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Item #: SCP-4273 l3.png Object Class: Safe
Level 3 Clearance Threat Level: Green

Item #: SCP-4273

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-4273 entities are to be contained within a standard botanical containment cell. Each entity is to remain isolated outside of testing purposes. Physical contact with the entities should be avoided as much as possible during routine maintenance. As of January 31, 2020, SCP-4273-1 is considered neutralized.

Description: SCP-4273 refers to a collection previously consisting of four instances of acer palmatum, a type of Japanese bonsai tree, designated SCP-4273-1 through SCP-4273-4. Each instance is capable of manipulating their physical form at will. This makes it impossible to determine a definite height, circumference or width of the instances. SCP-4273 is incapable of growing more than two meters in height, although whether the entities are this tall in their relaxed state is unknown.

SCP-4273 entities demonstrate a competent level of mimicry when observing human behaviour. They have been recorded mimicking the actions of personnel both when in the presence of personnel and via video surveillance when unobserved. The entities are sentient, although their sapience is questionable. Following Incident SCP-4273-1.1, testing in regards to the entities' intelligence has been postponed.

SCP-4273 instances have expressed concern in regards to self preservation, and the preservation of other plant life. They will not engage in activities that they perceive to be harmful to their well being or other plant life. In addition, they have demonstrated negative responses in relation to any perceived violence towards themselves or other plant life. Pejorative language directed toward the entities will also elicit a negative response. Barring these stimuli however, SCP-4273 entities are generally docile when handled individually.

SCP-4273 entities possess the ability to communicate via alterations to their anatomy. They express emotion primarily by altering the pigmentation of their leaves. These changes are often accompanied by the restructuring of the trunk, re-positioning of branches and growth of additional roots. Any alterations performed by an SCP-4273 entity are preceded by a series of disturbances in the soil that contains the entity. The amount of soil displaced correlates directly to the scale of alteration. Any branches or roots grown in this method will reassimilate into the main body of the SCP-4273 instance within one hour.

Experiment SCP-4273-1.1

Experiment SCP-4273-1.2

Experiment SCP-4273-2.1

Incident SCP-4273-1.1

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