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CONTAINMENT CLASS:Euclid restricted



A photo of SCP-4518 taken at the start of its performance on the 17th of April, 2011

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-4518 are contained in Adapted Storage Facility-03 and 04: a former pub located in Chicago, Illinois and a converted storage area located in Site-17 respectively. No monitoring of the interior of either of these facilities is to be carried out.

Contact with SCP-4518 instances is prohibited. ASF-03 and ASF-04 both utilise sealed antechambers. This allows SCP-4518 instances to be resupplied, and for biological matter to be removed monthly (see Addendum 4518-00 for more information), while ensuring that Foundation personnel do not come into contact with SCP-4518.

Description: SCP-4518 is an anomalous group of humans that are visually identical, approximately 30 year old white males. Attempting to count the number of SCP-4518 instances causes the number of instances present to increase, with newly appearing instances wearing the same clothing as one of the counted instances.

SCP-4518 instances can cause the number of instances present to increase by counting themselves, including when only a single instance is currently present. This effect also occurs when instances are counted over live video and audio feeds.


Addendum 4518-00: Discovery

Foreword: A single SCP-4518 instance was due to perform a stand-up routine as “Jack Haas”1. in Chicago, at what is now Adapted Storage Facility-03 at 8pm on 2011-03-17.

This facility had a maximum capacity, including staff and performers, of 80 people. At the beginning of its performance, it is believed the venue contained approximately 65 people.


[20:00] The first SCP-4518 instance walked onto the stage to begin the live event. The bartender went to prepare some water for it, which caused the first duplication. This was rapidly followed by multiple duplications as the audience saw what happened.

[20:03] The venue started to experience severe over-crowding, which lead to the venue owner contacting the police to clear out the venue.

[20:12] The first police car arrived on scene. A small brawl had broken out as SCP-4518 instances refused to abandon their routine.

[20:14] The police requested assistance as their attempts to arrest SCP-4518 instances had caused SCP-4518 to become more outraged and the number of instances present continued to increase.

[20:20] A small fire broke out in the venue, SCP-4518 instances were heard chanting.

[20:30] A Foundation Agent embedded in the Chicago Police Department heard what had happened on the police scanner and requested the assistance of MTF Iota-10 (“Damn Feds”) to handle the situation.

[20:44] MTF Iota-10 arrived on scene to help handle the situation. At this point, multiple SCP-4518 instances had relocated onto the street due to the overcrowding.

[20:46] MTF Iota-10 requested a large number of transport vans to move the SCP-4518 instances back to Site-17.

[20:48] MTF Iota-10 closed off the block the venue is located on to prevent civilians interfering with the clean-up and allow space for the transport vans.

[20:55] The vans began to arrive. MTF Iota-10 began shepherding SCP-4518 instances into vans in groups of 30.

[21:06] Site-17 Overwatch became concerned about the number of SCP-4518 instances that required containment after MTF Iota-10 requested additional transport, and alerted Dr. Thomas Graham2 about the ongoing situation.

[21:07] An emergency meeting at Site-17 involving multiple Site Directors was convened to figure out how to contain the situation.

[21:08] MTF Iota-10 sealed off a 3 block radius to keep SCP-4518 instances contained.

[21:15] The first transport van carrying SCP-4518 instances arrived at Site-17. It became clear that the 40 temporary holding cells prepared in advance were not sufficient for holding all the SCP-4518 instances from the first van.

[21:30] The emergency meeting made the decision to seal the venue and prevent anyone inside from leaving.

[21:32] Foundation web-crawler γψ-4934 was deployed to locate images of SCP-4518 posted to social media and remove them.

[21:41] The entrances to the venue were sealed with concrete blocks3; with an unknown number of police and patrons still inside.

[21:43] An Ethics Committee meeting was convened to determine whether it is acceptable for the SCP-4518 instances remaining to be terminated due to the difficulty in transporting them to secondary containment facilities.

[22:00] Remaining vans that potentially contained SCP-4518 instances were driven into ASF-04 and sealed in.

[22:11] Ethics Committee approval to terminate uncontained SCP-4518 instances was granted.

[22:15] Foundation agents began to amnesticise witnesses, including the members of the police who initially responded to the situation.

[23:21] The final uncontained SCP-4518 instances were terminated.


Closing Statement: Following these events, a Foundation misinformation campaign was run to spread news of there having been a bar fight that got out of hand at the venue with property damage revealing the presence of asbestos. According to the campaign, the venue was sealed permanently due to public health concerns relating to potential squatters.

Addendum 4518-01: Summary of Ethics Committee Findings

On 2011-04-16, the disposal of approximately 9,400kg of biological matter was required from within ASF-03 and ASF-04. It was determined that the current supply levels for both sites was insufficient to handle the populations of SCP-4518 being contained within them, and, as a result, supplies to both storage facilities have been doubled.

The biological matter was deemed safe to be incinerated. It is expected that some, albeit significantly smaller amounts, of it will continue to be produced from both sites; and as a result a schedule to allow for monthly incinerations of this material will be setup.

Incineration is to be done at a minimum temperature of 1500°C for at least four hours, with the ashes that remain being passed through a grinder to ensure none of the remains are identifiable.

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