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The following file is in the process of being revised to the Standard Local-Dimension Documentation Specifications. Due to its current significance, it was deemed a high priority to copy the SCPF-LZPP87 SCP-4487 document to the local-dimension database as soon as possible.

— Charles Mattenson, Director, Department of Ectodimensional Affairs


GoI #4487 member "Rosie" adorned in a white gown and a cow skull.

Item #: SCP-4487

Object Class: Spiritual1

Containment Rituals: SCP-4487 is currently at large. Per the discovery of a ritual aiding in the containment of Spiritual bovine entities in The Great Librarium, the following containment ritual is to be performed to capture SCP-4487, if possible once spotted:

  • Surround the beast in sea salt;
  • Surround that layer of salt in cow blood. Horse blood works as well;
  • Set the ritual circle ablaze.

The fumes from this fire should incapacitate SCP-4487. SCP-4487 is then to be contained in a Standard Spiritual-Class Holding Ritual. Members of GoI #4487 are to be captured for questioning.

Description: SCP-4487 is an incorporeal entity possessing the physical vessel of a cow. SCP-4487 is capable of phasing through surfaces, along with small-scale levitation. SCP-4487 has only been observed within the American Midwest.

When SCP-4487 is in close proximity to any population of female cattle, each cow's milk rapidly ejects from their udder and flows on a trajectory toward SCP-4487. This harms, and in some cases kills, the cows affected. All milk dissipates on contact with SCP-4487's form. Where the milk goes after dissipation is unknown, with standard portal tracking techniques tending to fail. After being milked in this fashion, cows will be unable to produce milk for unknown reasons.

SCP-4487 is constantly being followed and protected by a group of three hostile individuals (labelled GoI #4487) wearing cow-related fashion, such as cow skulls or bull horns. This group had led SCP-4487 to many cow farms to perform a "milk sucking ritual" of sorts, during which they bow and speak in tongues as a presumed form of praise while SCP-4487 removes the milk.

This group self-identifies as "Heifers of the Great Udder In the Sky", with each member going by the names "Daisy", "Buttercup", and "Rosie" respectively. These three are capable of various forms of complex dairy magic, such as:

  • Making various weapons and tools out of a strong, calcium-based material;
  • The controlled transfiguration of objects made physical contact with into the same calcium-based material and/or milk;
  • Summoning large quantities of milk at will;
  • Spontaneous self-transfiguration into milk.

This makes capture of members of GoI #4487 or SCP-4487 itself difficult as a result.


FORWARD: On 2019/01/03, MMF2 Mike-09 ("Cow Tippers") engaged in combat with GoI #4487 and SCP-4487 as the group attempted to storm The Great Library's massive indoor leather field farms and cattle research centers. The following is a magicamera recording of this altercation:


(Mike-09 converges on the location of the leather farms; SCP-4487 siphons the milk out of all cows in the field. Several cows are lying on the ground unconscious or deceased. GoI #4487 bows around SCP-4487.)

M9-1: The hell are ya'll doing?

Rosie: Stay out of this, heretics. This is far beyond your understanding.

M9-2: Lemme just rephrase that.

(M9-2 performs the levigladio handsign, he points the resulting sword towards GoI #4487.)

M9-2: He meant fuck off. Now please do. These leather farms are one of 'e only thing churning the books out 'ere.

Buttercup: You can keep your leather, we only wish to acquire the milk of these sacred teats. Your leather is merely caging our necessities.

M9-3: There's a market a few lengths down from the front entrance if you need milk. You can't, and won't, take it from here-

Daisy We will not take the tainted dairy of your markets, The Great Udder will have none less than the colostrum!

Rosie: They do not care Daisy, they'll stop us nonetheless.

Buttercup: Your realm is no different from those milked before it.

(SCP-4487 turns towards Mike-09 and emits a cacophonous bellow, members of Mike-09 cover their eyes in shock. Milk flowing out of the nearby cows redirects towards members of the team at high speeds, launching them into a nearby wall. Milk residue from this gravitates towards SCP-4487 and GoI #4487 members, and is absorbed into their bodies.)

Daisy: Ayrshire does not appreciate your heresy!

M9-2: Bad day to be lactose intolerant. (Stands up slowly.) Alright, we're leaving, just, don't break anything, 'kay?

Rosie: Not planning on it.

M9-1: Wait, two, w-

M9-2: Shut up.

(M9-2 backs out of the leather farm whilst the rest of the team regains balance. Suddenly, M9-2 grabs a large book from a nearby table and throws it at Rosie's cow-skull mask. The book breaks off the snout, revealing Rosie's face: an undulating mass of raw milk. Rosie lets out a wet shriek in response, and large quantities of milk violently shoot out of her face and towards M9-2.)

(M9-2 responds by reciting the flaumclypeus incantation, a shield of fire surrounds Mike-09 and evaporates the milk before it reaches M9-2. GoI #4487 surrounds the flame shield.)

M9-1: There's a way to trap bovine specters I think, I've read on it while trying to get a ghost horse.

M9-3: We're in the cow farm so it might be in 're. What book we looking for?

M9-1: Uh, heck, Hooved Horrors and You? Green cover, gold lettering.

M9-2: That was the book I threw, I think.

(GoI #4487 forms various calcium-based weaponry, and attempts to break through the shield. All cows are presumed to be out of milk at this point.)

M9-1: Are you kidding m-

M9-2: How was I 'pose to know it was important?

M9-3: We gotta go, they're coming through!

M9-2: Alright uh, I'll get the book, you two keep 'em at bay.

M9-1: Sure.

M9-3: Sounds good.

(Flaumclypeus is deactivated while M9-1 and M9-3 perform levigladio handsigns, summoning swords, GoI #4487 attempts to tackle the group as the shield lowers. M9-2 slides away from the group, slashing Daisy in the abdomen with his sword as he does.)

(Daisy's abdomen splits farther at this seam, a thick layer of milk covers the interior of the cavity with no other internal stuctures visible. Several jagged masses of calcium resembling teeth grow around the lining of the wound, forming a homologous mouth. Daisy's upper body dangles down as the mouth opens and closes, producing assorted gurgles and shrieks. M9-2 runs to the book whilst Daisy runs after.)

(M9-1 is hit with the stream of milk spewing from Rosie's face, and is knocked through the doorway and into a shelf outside the leather farm. The flow of milk coming out of Rosie's face slows, as it walks over to M9-1. M9-3 attempts to tackle Rosie, but is grabbed by Buttercup, whose hand he swiftly removes with his sword and continues running. Milk flows out of the stump on Buttercup's arm, which molds and hardens into the shape of a large fist.)

Buttercup: Ayrshire, leave us, we shall take care of the heretics.

(SCP-4487 walks through a nearby wall, vanishing.)

M9-2: Got the book.

M9-3: The cow went through the damn wall!

M9-2: I saw, uh— (Flips through the book.) —maybe I ca-

(Daisy's abdominal mouth snaps at the book in M9-2's hand. As he attempts to plunge his sword into the mouth, a large spike of calcified rock extends from the mouth, destabilizing the sword and causing it to demanifest. M9-2 grabs Daisy by the mouth's teeth and throws her against the wall, damaging it. He kicks Daisy in the gut several more times and the wall cracks further.)

(Rosie is suddenly flung into the room by a large ball of fire and through Daisy and the opposing wall. M9-1 can be seen in the last phase of a augue handsign through the door-frame. M9-1 collapses from thaum exhaustion3. Rosie and Daisy are severely dismembered and disfigured, with large amounts of undulating milk spilling from their wounds. SCP-4487 can be seen on the other side of the broken wall. Several cows are now running amok due to damage.)

(Buttercup charges at M9-3, swinging their milk fist wildly. M9-3 impales Buttercup in the chest with his sword, and flings them through the hole in the wall atop the remains of Rosie and Daisy.)

M9-2: You know they're just gonna get up.

M9-3: At least we can trap the cow now.

M9-2: I'll figure that out, go check on one, she doesn't look too hot.

(M9-3 goes to help M9-1 recover. SCP-4487 trots away.)

M9-2: Slow down there, uh, Air-share they called yeah? Let's just get you all situated.

(As M9-2 steps through the hole in the wall, the amputated arm of Rosie grabs his leg and knocks him off balance. Milk flows into a large puddle around the bodies. The parts and bodies haphazardly conjoin and meld together into one massive being, milk sealing in the cracks and dripping from remaining wounds. The conjoined bodies of GoI #4487 wail and grab M9-2 by the leg once again, throwing him violently at the ceiling. The book falls nearby.)

M9-3: Fuck! One, wake up, I can't do this b-

(One of the hands in GoI #4487 forms into a large block of solidified calcium, which is swung at M9-3. M9-3 runs away, sliding under an escaped cow; GoI #4487 crashes into this cow and falls over. M9-3 grabs the book and flips through its pages.)

M9-3: Got it!

(A large spike of calcium is ejected from the mass of GoI #4487 and travels through the cow and the book in M9-3's hand, narrowly avoiding his head but destroying the book. GoI #4487 is now once more upright.)

M9-3: I already read the ritual you bovine bitches, thanks for the cow blood by the way.

(GoI #4487 snarls and leaps over the body of the cow towards M9-3. M9-3 slips out of way, causing GoI #4487 to run into the wall. GoI #4487 grabs a nearby cow with several of its arms, and throws it at M9-3. M9-3 slices through the cow with his sword, but still collides with its amputated backside, falling to the ground. M9-3's sword demanifests as it leaves his hand.)

(M9-2 stands up in the background.)

M9-2: (Coughs.) Fuck with me, not him, I'll end ya'll, I can do this all year. You got a week or so 'til yeah expire.

(A deep, bellowing voice resonates from SCP-4487.)

SCP-4487: Enough.

(GoI #4487 spontaneously transmutates into a large quantity of milk, which spills onto the ground. The milk spirals and morphs into the GoI #4487 members, now healed and separate.)

SCP-4487: We cannot deal with this meandering for any longer.

Daisy: Ayrshire, with all do respect, we can deal with these heretics. They're simply a light case of mastitis!

SCP-4487: You have shown to be incapable of such. During the time of this squabble, Guernsey has finished milking three realms. Bessie shall not be pleased if we do not move quicker.

Daisy: They always take realms without cud like this.

Rosie: Daisy, we honestly shouldn't waste our time with them.

Daisy: Fine.

M9-2: That's right, you better leave, you milk mucks better churn outta here.

Rosie: Daisy, would it make you happier if we took that one?

Daisy: Utterly.

(Rosie grabs M9-2 by the throat, and lifts him off the ground.)

SCP-4487: We head to the home realm and regroup. Holstein could take this one. They've reduced larger civilizations to mere silage during milking.

(A large spiraling pool of milk and incandescent blue emanations forms around SCP-4487 and GoI #4487. The group sinks into this pool with M9-2 in tow.)

M9-1: (Standing up.) Wait… no, no get back here with him!

(M9-1 runs towards GoI #4478, performing the levigladio handsign. The group sinks fully into the pool, and the pool dissipates as M9-1 sinks their sword into the floor.)



FORWARD: Several hours after M9-2, SCP-4487, and GoI #4487's disappearance, M9-2's personal magicam began broadcasting once again to Site-23, although it was under heavy interference. The following is the salvageable logs of the event:


(Static interspersed with images of undulating milk and large formations of calcium.)

Rosie: (Intelligible.) -do with him anyway?

Daisy: This has calcium in it— bones they call it— solid milk waiting to be freed.

Rosie: We can get more milk, there's infinite milk out there, waiting to be harvested.

Daisy: I know, I know. I don't nee- (Intelligible.) -not stupid- (Intelligible.)

(Footage fades into static. Static clears, Daisy, Rosie, and SCP-4487 can now be seen in a cattle barn. M9-2 is believed to be draped over Buttercup's shoulder.)

Daisy: Why are we here again Ayrshire?

SCP-4487: Because my heifers, we are falling behind.

Daisy: How far behind even are we?

SCP-4487: Far enough to disappoint me, and The Great Udder for that matter. Out of The Twenty Disciples of The Great Udder, I am the laughing stock, because of you. Infinite farms out there and you can't go seven without having a tussle with matadors like those.

Daisy: We can't just stand by and let them meddle-

SCP-4487: You cannot charge at every red cape flown.

(Cattle in the barn moo in unison. One second of static follows.)

SCP-4487: Bessie wants to speak. We use that one.

(Buttercup throws M9-2 on the ground, his magicam lands several feet away. Milk from the surrounding cattle flows out slowly, and rapidly as it descends into M9-2's mouth. M9-2 jolts awake and struggles to get off the ground, but is pinned by the force of the milk entering his mouth. A cyst forms on M9-2's forehead, which rapidly grows upwards. The skin of the cyst does not break, but becomes noticeably paler. The cyst grows to about 3 meters in height with a near-white complexion. Milk from cows ceases flowing. The cyst jostles and undulates rapidly, the footage becomes noticeable more distorted. GoI #4487 bow.)

SCP-4487: We are sorry for the early return.

(The cyst undulates more violently before the footage fades into static for several seconds.)

Daisy: (Intelligible.) -to deal with cud like this! Ayrshire, you understand?

SCP-4487: Ignore her. I have come here to request different heifers.

Daisy: What?

Buttercup: What did we even do?

Rosie: This was not our fault! Daisy simply cannot keep her snout shu-

Daisy: Oh, so you're all just going to blame this on me? You, you can't-

(Static for several seconds. GoI #4487 can then be seen incapacitated on the ground.)

SCP-4487: Thank you Bessie. Do you accept my request after seeing their bickering?

(The cyst undulates rhythmically.)

SCP-4487: Good. I hope you can excuse my lacking compared to the others Bessie, and I can start anew.

(GoI #4487 members rise and float off the ground. Footage distortion becomes heavier, until the cyst ruptures, spilling large quantities of milk. Footage fades into static.)



Addendum 4487-3: SCP-4487 was made of interest to the local-universe Foundation after the comatose body of the individual "M9-2" (named Hardwin Euryalus) was discovered within a cattle farm in Ely, Iowa on 2019/01/03. Euryalus' head was missing a large portion of dermal tissue across his forehead, and his body was completely covered in raw cow milk, along with the surrounding area. Various fluids within Euryalus' body were also found to have been partially replaced with varying amounts of milk, which is believed to be the cause of his comatose state. Cattle within the barn were incapable of the production of milk and lactation, with three cattle being found deceased due to traumatic injury to the udders.

Euryalus regained consciousness for a short period of time soon after due to the use of experimental anti-comatose agents, with the following interview being recorded during his consciousness:


Interviewed: Hardwin Euryalus

Interviewer: Charles Mattenson


Mattenson: Somebody's awake.

Euryalus: Ugh, what… what is all this?

Mattenson: Don't worry, you're alright for the most part.

Euryalus: No, no I'm not, none of us are, they're coming for here next.

Mattenson: What?

Euryalus: They showed me it all, The Librarium, it's gone, it's all gone, they made me watch them all drown- I couldn't stop them.

Mattenson: Who are you talking about? Who is "they"?

Euryalus: (Noticeably more dazed.) Ayrshire, the Thirteenth Disciple.

Mattenson: Excuse me?

Euryalus: Wait- uh, the cow? The ghost one?

Mattenson: How did you get that information?

Euryalus: I told you, I just. Wait, maybe I didn't.

Mattenson: You talked about having dreams of drowning, what do you mean b-

Euryalus: You're not understanding, you- you just aren't. What can you do with infinite milk?

Mattenson: I uh, I'm not quite sure.

Euryalus: Infinite floods.


Mattenson: Could you elabor-

(Euryalus coughs up a large amount of milk.)

Euryalus: They- they aren't done with me yet.

(Euryalus falls unconscious. Further attempts to awake him fail.)


After Hume readings for the farm were deemed abnormal, various ectodimensional Foundation counterparts were contacted. Contact with SCPF-LZPP87 was made one month after the original discovery of Euryalus, during which SCPF-LZPP87 transferred their entire digital database to the Site-34 servers. After this transfer, SCPF-LZPP87 became unresponsive, with auditory contact attempts leading to sounds of rushing liquid and eventually ambient sounds of submergence in liquid on the receiving end.


UL-31523 at the time of discovery.

Addendum 4487-4: On 2019/02/29, Unexplained Location-31523 was discovered several kilometers away from the location of the initial entry point of SCP-4487. Location consists of a large sinkhole filled with raw cow milk, filling at a roughly continuous rate. Attempts to drain UL-31523 have failed.

Further investigation into and the containment of SCP-4487 has been deemed a high priority.

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