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The file you wish to access, “SCP-3309,” describes an unpredictable narrativic anomaly intersecting with multiple subnarrative layers. Narrativic inoculation is required, as this document contains several embedded narrativohazards.1 Personnel without inoculation against such anomalies may experience a narrative paraphrasing event.

Are you sure you wish to continue?

Narrativic inoculation disseminated.

Sometimes we don't fade until it's too late.

Until we've withered, withered, to the bone. And at the end, there's nothing left. It's forgotten. Memories, hopes, dreams; we're all forgotten. How can we know that people even have these memories, these hopes, and these dreams? Who could forget us if there was nothing there to begin with? We fade from the minds of others, but not from our own. We live with it until we can't live any longer. Until we forget there was ever any way we could live in peace. And then, that's when we fade away.

Fade, fade away.

Inoculation completed! You may continue.

CONTAINMENT CLASS:keter top-secret


Special Containment Procedures: All documentation on anomalies affected by SCP-3309 is to be preserved in a paraphrased format and kept within the RAISA Archive database. After the containment of an instance, all personnel assigned to the affected anomaly must undergo amnestic treatment and transfer to unrelated projects.

Description: SCP-3309 is a phenomenon in which catalogued anomalies spontaneously disappear. Items affected by SCP-3309 have included anomalous objects, entities, locations, and conceptual structures. Anomalies affected by this phenomenon appear to lack a causal relation; SCP-3309 activity is indicated by a note of unknown origin (designated SCP-3309-1).

Between 24 and 36 hr before the disappearance of an anomaly, SCP-3309-1 appears appended to the item's file. Documents undergoing SCP-3309 become wiped from all known file systems, including Protected Site-01 and RAISA Archives. Afterward, the anomaly itself becomes effectively neutralized or otherwise disappears.

The contents of SCP-3309-1 are as follows:

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SCP-3309 affects backups created for disappearing documents. SCP-3309 also affects the documents of anomalous items encountering SCP-3309; about 71% of disappearing documents are connected to other, unaffected anomalies. This leads to a weakening in the Foundation's anomaly containment network, potentially escalating to an ADK-Class “Complete Anomalous Destabilization” Scenario.


I. Ethics Committee Tribunal


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