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Contains themes of institutional gaslighting.

2/4415 LEVEL 2/4415



Item #: SCP-4415

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4415 is self-contained within Site-17's Humanoid Containment Wing. All explorations of SCP-4415 must be performed by anomalous persons contained within its vicinity; as a result of this, there exists the possibility that said anomalous persons may become lost during an abortive exploration. To prevent an egregious breach of informational security, each humanoid has been administered a Class-S ("Slow Burn") amnestic, to be activated after each successful mission.

Description: SCP-4415 is a set of extradimensional locations accessible through the door of the former Humanoid Containment Unit #λ045 at Site-17. Due to the variable nature of SCP-4415's interior, it has been hypothesized that the containment unit serves as a waypoint for multiple extra-spatial and extra-temporal locations. Additionally, SCP-4415 is only accessible to anomalous humanoids; attempts to enter SCP-4415 by non-anomalous persons have been universally unsuccessful.

The purpose of exploratory missions into SCP-4415 has primarily been to discover the nature, origin, and intent of its hypothetical creator; SCP-40511 has been used to achieve this end. Explorations have determined that each extradimensional location is generally inhabited by one anomalous humanoid per location.

The following are brief summaries of the extradimensional spaces explored by SCP-4051:

Database Index: 1B7-4415-001
Description: A heavily forested area of deciduous trees, surrounding a small pond and clearing.
Inhabitant: A female humanoid which has demonstrated anomalous arboreal manipulation and possesses numerous lacerations to the hands, torso, and scalp. Subject demonstrated an extreme aversion to human contact.

Database Index: 1B7-4415-002
Description: A world composed of semi-physical objects resembling free-floating digital polygons.
Inhabitant: A young, male humanoid possessing potent ontokinetic capabilities. Subject seemed to be of inconsistent physical form, involuntarily demanifesting at random intervals.

Database Index: 1B7-4415-003
Description: A modest, two-story domicile overlooking an ocean cliff.
Inhabitant: An elderly humanoid male with many thaumaturgic and occult symbols inscribed onto its body. Subject possessed significant physical trauma from an unknown source.

Database Index: 1B7-4415-004
Description: Location exists in a state of spatial flux, but is generally described as possessing a purple hue.
Inhabitant: An amorphous entity demonstrating metamorphic capabilities, oftentimes presenting as two female humanoids. Subject(s) possessed mild clairvoyance, but could rarely communicate intelligibly.

Database Index: 1B7-4415-005
Description: A stone spire, inside of which is an unoccupied and unremarkable library.
Inhabitant: N/A

+ Document.4415.1 ("Exploration of 1B7-4415-005"): SITE DIRECTOR EYES ONLY [ACCESS DENIED]
+ Document.4415.2 ("SCP-4415 Inhabitants"): SITE DIRECTOR EYES ONLY [ACCESS DENIED]
+ Document.4415.3 ("RAISA Petition Regarding SCP-4415"): SITE DIRECTOR EYES ONLY [ACCESS DENIED]

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