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Yes, I am the qntm from qntm.org.


You can buy my complete Antimemetics Division saga as an ebook from these places:

It should be about three dollars.

(There will not be an Amazon/Kindle release, because Kindle Direct Publishing's terms of use forbid the publication of non-exclusive content.)

qntm's one weird tip for writing

"To be continued" is your enemy. Write a complete story in one chapter.

I see writers who spend much time planning lengthy, elaborate storylines in vast original universes. They write one chapter, which by itself gives readers nothing. Then they get bored or distracted and never continue. The story is left unfinished forever and all the work is for nothing. This is a net waste of everybody's time.

Limit your scope. Take your cosmic plans and pare them down to a single, shining core concept. What if you had to make this about one character, about one pivotal moment in their existence? What if this was the only chapter of this you were ever going to be able to write (which it might well be)? What's the most important single thing you want to express? What's the most effective way to express it?

Starting things doesn't count. You've got to get to the end.

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