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REMINDERS TO CONTRIBUTORS: SCP-914 does not create or destroy matter, nor does it change anything on the atomic level. All outputs should contain all and only the matter included in the input. Some grandfathered entries break this rule, but new entries should never do so.

Additional reminder: 914 is a cheeky little bugger. It's unpredictable and apparently kinda snarky. If the output is exactly what you'd expect from the input, or if 914 has just obligingly improved everything you put in, the entry is out-of-character.

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  • Not too direct. 914 doesn't talk to researchers directly, it ruins the mystery and it's not clear if the machine is sentient or not. If you put in a note, you don't get a response, you might get something that might be a response if you interpret it a certain way, but it also might be random. Or something else entirely.
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Some of you might have noticed that I'm being harsher on notes and logs that I deem too LOLFoundation. To illustrate my point, I'm going to use an example from part IV:

I actually edited the note. This is what it originally was:

This is a very small difference, but it makes a world of difference in tone. The first entry works a lot better because it's not a researcher scolding the machine outright as a kid would. It's implying (read, show don't tell) that the researcher became so fed up with the result that he outright left. Wacky entries work well if it's against the cold professionalism that signifies the Foundation, and it doesn't work if it looks like the employees are acting just as unprofessional.

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Name: Dr. N Rose
Date: 04/01/2021
Total Items: Two bottle each of following substance: Morphine, Saline Solution and Ibuprofen Oral Fluid

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all are happy to leave behind the travesty of 2020. Now, onto business; once again, I’m using medications, but this time it will be isolated to liquids. - Dr. Rose

Input: One bottle of Morphine
Setting: Fine
Output: One bottle of a thick, yellow liquid. The label describes it as a painkiller medication, by use of transferring pain to another person. It is unclear how this process is possible. During testing, two D-Class were subject to an injection of 25ml of the liquid. As one was subjected to a series of controlled electric shocks, the other D-Class screamed in pain. The aforementioned subject later described feeling electrocuted, with the first being otherwise unaffected, despite receiving electrical burns to the hands. The effects of the dosage ceased after thirty-seven minutes, but is theorised to be relevant to the dosage amount.

Input: One bottle of Saline Solution
Setting: Fine
Output: Five bottles of a clear liquid, with equivalent mass to the input, and a paper note. The note reads ”Read well and listen close, for ye risk life with this choice. One elixir you face could save you of all ailments, while all its friends will lead to a grave. Choose well, and be awakened. Choose poorly, and be slain.”. Chemical analysis of all liquids showed no differences. Testing cancelled, and the bottles and note stored in Anomalous Storage.

I’m not exactly in the mood for a fatality, especially with only a one in five chance to live. - Dr. Rose

Input: One bottle of Ibuprofen Oral Fluid
Setting: Fine
Output: A pile of brown, translucent pills. Chemical analysis revealed them to contain traces of paper and glass. Testing resulted in a D-Class ingesting a single pill, and describing an absence of pain, sense of heat and a quieter stomach. After fourteen minutes, the D-Class collapsed, complaining of severe stomach pains and began to cough blood. Testing with the D-Class’ medical state is ongoing, though they have since recovered. All the pills placed in a secure container and isolated in Anomalous Storage.

Input: The remaining bottles of each drug
Setting: Very Fine
Output: A large bottle of a thick black sludge. There are no labels, and the liquid has a texture akin to tar, and is extremely pungent. Testing with the liquid reveals it to be extremely painful, with the subject D-Class reporting searing pain. This pain would be felt all across the body after injection for nine minutes. After the time period elapsed, the D-Class was found to have an improved status of health, that has yet to waver. The D-Class also has an increased level of pride and recklessness, and has been detained in a secure Human Containment Cell.

If we could isolate the healing powers of this output, we could theoretically have an army of super-soldiers. That being said, however, any further testing of this liquid is better not performed with humans again, until we are sure of its full capabilities. - Dr. Rose

Name: Researcher Connolly
Date: 07/01/2021
Total Items: Five cuboidal 100g samples of pyrite, commonly known as fool’s gold.

Input: One sample of pyrite
Setting: Rough
Output: The same sample, cut into jagged pieces

Input: One sample of pyrite
Setting: Coarse
Output: The same sample, neatly cut into smaller cubes

Input: One sample of pyrite
Setting: 1:1
Output: One sample of pure iron, cloud of reddish-brown gas (later identified to be sulphur)

Note: Pyrite is iron sulphide. I apologize to future researchers if the test chamber now smells like rotten eggs. - Researcher Connolly

Input: One sample of pyrite
Setting: Fine
Output: The same sample in the shape of a medal, complete with ridges and an embossed number “1” in the centre

Note: I guess this is technically an improvement? - Researcher Connolly

Input: One sample of pyrite
Setting: Very Fine
Output: One sample of pure gold One physically unchanged sample of pyrite. Exhibits a cognitohazardous effect causing every person who looks at it to believe it is pure gold. Item incinerated.

Name: Junior Researcher Boneka
Date: 14/01/2021
Total Items: Three novelty singing fish

Input: One novelty singing fish
Setting: 1:1
Output: One novelty singing lobster

Input: One novelty singing fish
Setting: Fine
Output: One visually identical novelty singing fish. When it is activated, it exhibits an auditory cognitohazard that compels all those who hear it to stick themselves to a wall and sing along loudly until the song is over, at which point the cognitohazard ceases.

Note: That’s three minutes of my life I’m never getting back. Can we delete that security footage? - JR Boneka

Input: One novelty singing fish
Setting: Fine
Output: One animate novelty singing fish that vocalizes profanities and personal insults towards anybody that approaches it. During testing and transport between different areas in the facility, the output was exposed to various personnel. A brief list of how it responded to the individuals it encountered is included below.

Personnel Vocalization
D-639274 “Your parents will never love you! I bet they’re glad you’re stuck in this fucking dump so they never have to see your ugly ass face ever again!”
D-937262 “Look at me, I’m [D-937262’S FORMER NAME REDACTED]! I’m going to murder my wife and children so I can get my filthy little hands on that sweet sweet life insurance, and I’m obviously such a genius that I’m going to get away with it! Well, look at where that got you, you fucking chump.”
JR Boneka “Well, if it isn’t the bitchiest skank in the entire building. I hope your stupid hair gets caught in the gears while you’re testing so that you get scalped, or better, killed.”
Dr. Veritas The output paused its insults to cheerily sing “Happy Birthday to You” before resuming and calling him a “neurotic, sadistic tyrant that probably failed [his] anger management course”. Following this, the output was incinerated.

Name: Dr. Lombardi
Date: 15/01/2021
Total Items: One microwave, five one-hundred dollar bills, one hand-written note

Note: I'm curious if 914 will accept bribes. - Dr. Lombardi

Input: One microwave, five one-hundred dollar bills, one hand-written note. "Please convert into a microwave that makes things cold without any negative side effects."
Setting: Fine
Output: A ten dollar bill and four one dollar bills, a printed piece of text in an unknown language, a device that appears to be the input microwave with minor alterations. Operating the device cools the contents at relatively the same expected speed as a microwave traditionally heats. The 'defrost' button has been replaced with 'frost'. The popcorn preset has been replaced by an 'X' and has been rendered nonfunctional. Device has been sent to engineering for analysis.

Note: We have not yet translated the text of the note, but it appears to be a bill of some sort. There is an entry for $500, the amount I included, along with $486, perhaps the cost of conversion? Did 914 do this directly, or did it act like some kind of cross-dimensional service broker? - Dr.Lombardi

Hello, and welcome back! You might have read this text that was written on this exact same page:

”Additional reminder: 914 is a cheeky little bugger. It's unpredictable and apparently kinda snarky. If the output is exactly what you'd expect from the input, or if 914 has just obligingly improved everything you put in, the entry is out-of-character.”

Your character literally just asked for a cooling device and got exactly what they wanted. This is extremely obliging of 914, especially since the output you received doesn’t appear to have any significant drawbacks to using it. Your grammar and formatting is decent, but you’ll have to address this test so that 914 isn’t written out-of-character. Thanks! - Boneka

Oh, I get it - I considered having it obliterate the breakroom or something when someone tried to cool a hotpocket, or turn the money into a very fragile anti-microwave instead. But I was more tickled by the idea of setting a `bad example` - something that people would want to replicate and it never quite goes that way again. Like a slot machine, or the old adage of a broken clock being correct twice a day. Unpredictable should work once in awhile. -Lombardi

I totally see what you mean! Unfortunately, with no follow-up tests to continue this notion, the idea doesn’t stand very well on its own. If you still want to hold onto it, I suggest adding more entries to this test that reinforce 914’s typically unpredictable nature (like “Wow, that actually worked! Let’s see what else we can do!” followed by an undesirable result). - Boneka

If your test log submission has been removed and you cannot find it in Experiment Log 914, the "Added logs" or "Denied logs" collapsibles, do PM me at kaimenplskaimenpls immediately and I will retrieve it for you. - Kai

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