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Item #: SCP-2834

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2834 is to be stored in a high security containment vault at Site-██. Testing of SCP-2834 is currently not authorized. The exact location of SCP-2834 is to be known only to O5 Council members and staff deemed essential in their discretion for continued containment of the object. Due to the theoretical capacity for SCP-2834 to cause a ZK-Class reality failure, any unauthorized personnel attempting to access SCP-2834 or its file are to be terminated on sight.

Description: SCP-2834 is an ink jar containing approximately 35 milliliters of India ink. Testing of the ink does not match it with any known brand of India ink manufactured within the past 50 years. The jar has no markings to indicate a point of sale or manufacturer.

SCP-2834 manifests its anomalous properties when the ink is used to write text. Notably, any text written with SCP-2834 describes events which become true at some point in the future. This has been demonstrated to happen with text written in English and Spanish. The amount of time between writing and the occurrence of the events is variable. These properties do not extend to drawings or illustrations. The events which unfold as a result of using SCP-2834 typically result in consequences not intended by the writer.

After text has been written with the ink and the lid secured to the jar, what has been described as a puff of black smoke will be emitted from the jar and dissipate after approximately five to seven seconds. At the same time, sounds of screaming and wailing will be heard in the general vicinity where the jar was sealed. These sounds will reduce in intensity at the same rate that smoke dissipation occurs and will completely cease once the smoke has fully dissipated. These events do not occur in cases where the ink from SCP-2834 is not used in writing.

Attempts to obtain a sample of the smoke for analysis have thus far failed. An audio recording of the sound which occurs does exist however, and can be obtained by contacting lead researcher, currently Dr. ███.

Addendum A: SCP-2834 Recovery Log

SCP-2834 was recovered from the home of ████ █████ in ███████, Canada on March 23, 20██. The subject had turned himself into the authorities in considerable distress to claim responsibility for several disasters which had occurred recently, including [REDACTED] earlier that month. An embedded agent in the local police force secured the subject's home and found writings describing the same events for which the subject was claiming responsibility. All writing materials and surfaces were recovered for testing at Site-██. The subject was subsequently interviewed.

Addendum B:

Agent ████████ was dispatched to the location where SCP-2834 was believed to have been purchased. Upon arrival, all that was found was an empty lot. Municipal records do not have this lot zoned for commercial use and show no records of any commercial use for the previous 15 years. Once the properties of SCP-2834 were fully determined, all individuals involved with the police investigation were given class A amnestics.

Addendum C: The following note, believed to have been included with the sale of SCP-2834, was recovered along with the other writing materials. No details on when, where, or who printed the note have been recovered.

Congratulations on your purchase!

You have bought a limited edition India ink with a novelty storage jar. This premium ink will glide across the page smoothly and effortlessly. It will shine and shimmer under the dimmest light and resist fading and smudging. When you are done writing, simply place the lid back. However, a surprise is in store for you! Just go ahead and try it. Isn't that the most cursed thing you've ever seen? You are very lucky for adding this item to your collection.

Subsequent examination of previously used ink from earlier tests showed no additional anomalous properties and was consistent with other brand name India ink.

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