screws in dark alleyways from trenchcoat pockets. The trenchcoat is also for sale.

Elogee FishTruck: Licensehower of the SCP wiki. If you have questions about image use and the Creative Commons license, he’ll most likely know the answer. He’ll also know who removed an image from your article and why, since it was probably him. Also does cool things for Community Outreach sometimes. Can be contacted via Discord, IRC, and Wikidot PM.

gee0765: Does forum and site crit. Can be found in chat. Ask him about cows.

Jacob Conwell: Half man, half robot, and half coffee, Conwell came to the wiki to delete cold posts and write articles and tales of dubious quality. Perhaps it's for the best that the cold posts never seem to stop. As the moderator currently running the majority of deletions on the site, Conwell will likely delete something of yours at some point if it hits -10 votes. He’s usually in the chat and is happy to look at drafts of all kinds. He’s better used for developing ideas than for fixing grammar because words are hard.

LadyKatie: LadyKatie is our primary staff member for translation work on the wiki, as well as our primary contact for the INT Community and the translation sites. She also helps around the forums, giving crit and offering advice. She has an excellent cat named Pepper.

Leveritas: Currently the despot moderator managing the experiment log for SCP-914 (don't PM him to ask if your entry will be good, makes him very cranky). This takes up most of his time on the Wiki, so make sure a draft or idea is well thought out before approaching him. Especially enjoys drafts with a strong sub-narrative. He's also fluent in Dutch, if you need that for some reason.

LilyFlower: When she's not organising a revolution or deleting copyrighted images, Lily can be messaged for help with biology (particularly zoology), socialism, queer stuff, and licensing. Always in #site19 and checks her wikidot PMs regularly. Ask her about her music tastes.

Modulum: A wonky nerdy gay music crow with an eye for design, analysis and educational content™️, Mod is - fittingly - a mod in several respects. He currently directs collab log pruning for MAST and also manages social media for Internet Outreach. Creator, curator, and head moderator of r/SCPDeclassified, home to the wordiest SCP content on the web. Subsists exclusively on a diet of synthesizers and science fiction novels.

ProcyonLotor: is the only raccoon currently on staff, and thus the coolest one by default. He can appear grumpy at times, but in reality he's just a fan of whining and hyperbole. One of the chief licensing dorks, and always happy to answer questions about Creative Commons.

RockTeethMothEyes: Won't stop thinking about dead bodies. No one's asked them to, but they also aren't stopping. Forum Criticism and Site Criticism staff. Will review your in-progress and posted works if you ask politely. Not ticklish.

stormbreath: Wikiwalk staffer, spends way too much time on this site. Site lore guru, has written for most GoIs. CSS hack, has made multiple themes. Can be contacted for crit and feedback if needed.

Taffeta: This is Taffeta. They've got your back. They could crit all your drafts in one paragraph. I would advise not getting downvoted by them — their forum posts trap the threads of their victims.

taylor_itkin: Resident guitarist and lead of the Seminars Project, easily reachable by Wikidot PM or on IRC. Easily bribed with sandwiches, cookies, or soup. Big fan of both Green Day and Pantera. Check me out on Spotify or iTunes I guess.

TheMightyMcB: Also known simply as "McB", he's the resident headbanger, mediocre guitarist, and heavy metal vocalist on staff. McB is a forum and site critter in addition to being co-lead for the Seminars Project and the MAST Guide Rewrite Initiative, and he can often be found goofing off in the chat or on the front lines in the forums. There is a nonzero chance that he will initiate ritual combat with others possessing a "Mc-" name. Is quite possibly possessed.

TSATPWTCOTTTADC: Does work for the Internet Outreach staff team. Probably entirely human, probably sleeps sometimes.

Tuomey: Juggles responsibilities, balls, and clubs - sometimes all at the same time. Celtic takeover now in progress. Frequently found lurking in IRC.

Uncle Nicolini: 🤠

UraniumEmpire: The Bernie Sanders of SCP. If you need help with computer shit, in or outside the context of a piece, don't hesitate to call into the dread void she haunts unto the end of days. Please send her pictures of arthropods.

Varaxous: Despite their repeated claims to be "The Giant Rat who makes all of the rules," little evidence has been found to verify any of these claims. As far as anyone can tell, they're at most a normal sized rat with a cardboard crown. Further research is required.

Operational Staff

Alces_alces: Local crazy horse person who only comes out of the barn for an occasional cup of coffee and forum critique. Most easily contacted via discord and wikidot pms.

Captain Kirby: Not as famous as the video game character, but appears in chat and on the forums more often. Also known for complaining about Computers, Robots, and Other Things He Deals With On A Daily Basis. Most easily contacted on IRC and wikidot PMs. And before you ask, yes, I did put valuable time and energy into making this witty. Thanks for noticing.

cybersqyd: Possibly a squid. Does forum crit. Is reachable via PM/IRC/Occult Ritual. Not good at the whole writing thing unfortunately.

dankaar: Another staffer who is mostly under the radar, the rarely spotted dankaar is Good With Critique.

Deadly Bread: Is missing bones and would like to be notified if they are found. Derives sustenance from MAST work and can be contacted through both IRC and Discord. Will prune collab logs in exchange for the single live bee found in Cleopatra’s coffin.

Fingo7: Possible ladybug with a drawing tablet and a green tea addiction that's somehow an active occultist, a decently-read Marxist, and an exotic millipede hobbyist all at once. Send him a Wikidot message or talk to him on IRC if you need (urgent) occult advice or just any kind of crit/brainstorming help. Secretly planning a site-wide takeover with his comrade, Lily.

JackalRelated: Film and visual media enthusiast, probably a walking film camera. Worked on the masterpiece MAST (2020), which won an imaginary Oscar. Can be found at film studios: IRC, Discord, and Wikidot PM. Will one day make a film that rips off the plot of one of his SCPs wholesale.

Joreth: People think Joreth is a wolf - but he's actually a dog wearing a wolf hat. Believed to be made staff in a failed attempt to curb shitposting. Does Internet Outreach because no one wants him on the site.

Lazar: Draft critter. Idea critter. Possibly swamp critter. Can be found frequenting IRC and forums. Keeps a watchful eye on draft and idea forums to poach unsuspecting posts.

MalyceGraves: Very probably only dead on the inside. Writes often, offers scathing critique frequently, and still manages to do a bunch of other stuff simultaneously. Can be found lurking in IRC, where they respond to poor grammar with excessive snark.

ManyMeats: An amalgamation of meats and also a pretty decent bowler. Perhaps most infamous for the extreme amount of mana required to summon him, he is usually found dishing out Site Crit or pummeling the masses with knowledge in IRC. Has a dog that is substantially cooler than he is, and who is also better at Site Crit.

MrAnakinSpecter: Master of ghosts and terrible jokes. Might one day finally one-up Tuomey, but it is unlikely.

N_Aepic_Fael: Has more underscores than most people and therefore is by default a target of the revolution for owning a plurality. Can be seen doing forum critique or begging people to source images. Don't be surprised if he's foaming at the mouth in IRC about Brooklyn, the MTA is probably delayed again.

Pedantique: Reviews ideas. Critiques drafts. Once watched Dr. Strangelove and took all the wrong lessons from it. Old and grumpy, but not enough of either yet.

Raddagher : The staff's favorite artistic autistic. Marketer of events and maker of doodles. Likes tales and poems and is known to be wholesome on main. Ate a cotton ball once. Didn't regret it.

Sly161: Sly is a forum critter, they help run one of the Tumblr blogs, a fan of horror, and is an up and coming forensic investigator. You can come to them if you need crit on a draft. You can find them in 17 or #thecritters, and they will always try to answer Wikidot PMs.

Yossipossi: Resident pattern screamer, local author, and nation-mandated dumbass. They are a member of the Internet Outreach Team; moderator of r/SCP, r/SCPDeclassified, and r/DankMemesFromSite19; and they run the DeviantArt. Can be communicated with via Discord, Reddit, Wikidot, IRC, and telepathic communication.

Zachary Maxwell is Acid Junkie College Flunky Dirty Puppy Daddy Bastard who will check your draft, fix your grammar, and link to useful stuff, when he's not selling lavender and wildflowers on Brighton beach.

Inactive Staff Members

These staff members have been deemed inactive, due to prolonged absence or real life events that keep them from participating in the site any longer.

Retired Staff Members

These staff members have retired, either from inactivity or by choice.

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