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In Character: New administrative staff with sufficient security clearance may use this tool to more efficiently familiarize themselves with the information in the SCP database. For security and data-integrity purposes, this form of access is read-only.

Out of character: It's a tool that makes it easier to go on an archive binge. You can use the Canon Mass Orientation Tool a lot or you can just be a CMOT Dabbler, it's totally up to you.

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Item #: SCP-138

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-138 is not to be touched at any time unless given explicit instructions by level 4 personnel for testing. Those given permission must pass a psychological check before entering SCP-138's containment chamber. Containment Breached, See Addendum

Description: SCP-138 appears to be a simple steel medallion engraved with the Chinese symbols yin and yang. When touched by a human, SCP-138 produces a "clone" of the person. This clone acts similarly to the original subject, except that its actions are based primarily on an emotion. The most common emotion-clones include happiness, sadness, fear, and anger. During a clone's duration, the original subject feels a lack of whatever emotion their clone takes after. Nearly all clones die after 2-3 hours, and the original subject regains the ability to feel the emotion they had lost. Clones killed before naturally expiring after 2-3 hours will not "return" the emotion to the subject. Original subject will lose the capacity to feel said emotion.

Addendum 1: I would like to take this opportunity to remind all D-Class personnel that losing the emotion of fear does not, in fact, make you invincible. It is not advisable for you to attempt to aggravate any sentient SCP, ever. -Dr. Klein

Addendum 2: Someone find out where this thing got to! When I went to the safe deposit box to try and get it, it wasn't there! -Dr. Chao

Addendum 3: Unconfirmed reports indicate that an artifact matching its description was auctioned off by MC&D Ltd. at their last Christmas Charity Auction. Please confirm. - O5-9

Addendum 4: Confirmed. We tracked the buyer to the Himalayas, but we lost track of him there. All our leads are dead. - Agent Sanchez, Mobile Task Force Phi-Seven (Custodes Custodies)

Addendum 5: I want to know who was responsible for the containment breach. Heads are gonna roll for this. - O5-11

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