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Item#: 4576
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Fully grown specimens of SCP-4576.

Special Containment Procedures: Any seeds produced by SCP-4576 are to be preserved for future use within a hermetically sealed container. Live specimens of SCP-4576 are to be kept within a standard biological containment enclosure and closely monitored for any abnormal growth patterns.

Description: SCP-4576 is a subspecies of the Papaver rhoeas, or common poppy, flowering plant. When naturally grown, SCP-4576 exhibits no anomalous traits, apart from a significantly accelerated blooming duration. However, if fertilizer is applied to an instance of SCP-4576 at any point in its growth, it will develop to resemble the material and associated packaging or container from which it was fertilized.

Addendum 4576.1 — Discovery and Acquisition: On 06/24/2017, a call made to the police department of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was intercepted by the Foundation. The caller relayed that she had heard screams emanating from an abandoned building across her street, along with witnessing numerous people exiting the premises in an apparent state of distress. As there had been multiple encounters with anartist activity within the region prior to the call, Foundation operatives initiated an investigation of the building and came across the remains of a recently held anartist exhibition.

Within the building, the following email logs were retrieved alongside SCP-4576.

In addition to these email files, a large growth of SCP-4576 specimens was recovered in the middle of the gallery. The mass, taking up most of the gallery at time of Foundation arrival, was composed of several putrefactive, desiccated bovine cadavers, overgrown with stacks of peat and strains of coconut fiber, and covered with a viscous, translucent slurry. Additionally, all other exhibits in the showing had been removed, and in an apparent attempt to incinerate the SCP-4576 specimens, multiple portions of the mass were heavily charred and scorched.

Since acquisition of SCP-4576, at least to the Foundation's knowledge, Mx. Abernathy (PoI-4576-1) has not demonstrated any further connections to the anartist movement.

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