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SCP-4604-2, circa 19██. Notice, that all SCP-4604 instances have been observed to leave footprints and trails, despite lacking legs. (Hover to enlarge image.)

Item #: SCP-4604

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A secure perimeter of two (2) kilometers is to be maintained around the territories of SCP-4604 instances. Said entities haven’t been observed to leave their territories. (UPDATE: SEE INCIDENT-4604-A) Civilians found inside of or attempting to get inside the perimeter are to be questioned in Provisional Site-4604, amnesticized, and released.

Description: SCP-4604 is the designation for at least four (4) humanoid entities located near the woods of [REDACTED], Siberia. Each instance is respectively named SCP-4604-1 through -4.

While every instance of SCP-4604 is mostly unique to the others in appearance, what they all have in common is that they lack legs and have smoke coming out of their lower body. All instances are constantly floating in mid-air.

SCP-4604 instances are not considered hostile unless attacked. For the most part, the entities wander within their territory. Animals have been observed to flee on sight, it is currently unknown if this is a simple instinct or an anomalous effect. They do not appear to require nutrients, water, or warmth to sustain themselves.

If a human, hereafter named the 'subject' for clarification, moves closer than five (5) meters to an instance of SCP-4604, the instance will engage in conversation with said subject. If the subject is unable to converse in any way or tries to disengage, the subject's heart will stop, killing them instantly. In most cases, the subject and SCP-4604 instance converse using vocalization. The voice of SCP-4604 instances shows traits of both male and female speech and cannot be identified as one or the other. Conversations between subjects untrained in cognitohazards and SCP-4604 entities have ranged from five (5) to ten (10) minutes.

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