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Item #: SCP-1631

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1631 cannot currently be artificially contained. Thus far, SCP-1631 has only appeared on a two-kilometer stretch of wooded road (SCP-1631-A) that leads into ████████ Forest in ████, Oregon. Due to the uncontainable, yet predictable, nature of SCP-1631, Research Site-133 has been erected around SCP-1631-A. The Site consists of six kilometers of chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, surrounding the road in a roughly elliptical shape. On the eastern side of SCP-1631-A is a research bunker measuring a total of 200 square meters. The bunker should always be equipped with provisions and facilities to house, at most, three researchers and five D-Class personnel.

When SCP-1631 manifests, all personnel not involved in an active test must confine themselves to the bunker and restrain themselves until the instance of SCP-1631 has passed. While SCP-1631 is visible, its activities are to be recorded on Site-133’s closed circuit TV network. After the passing of the apparition, details of SCP-1631’s activities must be recorded in the on-Site computer and uploaded directly to Foundation archives.

Description: SCP-1631 is an anomalous manifestation that appears at random intervals on SCP-1631-A. SCP-1631 always takes the form of an immaterial automobile of any make or model, as long as it has been disassembled prior to the manifestation of SCP-1631 (Note: this is no longer the case; see Addendum 1631-01). Reports describing occurrences of SCP-1631 always depict it being made of dark, dense mist or smoke.

When SCP-1631 appears, it seems to reenact a moment from the ‘life’ of the vehicle it is mimicking. Most of these moments involve collisions with animals, humans, other vehicles, or trees. In a case where SCP-1631 acts out an event involving an animal or human, it will “draw out” a suitable, nearby subject through unknown means. When the subject is chosen (typically two minutes after the manifestation), they begin to quickly move to SCP-1631-A and take their place in the reenactment. If there is no direct path to SCP-1631-A, the subject will attempt to move through obstacles to get there. Ten minutes after the choosing of the subject, SCP-1631 will proceed with the reenactment with or without the subject present.

Addendum 1631-01: Test Results

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