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Item #: SCP-3743

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedures: The perimeter surrounding SCP-3743 is to be fenced off and no less than 3 Security personnel are to patrol the perimeter to prevent entry. Should SCP-3743-A to G attempt to breach containment then a task squad are to be dispatched immediately to retrieve it.

Description: SCP-3743 is a school located in a small town in Southern Japan. SCP-3743 resembles a typical Japanese school, which has been modified to contain extra wide corridors and doors, a barracks and a shooting range. The sign at the front gates of SCP-3743 reads 'Tank School: A School for Tanks'. Residing within SCP-3743 are 7 tanks of varying makes designated SCP-3743-A to G.
SCP-3743-A to G appear to go through a typical school day, attending classes, having lunch in the cafeteria, and returning to the barracks at night. The objects are able to maneuver without the need of a driver and are fully capable of human speech, despite lack of an oral cavity and vocal chords needed to do so. The objects are not hostile and enjoy conversing with members of staff and each appear to have their own distinct personalities.

SCP Model Description
SCP-3743-A M4 Sherman Speaks with a thick American accent. Is often observed being late to lessons or not going at all. Has been shown to start food fights in the cafeteria
SCP-3743-B Panzer IV Speaks with a German accent. Often attempts to converse with the guards and is the first to volunteer to be interviewed
SCP-3743-C CHAR B1 Speaks with a French accent. Has attempted to flirt with male site staff on numerous occasions. Site staff have been informed to resist all advances
SCP-3743-D T-34 Speaks with a thick Russian accent. Is reportedly the sister of SCP-3743-G. Is generally dismissive towards site staff and actively resists being interviewed
SCP-3743-E TOG II Speaks with in a posh British accent. Acts as the school teacher and is the most informed about how SCP-3743 originated
SCP-3743-F Chi-Nu Speaks with a Japanese accent. Is the most talented 'student' according to SCP-3743-E and is often seen alone practising at the shooting range
SCP-3743-G IS-2 Speaks with a Russian accent. Is the sister of SCP-3743-D. Does not attend classes and is avoided and feared by the other specimens. Is to be kept under strict observation since Incident-3743-G

Interview Logs:

Interviewed: SCP-3743-E

Interviewer: Researcher Barker

<Begin Log>

Barker: Good Evening SCP-3743.

SCP-3743-E: Oh, I would much prefer if you called me TOG II. That is the name her majesty the queen gave me herself you know.

Barker: Very well. So TOG II, what can you tell me about this 'tank school' of yours.

SCP-3743-E: Well, after the war there wasn't much work for many of us surviving tanks you know. Especially with those new fancy models they have these days. I consider myself lucky I wasn't one of the ones who got melted down to use as scrap metal. It was perfectly horrid!! Luckily he found me and brought us here or God forbid I might have been shut up in one of those museums!

Barker: Who do you mean by 'he'?

SCP-3743-E: Ah… he was such a kind fellow. Its all thanks to him that we can move on our own and talk. After he found he brought me here and that's when I met those darling girls.

Barker So you remember what it was like before he changed you?

SCP-3743-E: As if it was yesterday dear. Oh I may be old now but I would give anything to see combat again. If only you humans hadn't signed that peace treaty of yours.

Barker: So, where is he now?

SCP-3743-E: It pains me to say it but he departed us many decades ago. I fear he may have moved on to a better place since then, he was getting on in years you know.

Barker: Indeed. So what can you tell me about the others?

SCP-3743-E Oh my darling girls! I do love them so. So sweet. So innocent. Most of them only came in at the end of the war. Oh we all get along so well at our school. Well… except…

Barker: Except…?

SCP-3743-E: Oh my poor dear sweet IS-2. Why did she have to witness such a devastating loss?They say over 4000 Russian tanks were destroyed in the Battle of Stalingrad. I fear the poor girl will never be the same again.

Barker: Hm… interesting. Well thank you SCP-3743-E. You have been very helpful today.

SCP-3743-E: Oh it was my pleasure, my dear. Do drop by for a visit again soon. The girls do ever so love visitors.

Incident report: Incident-SCP-3743-G

Interviewed: SCP-3743-G

Interviewer: Researcher Barker

<Begin Log>

Barker: Hello SCP-3743-G

[SCP-3743-G begins to giggle to itself quietly]

Barker: SCP-3743-E tells me you have been having a bit of trouble at school recently. Is there anything you would like to talk about?

SCP-3743-G: Oh. Hello! You want to talk to me? The other girls at school never want to talk to me.

Barker: Do you know why that is?

SCP-3743-G: They all think I'm crazy. Do you think I'm crazy?

Barker: Of course not.

SCP-3743-G: You should do [SCP-3743-G begins giggling louder this time]

Barker: And why is that?

SCP-3743-G: Can I tell you a little secret?

Barker: Go on.

SCP-3743-G: I want to kill you. Tee Hee! I want to slowly cut you open and hear you squeal like the cowardly little piggy you are.

Barker: Excuse me…?

SCP-3743-G: Is it fun for you? Hm? Is it fun when you drive us around in your little games and make us kill each other? WAS IT FUN WHEN YOU BLEW UP MY FRIENDS IN FRONT OF ME?! DID YOU LAUGH ABOUT IT?! I HOPE YOU LAUGHED SO HARD IT HURT! [SCP-3743-G'S 3 engine begins to rev loudly and attempts to break its restraints]

Barker: This interview is over. Guards, please return SCP-3743-G to its site.

SCP-3743-G: Oh, don't think you're getting away that easy. [A grenade is dropped out a side compartment on SCP-3743-G]

Barker What the?! How did it? Gua-! [The grenade explodes killing Researcher Barker and the two attending guards]

SCP-3743-G manages to break its restraints and breach containment. Due to lack of ammunition it is quickly recaptured. Staff are advised to avoid unnecessary contact with SCP-3743-G and all live weaponry within SCP-3743-G is to be seized immediately.

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