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Item#: 4021
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4021 is to be contained in a Size-11 Anomaly greenhouse with multiple growing beds for use by SCP-4021-2. SCP-4021-1 is to be misted for one hour daily with fresh water, and requires at least 7 hours per day of either artificial or natural sunlight. Personnel Level 1 or higher are permitted to interact with SCP-4021-2 and the crops they tend. Plant seeds are to be provided to SCP-4021-2 in order to keep instances content.

Description: The classification of SCP-4021 is applicable to two different entities:

SCP-4021-1 is a 7m tall mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) tree.


SCP-4021-1 at its initial retrieval site in an open field, ██████, Florida. Note the amount of SCP-4021-2 instances growing.

SCP-4021-2 are sapient mandarin fruits with limbs that appear to be made of material analogous to non-anomalous plant stalk matter, with a series of interior organs that function similarly to ones found in humans. The average height for an SCP-4021-2 instance is 2.34 meters tall. SCP-4021-2 instances are gradually produced from SCP-4021-1. SCP-4021-1 appears to self-regulate the amount of SCP-4021-2 instances, maintaining a population that does not exceed 17 at any given time. When initially contained, the maximum population of SCP-4021-2 instances alive at one time dropped from 73 to 17, as evident from photograph taken at SCP-4021's initial retrieval site. Cause of this is unknown. SCP-4021-2 are typically peaceful and gentle, and seem to enjoy conversation amongst other SCP-4021-2 instances. SCP-4021-2 pray daily at dawn, and during births of SCP-4021-2 instances. The frequency of these praying rituals have been observed to be gradually increasing over time, sometimes straying from the common times when they pray.

While there are 17 SCP-4021-2 instances in existence, SCP-4021-1 seems to cease producing fruit until an SCP-4021-2 instance has expired, the remaining SCP-4021-2 instances have completed their burial ritual, and sufficient time has transpired for the buried instance to have completely rotted, typically 6-7 weeks. SCP-4021-2 has been found to have a sense of sight, taste, and hearing, however it is unknown if they have a sense of smell and touch. When an instance of SCP-4021-2 expires, the other instances of SCP-4021-2 will pick up the dead specimen and bury it under SCP-4021-1. When SCP-4021-2 instances are not tending to their crops, they are seen conversing with each other or staring outside of the containment area for long periods of time.

SCP-4021-2 are able to engage in communication through mouth-like structures. These structures seem to have an organ resembling a tongue. The language SCP-4021-2 instances speak is unknown. SCP-4021-2 instances have shown a significant interest in gardening, having been observed tending to all fruit crops in their containment cell.2 The harvested crops have been tested by Foundation personnel and have shown no anomalous effects. When crops ready to be harvested, SCP-4021-2 instances will allow personnel to take as much as they want, provided that the fruit taken is not part of the orange family.

SCP-4021-1 routinely produces an average of 13.2 mL of transparent liquid, which has been found to have a consistent molecular structure with glucose. SCP-4021-2 instances have been observed drinking the liquid soon after the secretions occur, and it is hypothesized that this is all the nourishment that SCP-4021-2 requires.

Addendum SCP-4021: A series of tests with SCP-4021-2 have occurred to test their reactions to various objects.

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