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Item #: SCP-3946

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3946's nature, standard relocation protocols cannot be enacted. The Foundation has built a small outcrop of houses along the road SCP-3946 is nearest to, with Foundation agents acting as residents and, in one case, the owner of the property SCP-3946 is located in. Because SCP-3946's size proves a hindrance to truly cover up, the planted residents must inform interested parties of SCP-3946 being an artificial fish habitat1 in attempt to deter the overly curious.

Description: SCP-3946 is a civilian light aircraft produced in 198█2. SCP-3946 is stuck in a lake located in █████████, Walker County, Georgia. Inside SCP-3946 are three individuals, each an adult male approximately in his mid-thirties. The individuals are, by all reports, in good mental and physical health despite going decades without food, water, fresh air, or outside contact other than the Foundation.

Attempts at moving and deconstructing SCP-3946 have yielded no results, its reaction to the water leaving it entirely immobile and its hull indestructible for reasons yet unknown. The only option to deal with SCP-3946 is the semi-permanent housing erected around it to deter civilians.

SCP-3946 was found in 198█ after a hunter called into the local law enforcement, informing them of the object in the lake ███ meters (████ feet) away from the closest road. A Foundation agent embedded in the local law enforcement took the opportunity to lead the investigation and informed the Foundation an hour after the call had been made. Class A amnestics were used to cover up the existence of SCP-3946 and later used again to set up the fake homes and lives of the newly arrived residents.

Addendum: In 200█, an outburst of radio signals started from SCP-3946, which had been in a very rudimentary cover up due to its low priority. The researcher on site, one Oliver Gordon, responded swiftly to halt any outgoing communications and keep SCP-3946 under control.

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