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Footage taken of SCP-3476-1 attempting to hack a computer system in a MC&D resort, where it had fled after breaching containment.

Item #: SCP-3476

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3476 is to be kept in a locked box, with the handle obstructed by a cubic cast. The cast may only be removed with permission from level 3 or higher personnel. D-class personnel that have been hosts of SCP-3476-1 in the past are to be used as hosts again in testing if available; otherwise, D-class personnel with no notable skills or any classified knowledge are to be used.

Prior to transforming into SCP-3476-1, the host's limbs are to be restrained. Suppression of SCP-3476-1 is only to be performed through application of sedative gasses, and subsequent removal of SCP-3476.

Any information yielded by SCP-3476-1 during interviews is to be recorded.

Description: SCP-3476 is a wooden walking cane, 1.2 meters in length. Carved alongside the handle is the phrase "Für Opa, mit liebe."1 SCP-3476 is made up of an unknown type of wood, showing higher than normal levels of hardness and durability, as well as reduced flammability. Any damage inflicted upon SCP-3476 repairs itself over a period of time ranging from 3 days to 4 weeks, with more serious damage taking longer to repair. Damage inflicted upon SCP-3476 will appear upon manifestations of SCP-3476-1.

If any humanoid entity holds SCP-3476 by the handle, they will instantaneously transform into SCP-3476-1. SCP-3476-1 is an elderly, balding caucasian male, estimated 80-90 years of age, standing 2 meters tall and weighing 113 kg. SCP-3476-1 most commonly wears corduroy pants, leather loafers and a checkered button-down shirt, although other clothing has been observed, regardless of what the host was wearing before transformation. The transformed state ends upon SCP-3476 being removed from SCP-3476-1's possession for more than 8 seconds. Hosts are able to recall all events occurring while transformed, witnessed from the visual perspective of SCP-3476-1, but have reported no control over these events.

Testing has shown that SCP-3476-1 is a single recurring entity, and retains memories from all appearances. Additionally, SCP-3476-1 gains all knowledge and memories of its host upon transformation, and this information is not lost upon the transformed state ending. SCP-3476-1 is also immune to physical injury, as any damage inflicted will instead manifest on the host's body upon exiting the transformed state. Injuries also tend to increase in severity, consistent with how severe the injuries would be if experienced by a person similar in age to SCP-3476-1. This transference only occurs with physical trauma, and does not redirect the effects of ingested materials such as sedative gasses.

SCP-3476-1 has repeatedly demonstrated a short temper, and mild annoyance for most Foundation personnel or authority figures in general. Despite this, SCP-3476-1 has been shown to be willing to cooperate in several cases, specifically those where it is in a position of leadership or control, or when acting against other groups it shows distaste towards. When not in the aforementioned position, SCP-3476-1 will attempt to breach containment whenever possible, often utilizing SCP-3476 as a melee weapon against personnel while verbally berating them. In addition to this, it will use any useful information or skills gained from its host to further its escape, such as passcodes gained from personnel. The one exception to SCP-3476-1's temper is when it is dealing with younger or inexperienced persons, during which time it attempts to take on a "teacher" role, and shows much more patience than normal.

Recovery: SCP-3476 was recovered during a raid on a Serpent's Hand warehouse. The hostile operatives were in the process of transporting several anomalies, including SCP-3476, SCP-████, and SCP-████. The raid was successful, but all hostile parties escaped. SCP-3476's anomalous properties were discovered when a Serpent's Hand member attempted to use it to steady themselves after being struck in the head, seemingly unaware of its abilities. The transformation into SCP-3476-1 then occurred, followed by SCP-3476-1 attacking its former captors, alongside any Foundation personnel it mistook as such. Due to assimilating knowledge from its host, SCP-3476-1 was able to perform several kinetoglyphs to aid in its battle, and was noted to scream "I'll take you to the Library, Snake-███████" before forcefully inserting SCP-3476 into a Serpent's Hand operative's left nostril. SCP-3476 was successfully contained when the detonation of a grenade knocked it from SCP-3476-1's hand, undoing the transformation.

Post-Recovery Interview:

Addendum 1: On ██/██/████, 8 months after initial recovery of SCP-3476, a group of anartists attacked Site-47 with the intent of stealing several anomalies, and implanting memetic agents in staff that would result in large-scale breaches in several other sites. At the time, SCP-3476-1 was in an interview, and upon alarms sounding escaped into the hall to evade pursuers. Upon reaching the aboveground levels and spotting an anartist, SCP-3476-1 was observed to freeze and utter the phrase "Hippies" with contempt. After this, security cameras were damaged, but the following audio was able to be recorded.

Afterwards, the section of Site-47 the audio was retrieved from was found to be heavily flooded, and upon de-transformation the host expired due to a large wound in the chest, presumably from an anomalous weapon utilized by an anartist operative. Two unconscious anartists were recovered, each sporting a variety of wounds including [REDACTED]. The subjects were successfully interrogated, with both of them promising to reveal information under the condition that "Gramps stays away from them." Possible utilization of SCP-3476 as a method of interrogation is pending approval.

Addendum 2: On ██/██/████, 10 months after initial containment, an unmarked package arrived at Site-47. Inside the package were 6 soft-boiled eggs, and the following document.

Research into the person who sent the letter and the rest of the "family" is underway. The aforementioned group is to be considered a potential Group of Interest, or Persons of Interest. Security around SCP-3476 has increased in anticipation of a raid in June. The eggs displayed no anomalous properties, and were given to SCP-3476-1 as a reward for yielding information. Upon receiving them, SCP-3476-1 laughed, and said "About time I got out of here". The document was not given to SCP-3476-1, so it is unknown how it knew of its family's plan to free it.

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