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SCP-5916 rating: 5
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Item#: 5916
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Research Head Assigned Task Force
Charles Yung, PhD MTF G-6 "Deep Feeders" and MTF G-5 "Red Herrings"


SCP-5916-7 attacking a cargo airliner

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone of 10002km shall be maintained around SCP-5916's own 560.52km "zone". All flights, cruises, and vessels carrying professional boxers must be diverted away from or around the 10002km exclusion zones. Instances of SCP-5916 are to be tracked via tag transmitters, and recaptured if the transmitter becomes faulty or nonresponsive. All incidents must be investigated by Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders"), coordinating with MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") on repression of any information relating to SCP-5916 incidents.

Description: SCP-5916 is the designation of six (formerly ten) great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) that inhabit the world's oceans. They generally appear to be ordinary members of the species, however, all known instances of SCP-5916 are identifiable by a large, dark patch of bruising around one of their eyes (a 'black eye'), and several missing teeth that they are evidently unable to regrow. Behaviorally, instances of SCP-5916 show no anomalous properties other than an apparent inability to stray outside a region approximately 560.52km in diameter.

SCP-5916 Instances, and Regions
Designation Region Center Coordinates (estimated) Status
SCP-5916-1 (-5.7██████, 7.██████) Active
SCP-5916-2 (-27.██████, -15.██████) Active
SCP-5916-3 (-40.██████, -121.██████) Neutralized
SCP-5916-4 (-10.██████, -145.██████) Active
SCP-5916-5 (32.██████, -37.██████) Active
SCP-5916-6 (45.██████, -27.██████) Neutralized
SCP-5916-7 (6.██████, 65.2██████) Active
SCP-5916-8 (6.███████, -18.██████) Neutralized
SCP-5916-9 (-56.██████, 127.██████) Neutralized

SCP-5916's properties trigger when a professional boxer (defined as someone who has been paid to participate in a boxing match) enters the region.

Three minutes after a boxer has entered its region of the ocean, SCP-5916 will become hostile and immediately accelerate towards the intruder at speeds in excess of Mach 20. Roughly twenty seconds before acceleration, SCP-5916's attack is preceded by a disembodied sound of a boxing bell ringing three times, which by means of observing past victims of SCP-5916 and testimonies of D-Class personnel before their deaths by SCP-5916, only the target can hear.

SCP-5916's victim is typically obliterated upon impact, along with whatever transport they were using. All instances of SCP-5916 suffer no ill effects from the stresses and extreme heat of such speeds, instantly decelerate when their target is dead, and in cases of attacking aircraft, seem to receive no damage from falling back into the sea.

SCP-5916 came to the Foundation's attention in 19██ off the coast of Central Africa after Flight ██████ of █████████ Arline's vanishing coincided with an oceanic sonic boom directly under its last known location. A pattern for its attack "criteria" was formulated after the appearance of other SCP-5916 instances, leading to current containment protocols.

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