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REMINDERS TO CONTRIBUTORS: SCP-914 does not create or destroy matter, nor does it change anything on the atomic level. All outputs should contain all and only the matter included in the input. Some grandfathered entries break this rule, but new entries should never do so.

Additional reminder: 914 is a cheeky little bugger. It's unpredictable and apparently kinda snarky. If the output is exactly what you'd expect from the input, or if 914 has just obligingly improved everything you put in, the entry is out-of-character.

  • LeveritasLeveritas (me) will regularly check this page, selecting logs that are of sufficient quality to add to the log and port them over.
  • Tests that fail to adhere to the proper format (date, etc.) will not be ported until fixed.
  • You can place notes at the end of tests, and feel free to be creative when doing so. It can give some interesting insight into dynamics within the Foundation. Having said that, don't make Foundation personnel look like idiots/psychopaths/juvenile/a combination of those. It's a professional research organisation, not a fraternity ward or a death cult.
  • Not too direct. 914 doesn't talk to researchers directly, it ruins the mystery and it's not clear if the machine is sentient or not. If you put in a note, you don't get a response, you might get something that might be a response if you interpret it a certain way, but it also might be random. Or something else entirely.
  • Ownership of content posted to the 914 log is retained by log curators as stewards over any content therein. As such, any authors contributing to the logs cede any future claims to said content to the collaboration log curator.
If you're not comfortable with your in-universe name being used, politely request a change or come to me about it.

Notice: On another note, changing these notices will result in disciplinary actions, meaning Site banning, not just this log.

Some of you might have noticed that I'm being harsher on notes and logs that I deem too LOLFoundation. To illustrate my point, I'm going to use an example from part IV:

I actually edited the note. This is what it originally was:

This is a very small difference, but it makes a world of difference in tone. The first entry works a lot better because it's not a researcher scolding the machine outright as a kid would. It's implying (read, show don't tell) that the researcher became so fed up with the result that he outright left. Wacky entries work well if it's against the cold professionalism that signifies the Foundation, and it doesn't work if it looks like the employees are acting just as unprofessional.

Conversation about Experiment Log 914 and help for your entries can be found at the 914 Discord server.

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General Notes

Notices for everyone.

1. If you didn't bother reading the above division of obviously important text, click here!
2. Mod will remove notes if they are too excessive/LOLFoundation/unprofessional.
3. Part XVII is up and running! Find your tests here.
4. New log-writers, please do not use other writers' characters without asking. It is generally seen as bad form. If you want to use someone's character, most of the writers can be contacted via Wikidot PM or, for a quicker response, the 914 Discord server.
5. Everyone is invited to join the above Discord server. This also facilitates easier communication with the mod. If you notice something wrong with a particular test in Experiment Log 914, you can either point it out in the server or do so below.
6. Please, no more introduction notes. 914 is supposed to be unpredictable, and there’s only so many times it can turn handwriting into different handwriting or a drawing before you start predicting it.

Notes to Mod

New Entries

Name: Researcher Gary Johnson
Total Items: three shark plushes

Input: One shark plush
Setting: 1:1
Output: One dolphin plush of the same brand

Input: One shark plush
Setting: Fine
Output: A highly detailed and anatomically correct shark plush

Input: One shark plush
Setting: Very Fine
Output: A physically unchanged shark, however once held, subjects will hear the main theme from Jaws in their minds. Subjects reported feeling senses of dread and paranoia while under its effects. Subjects report seeing fins emerge from the floors after holding it for more than five minutes. After ten minutes of exposure, subjects would feel something "nibbling" at their feet or legs. After fifteen minutes, subjects will feel something large bite them across one of their limbs or chest. The bite would leave minor cuts on the subjects body in a of diameter of 26.5cm.

Sorry, but this just isn't terribly creative. - Mod

Name: Researcher Darby
Total Items: Five Standard Navy SCBA Packs, Five Standard Military CBRD Masks, Five Navy Coveralls

Note: Reassigned back to Site-19 after the Destruction of [Redacted]. I state for the record that I had nothing to do with that event. - Researcher Darby

Input: One SCBA, CBRD Mask, Pair of Coveralls
Setting: Rough
Output: Output Booth erupted in a cloud of Dust, samples reveal composition to be Metal, Rubber, CBRD Filter Material, and Fire Resistant Cloth. Chamber secured for cleaning.

Note: There is an inch of dust covering the entirety of the testing chamber, of course, we are going to sweep it up. At least the D-class will clean it, not any research staff, or me. - Researcher Darby

Input: One SCBA, CBRD Mask, Pair of Coveralls
Setting: Coarse
Output: Input left Output chamber, heavily corroded as if exposed to heavy chemicals and flame damage. Disposed of in accordance with CBRN protocols despite negative contamination readings.

Input: One SCBA, CBRD Mask, Pair of Coveralls
Setting: 1:1
Output: One SCUBA Tank, Dive Mask, Water Resistant Dive Suit

Input: One SCBA, CBRD Mask, Pair of Coveralls
Setting: Fine
Output: One Blue Jumpsuit, similar to the jumpsuits worn by Shelter Residents in the popular Fallout series. Testing reveals features such as 72+ Hour CBRD protection, Integrated Oxygen System, Hidden hood with HUD and face shield, Bulletproof to .45 ACP up to a 2-meter distance, Stab resistance, and Fireproof up to 36 Hours.

Input: One SCBA
Setting: Very Fine
Output: Fiberglass Cube with 1/4inch Outlet nozzle, Pressure Dial, and toggle switch. When pressed, produces a steady 313 Cfm Airflow. Sent to Research for further study and possible reverse engineering.

Note: D-Class enlisted to recover papers scattered by Output Windstorm. - Researcher Darby

Input: One CBRD Mask
Setting: Very Fine
Output: ~~One CBRD Mask, unchanged~~ One CBRD Mask that upon contact with exposed skin causes reactions similar to various chemical agents. A reaction occurs instantly at an accelerated pace and the effect remains in released bodily fluids and can be spread through contact.


Subject Reaction Probable Chemical Agent D-3464
|| Tear Gas ||
D-4527 Vomiting, Throat Irritation, Coughing, Dyspnea Adamsite D-3492 vomiting, diaphoresis, convulsions, altered mental status, miosis, bradycardia, paralysis VX
Intern Doe Coughing, Blurred and Burning Eyes, Difficulty Breathing, Nausea, Vomiting, Lesions Phosgene Researcher Down Swollen eyes, burning sensation, light sensitivity, Nasal and Sinus Discharge, shortness of breath, involuntary Eye closure, Dry eyes Oleoresin capsicum

Note: Two D-Class were hospitalized in attempts to clean the testing chamber, sending in a Hazmat Crew to destroy output. - Researcher Darby

Input: One Pair of Coveralls
Setting: Very Fine
Output: 1 Quilted Cloth Bracer, causes the wearer to fall unconscious and replay the events of the USS Bonhomme Richard fire on 12 July 2020 as a participant until woken or fire is defeated. However, the simulation has been recorded with anomalous variations to actual events, log of observed events to follow.

Subject Anomalous Event D-7643 The fire color was green with purple waves, blue smoke with green sparks. D-8420 Observed Site-19 Researchers as crewmen fighting the blaze.
Intern Scott Ships Captain dressed in fictional Pirate equipment and carrying a parrot. Guard Jones Observed SCP-96, SCP-106, and SCP-632 roaming the ship. Researcher Darby Observed his corpse at the center of the Blaze.

Note: Placed in cognito-hazard output storage until further notice, and then I will talk to the site Therapist. - Researcher Darby

Why are we testing on non-D-Class? - Mod

If your test log submission has been removed and you cannot find it in Experiment Log 914, the "Added logs" or "Denied logs" collapsibles, do PM me at kaimenplskaimenpls immediately and I will retrieve it for you. - Kai

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