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Item #: SCP-3809

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3809 is continuously patrolled along its perimeter by no fewer than fifteen (15) Foundation security operatives at a time, each equipped with standard law enforcement equipment to identify and apprehend potential trespassers. All trails and roads leading into SCP-3809 are obstructed by roadblocks and lined with hidden pressure sensors designed to provide security teams with advance notice of a security breach. Any and all personnel attempting to gain access to SCP-3809 for any reason are to be apprehended, questioned, and administered a Class-B amnestic or higher prior to release.

Personnel requesting assistance from within SCP-3809, regardless of their affiliation, should be ignored by all nearby staff. No recovery attempts should be made, nor will they be authorized by site security.

Description: SCP-3809 refers to a roughly 6km by 6km stretch of temperate forest in central West Virginia, previously known as ██████ National Park and, briefly, Central Mountain Campgrounds. Based on satellite imaging and limited exploratory efforts, SCP-3809 appears to be a standard temperate forest possessing a variety of indigenous life and exhibiting no obvious anomalous properties. Roughly sixteen man-made trails are present within SCP-3809, the majority of which appear to be scenic in nature and designed to fixate on natural landmarks; all such trails have since been closed per the aforementioned containment procedures. There are no other non-natural structures or items known to exist inside of SCP-3809.

SCP-3809, when explored by a human subject, possesses various anomalous properties of dubious relevance to each other. A conclusive description of these phenomena is impossible, as all personnel who enter SCP-3809 are invariably lost with no hope of recovery. Video/audio recordings captured from within SCP-3809 are often of a conflicting nature and appear to have been deliberately tampered with to alter or omit certain events. Due to the inherent risk such operations pose to Foundation personnel and the potential for an increase in SCP-3809's anomalous activity, all future expeditions were indefinitely suspended by O5 Command shortly after the anomaly's containment. There are currently no plans for any further research regarding SCP-3809 to be conducted.

Addendum I: Document 3809-01


Addendum II: Document 3809-02


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