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Item#: 4614
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Special Containment Procedures: Until a method has been found for mass extermination in public areas of SCP-4614, it's currently only to be removed in those who work in The Foundation due to concerned issues with cross-contamination with other anomalous organisms. If any personnel are found with SCP-4614, they are to be quarantined for two (2) days. If SCP-4614's anomalous effects are discovered by the public, the discoveries are to appear as hoaxes, and the scientists/publishers will be amnesticized by using Class C amnestics.

Description: SCP-4614 (Milnesium tardigradum) is a species of the extremophile phylum tardigrades. SCP-4614 instances are common throughout the entire world, but are mostly found in moist areas. SCP-4614 are completely harmless until their anomalous abilities manifest. In no cases has an SCP-4614 instance affected any organism other than a human.


Milnesium tardigradum

SCP-4614's secondary (passive) anomalous effects will manifest once an instance locates a human. It will grow a pair of microscopic wings and travel to the subject. It is unknown how SCP-4614 instances manage to do this due to the lack of sensory organs needed, and microscopic size that it has. Once an SCP-4614 instance reaches the human's face, they will slowly crawl into the host's ear. After a SCP-4614 instance crawls inside the host's ear (now referred to as SCP-4614-1), it will nest in the tympanic membrane and slowly expand to be 0.01 cm.1 SCP-4614 instances will begin to send an unknown and hardly detectable signal by using what is theorized to be a small organ. This signal has been shown to cause human brain waves to constantly be in the 25-40 Hz range2 throughout the time the SCP-4614-1 is awake. SCP-4614-1 will never feel or detect these signals consciously. These constant arrays of gamma waves causes SCP-4614-1 to have enhanced perception, problem solving, and consciousness due to the constant brain activity. SCP-4614 instances will then proceed to get its sustenance by the use of a proboscis that fleshes out of SCP-4614. It will then inject a compound into SCP-4614-1's bloodstream. Once the compound reaches the brain, the waves will bleed out through the ear, SCP-4614 will then proceed to consume it using another unknown organ. SCP-4614 can live on these brain waves for up to thirty (30) years. Whether the brain waves are just a food to SCP-4614 or something that simply make the organism live longer is currently unknown since the non-anomalous life span of SCP-4614 is 6 years in the wild. It is theorized the SCP-4614 instances use SCP-4614-1's brain waves to provide neurological functions for itself.

SCP-4614 's primary (active) anomalous effects will manifest once the human has been awake for 12-16 hours. After this amount of time, SCP-4614 instances will then send another barely detectable signal that forces brain waves to be 4-7 Hz.3 If the brain ignores these signals, SCP-4614 's primary anomaly will still manifest once the subject enters REM sleep. Once the subject enters REM sleep, SCP-4614 instances will activate certain parts of the brain; typically those with memory and decision making in the top parts of the brain.4 This will induce what is commonly known as a lucid dream 0.0001-0.1% of the time depending on how intelligent and cognitive the subject is.5 SCP-4614 can live off of these lucid dreams for up to sixty (60) years. SCP-4614 will decrease the average human lifespan by ten (10) years, but increases the average intelligence by five (5) IQ points.

Addendum-A9183-21: After all of our studies, it seems like SCP-4614 has been living off of the human species since the 1800s. It's wild to think that something so common [lucid dreams] is caused by some anomalous entity. The study of SCP-4614 should be necessary due to how much it has affected humanity.

-Researcher Charles

Discovery: SCP-4614's anomalous effects were discovered by biologist Алексей Петров (Alexei Petrov) in 18██. The recovered journal of Alexei Petrov was discovered in 1972, which has lead to The Foundation's discovery of SCP-4614's primary anomalous effects.

Recovered Logs (Translated to English):

Journal Entry #16-242 (DATA OMITTED)9, February 17th - February 28th, 18██

Journal Entry #246-████ (DATA OMITTED)10, May 4th 18██ - September 24th, 18██

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