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Item #: SCP-2817

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2817-1 is to be treated as, for all intents and purposes, a standard Foundation D-Class and may be used in testing with Safe objects that do not display harmful properties, as a way to occupy its time, between performances of Procedure-453-Palmyra. At the end of every month, SCP-2817-1 is to be escorted with an armed guard to the eastern grounds of Wing-3 to complete Procedure-453-Palmyra. During this time, SCP-2817-1 is to be handled, referred to, and treated as an SCP object according to protocol. SCP-2817-1 is to be granted mandatory psychological counseling every week related to Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, particularly the form commonly known as “Stockholm syndrome.”

SCP-2817-2 is to be contained using Procedure-453-Palmyra, a Foundation approved version of SCP-2817, by SCP-2817-1. No guards or other personnel are to interfere with Procedure-453-Palmyra. Following the conclusion of Procedure-453-Palmyra, SCP-2817-1 is to be debriefed, given a psychological counseling session, and escorted back to the D-Class barracks.

Efforts to locate and capture SCP-2817-2 between performances of Procedure-453-Palmyra are ongoing. Intelligence provided by SCP-2817 indicates that SCP-2817-2 may regularly reside as an interstellar entity, and is thus uncontainable.

Description: SCP-2817 is a complex ritual created and regularly performed by SCP-2817-1 and SCP-2817-2.

SCP-2817-1 is William Simon Higly, a male human of mixed-race descent. Previously known as D-77810, SCP-2817-1 was previously serving a life sentence for involvement in a double homicide with his brother, Thomas Michael Higly, and both were recruited by the Foundation as D-Class in ████. SCP-2817-1's brother was assigned the number D-113, but is now deceased. According to information provided by SCP-2817-1, it is presumed that D-113 was also a participant in SCP-2817 for ██ years before both were recruited by the Foundation. Before D-113's death, SCP-2817-1 alternated monthly participation in SCP-2817 with him. SCP-2817-1 has an extremely close relationship with SCP-2817-2, to the point where both seem to be able to understand each other's complete psychological profile through non-verbal communication.

SCP-2817-2 is a 3-meter tall, hairless humanoid with a deep mauve complexion, which constantly emits a low level of mauve light. It appears dressed in a crown and ornate robe, carries a crude approximation of a scepter seemingly constructed of bone and a wooden judge's gavel, and has the ability to appear and disappear at will, manifesting of its own accord to participate in SCP-2817. SCP-2817-2 is referred to as "The Carpet King" by SCP-2817-1, who claims that it comes to perform SCP-2817 to "confess its sins and seek a verdict". SCP-2817-2’s personality has been described as extremely skittish, introverted, and “high-maintenance” by SCP-2817-1, and it has shown consistent hostility towards the guards observing SCP-2817. Due to this, known empirical data concerning SCP-2817-2 is low, and most information is provided by SCP-2817-1.

According to SCP-2817-1, SCP-2817 is a method of crude containment for SCP-2817-2. During SCP-2817, SCP-2817-1 will don a set of monk's robes, and carry a hatchet1 to a meeting place SCP-2817-2 has designated beforehand through unknown means. SCP-2817-2 will appear, and kneel at SCP-2817-1's feet. It will then recite a brief speech in an unknown language, to which SCP-2817-1 will respond while gently placing its hands on SCP-2817-2's shoulders in a ritualistic fashion. Following this, SCP-2817-2 will bow its head, and SCP-2817-1 will decapitate it. The corpse will vanish afterwards, and the ritual will repeat the next month with SCP-2817-2 apparently unharmed. Following the ritual, SCP-2817-1 will inform Foundation personnel of the sins that SCP-2817-2 requested be absolved, which are usually genocidal or militaristic in nature and on a cosmic scale.

SCP-2817 acts as self-devised punishment for SCP-2817-2, keeping it from continuing its actions. The effectiveness of this is unknown.

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