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Item #: SCP-3873

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:


Containment of SCP-3873 is not necessary at this time. SCP-3873 is to be monitored periodically by field agents embedded in its residing town of ████████, Oregon.

At this time, all anomalous properties have been neutralized. If any anomalous behavior should resurface, SCP-3873 is to be immediately brought back into containment.

Description: SCP-3873 is a female human named Riley ██████, birth date ██/██/9█. The subject is Caucasian in descent, possessing primarily Aryan features. SCP-3873 was born in ████, Florida. The biological parents of SCP-3873 went missing in 20██ due to SCP-3873-1 events.

SCP-3873’s anomalous properties manifest when it holds the hand of a human. Upon SCP-3873 breaking line of sight to the individual for any amount of time1 without being viewed by any third party, the individual, designated SCP-3873-1, becomes the subject of an SCP-3873-1 event. While SCP-3873’s line of sight to the subject is broken, SCP-3873-1 will not be able to release SCP-3873’s hand. When SCP-3873 returns line of sight to SCP-3873-1, the individual’s body will be found missing with the exclusion of the hand or hands that SCP-3873 was holding, appearing bloody and having been severed at the wrist. If SCP-3873 releases the hand of SCP-3873-1 while the line of sight is broken, the individual will disappear completely without a trace.

SCP-3873 has been tested with three D-Class personnel who were carrying trans-reality and inter-dimensional tracking devices, as well as Scranton reality anchors in an attempt to discern the fate SCP-3873-1. None of these devices have ever returned or have been able to upkeep signal with command. The possibility of SCP-3873 utilizing reality gaps, alternate dimensions, or alternate realities have been ruled out. SCP-3873-1 events will not occur on primates or mutated subjects with over a 0.4% variation in genome from the common Homo sapiens. SCP-3873-1 events will not occur on individuals missing fingers or hands.

The Site Director and Senior Researcher have agreed unanimously to cease all testing of SCP-3873’s effects, for reason of sustaining SCP-3873’s emotional health, and so as to not unnecessarily waste resources. For this reason, specific knowledge of SCP-3873-1 events is not attainable at this time.

Interviewed: SCP-3873

Interviewer: Dr. Porter

Foreword: Questioning regarding SCP-3873's origins

<Begin Log 3873-01, 06/21/11, 0930 hours>

Dr. Porter: Good morning. Please state your name and numerical designation for the record.

SCP-3873: Good morning, doctor. I'm Riley ██████, and my numerical designation is number 3873.

Dr. Porter: Thank you. First: What's your earliest memory?

SCP-3873: Oh, gosh, that's a tough one… Probably when I was real little. Maybe three or four… I got a little princess outfit for Christmas. I was just so, so happy. I remember putting it on and doing a dance in front of my family.

Dr. Porter: I see. Have you had these anomalous effects for all of your life?

SCP-3873: Er, no. That's a long story.

Dr. Porter: Let's hear it. We have as much time as we need.

SCP-3873: Alright, then. My memory isn't pristine, so excuse me if I get a part wrong.

Dr. Porter: Just do the best you can.

SCP-3873: Okay. Well, it all started when I was fourteen. My best friend got really into this group of people. He started talking to me about all these different concepts that were completely abstract. About the universe, how when we die, we go to so many different places, or whatever. It was as if he was losing himself. He stopped doing normal routines like going to school, doing laundry, spending time with his family and stuff. He just kept meeting with these people, and he kept pushing for me to meet them all.

Dr. Porter: What was your best friend's name?

SCP-3873: Tony ██████.

Dr. Porter: Thank you. Sorry for the interruption.

SCP-3873: It's okay. Anyways, I finally agreed to meet them after school one night. He led me to this really sketchy "barn," kind of. It was a huge building made of sheet metal that didn't have any markings or street address or anything. Super tucked away, too. It was off the grid. I was totally creeped out. Once I finally got in, I met everyone. They just lit up when they saw me come in. They welcomed me like I was a family member that hadn't visited in too long, you know? They adored me. And so I came back. It wasn't long before I realized that it was some sort of cult. It wasn't religious, per se, but they believed that when we die, our spirits move to a new planet named ██████. These people, usually friends and family, wanted to get there together. To find each other in the next life, I guess. The leader taught that all of us would be more likely to find each other and remember our past lives if only we followed his teaching. He taught us to do these rituals that would supposedly enhance our "spiritual memory," he told us. A few of the members actually remembered experiences from their own past lives during these exercises. We would be ready in a few years, he told us. We were all happy there. We loved each other.

Dr. Porter: What was the cult leader's name?

SCP-3873: I don't know if I ever learned his real name. We only ever called him Judias, but we all knew it was just a nickname.

Dr. Porter: I understand. Please continue.

SCP-3873: Alright. Here's where things took a turn for me. When I was about 17 and a fully fledged member of the cult, I fell in love. With another member. His name was Leonard, but I called him Leo. He was a sweet kid, about my age, from the town over. He ran into one of the cult's members, who befriended and recruited him. The problem was that Judias always taught us that if we fell in love, it would distract us from the final steps of our transmission. He said that he'd tell us what the step was when we were ready, but that we had to stay focused. Leo and I promised each other that we'd make it work. We would make sure we did everything right while keeping the love a secret.

SCP-3873 pauses for a moment.

SCP-3873: It didn't last that way.

SCP-3873 is now visibly upset.

SCP-3873: Tony found out. Saw us kiss. Such a stupid, simple mistake. He went to Judias and told him everything. Judias had already been suspicious, so he believed every word. He and a few other members put a curse on me, I guess. That's where this comes from.

SCP-3873 lifts her hands, palms up, examining them. SCP-3873 begins to cry and exhibit unsteady breathing.

SCP-3873: And Leo… They-

SCP-3873's sobbing intensifies acutely.
At this time, Dr. Porter deemed the interview inappropriate to continue.

<End Log 3873-01, 06/21/11, 0942 hours.>

Closing Statement: SCP-3873's anomalous effects have since been the cause of death/disappearance of over 146 individuals. SCP-3873 later informed interviewers that the cult allegedly vanished three years after the subject was exiled. Further investigation has revealed that the cult has one cell remaining in operation in █████, Florida. The cell that SCP-3873 was inducted into committed mass suicide on ██/██/██, with the exception of the leader and his close accomplices. Mobile Task Force Delta-5 ("Front Runners") has infiltrated the active cell and currently has two (2) agents embedded in the membership. These agents are tracking all anomalous activity relating to the membership. When MTF Delta-5 positively identifies "Judias" and the other individuals responsible for perpetrating SCP-3873's anomaly, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") will perform a raid on the cult's known safehouses and meeting locations, to bring all anomalous objects or entities into containment, as well as to amnesticize and disperse the members of the cult. Individual "Judias" will be studied for anomalous properties or abilities. If none are found, the subject will be given Class A amnestics, and given memory implantation hypnotherapy before release.

Addendum 3873-01: During an anomaly test, D-36336, a convict who is missing his index finger on his right hand and his middle and ring finger on his left [See Attached Personnel File], was proven to be immune to the effects of SCP-3873. After this test concluded and D-36336 returned to his holding cell for further assignment, he immediately requested to meet with SCP-3873 again, proclaiming his profound feelings for the subject. While initially denied, SCP-3873 also began making requests to undergo more tests with D-36336. The Ethics Committee showed majority support to the notion and implemented D-36336 as a permanent emotional supplement to SCP-3873. Since the implementation of D-36336, SCP-3873 has shown significant increases in morale and has ceased expression of loneliness, depression, or other significant deteriorative conditions.

Addendum 3873-02: On ██/██/14, at 0912 hours, screaming was heard from SCP-3873's containment cell. Site security was called and arrived to see D-36336 attempting to strangle SCP-3873 with a cloth torn from a bedsheet. Before security could intervene, Junior Researcher Davis had entered the cell and engaged D-36336 in an attempt to divert his attention from SCP-3873. Agent White discharged his firearm at D-36336, grazing JR Davis's left arm, penetrating D-36336's collarbone, and exiting through the shoulderblade. At which point, D-36336 desisted before being approached, shot again, and killed by Agent White. SCP-3873 was examined by medical staff and treated for minor blunt force trauma. Junior Researcher Davis was treated by medical staff and reprimanded for his recklessness. [See Interview Log 3873-02]

Addendum 3873-03: The following is an excerpt from Senior Researcher French's research progress report, recorded 4/15/14.

Following the events described in Addendum 3873-02, we needed a solution. We all knew that Revision 01-2 wouldn’t hold. One of my Junior Researchers, Dr. Blumely, came up with the idea to neutralize the anomaly. She proposed that we amputate SCP-3873’s arms at the elbow and fit it with cybernetic prosthetics, then amnesticize it and reintegrate it into society. We all, for the most part, agreed that would be the best option to give SCP-3873 a chance at a better life. SCP-3873 itself was hopeful if it could be described that way. "She actually stopped crying for a moment, when she looked at me [after I told her]," Davis told me. Regardless, we shouldn’t waste resources containing an anomaly like that if it can be so easily neutralized. The next week, we sent up the idea to the Site Director, who then passed it along to the Ethics committee. Naturally, they agreed unanimously. The idea is a win-win. The Foundation doesn’t have to spend resources containing it, and SCP-3873 gets to live a life without this "curse."

The procedure was performed on ██/██/14 and the prosthetics worked fine. After persuading SCP-3873, who was terrified, we tested for the anomaly on a few different Class D personnel, and it was a success. No SCP-3873-1 events whatsoever. SCP-3873 couldn't contain itself. It ran to me and slammed into me, giving me a tight hug, tears of joy in its eyes. It immediately went around, shaking hands with all the researchers and even one of the surgeons who came back to follow up on her work. It had been years since SCP-3873 was able to shake someone's hand. A few of the research assistants had to excuse themselves, so they wouldn't cry in front of everyone. Many of the staff protested amnesticizing SCP-3873 and making it forget, but it would be too high of a security risk to cancel it. Later that month, SCP-3873 was reintegrated into society after receiving Class A amnestics, it was reclassified Neutralized, and all the staff formerly assigned to SCP-3873 were reassigned.

-Dr. French, Senior Researcher

Addendum 3873-04: On ██/██/14, Dr. Porter was found dead in his home during his leave of absence. Inside his apartment, investigative teams found a severed hand nearby to Dr. Porter's body. DNA testing and fingerprinting both confirm the hand to belong to Dr. Porter's wife. Remnants of Mrs. Porter's body could not be found. Dr. Porter's cause of death was determined to be suicide by gunshot to the head. It was concluded that the effect had somehow passed onto him when it was neutralized from the initial SCP-3873 host. Following this discovery, all research personnel and medical staff involved with SCP-3873's procedure were taken into custody and tested for SCP-3873's anomalous effects, as were all the residents surrounding Dr. Porter's home. None of which displayed the anomaly. It has been determined that Dr. Porter contracted the anomaly by sheer chance.

Locating the current host of the anomaly is a Delta-level priority. I have assigned Mobile Task Force Iota-10 to monitor governmental and judicial chatter to locate the current host and place them into containment. We have a whole world to search. We will not make this mistake again.


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