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A gravitational anomaly caused both by SCP-4734's impact, and the reality bending effects of its core due to the presence of exotic matter.

Item #: SCP-4734

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4734 is to be monitored at all times by Site-97 staff. Site-97 is to be maintained as an offshore research base1 conducting geological studies on the Chicxulub Crater, with all civilian marine traffic to be directed away from the site. Local Hume levels are to be monitored and all fluctuations noted.

A set of buoys is to be maintained in a 1km radius ring around Site-97 with each mounted with a Scranton Reality Anchor. All abnormalities in local geological formation are to be explained as the result of extreme pressure and heat brought about by the asteroid impact.

Description: SCP-4734 is the core of the Chicxulub asteroid that collided with Earth approximately 65 million years ago. SCP-4734 contains a large amount of exotic matter2 which causes large fluctuations in local Hume levels due to unstable interactions with local normal matter. Proposals for the mining and study of the exotic matter are currently under review3

Discovery: SCP-4734 was discovered in 1978 during a search for potential sites for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. During the search local disturbances in gravitational mapping and geological layout were discovered and local agents relayed this to the Foundation. Several Foundation members embarked on an initial research expedition to the potential anomaly's location and confirmed its existence via Kant counter.

Addendum: Due to the significant interest in geological surveys of the impact area, Foundation personnel are to be embedded within research groups sent to the area of SCP-4734. All data gathered during these expeditions is to be modified to fall in line with expected norms of an asteroid impact on this scale, with all unmodified data being sent back to the Foundation for study.

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    Item #: SCP-4734

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4734 is to be monitored at all times for signs of exotic matter leaks, increased power output or structural degradation. Any fluctuation in SCP-4734's Hume levels are to be recorded. Scranton Reality Anchors are to be maintained at all times during expeditions into SCP-4734. Hazmat suits equipped for nuclear agents are to be worn to minimise exposure to Cherenkov radiation4 throughout SCP-4734.

    Description: SCP-4734 is the remains of the Foundation spacecraft "Hermes" which is approximately 65 million years old. The hull of SCP-4734 is partially fused with the interior of the Chicxulub meteor, causing many portions of SCP-4734 to be inaccessible at this time. Despite the considerable forces placed upon SCP-4734 during its impact with Earth there is minimal damage to the hull and structure. Some portions have been explored, with partial black box recordings being recovered from the on board computers.

    The main power generator for the craft is an exotic matter reactor, which while damaged still functions to a reasonable degree. The damage to the reactors housing has caused numerous disturbances to local space-time in the form of Hume level fluctuations, caused by the housed exotic matter coming into contact with normal matter.

    This reactor is theorised to be the main source of SCP-4734's propulsion, as fragmented logs found on board make reference to an experimental "Alcubierre Drive", a theorised Faster Than Light propulsion device5. To date no excavation or exploration of SCP-4734 has found such a device, leading to the conclusion that it is still fused inside of the surrounding rock.

    Discovery: During the initial investigation into the gravitational anomalies discovered by geophysicists in 1978 Foundation agents received an SOS broadcast from an unidentified Foundation source. Tracing of this signal placed the source 20km below sea level at the centre of the Chicxulub impact crater. All attempts to contact the source were met with no response.

    Remotely operated drills were placed within the Gulf of Mexico, followed by submersible drones and over the course of 7 years the Foundation created a series of tunnels to enable direct access to SCP-4734.

    Addendum: The following documents are transcripts of recorded transmissions and recovered documents from SCP-4734. Due to the partially fused state of SCP-4734 most documents are corrupted.

    SCP-4734 Flight Recorder Log-1A

    002AF5C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    002AF5D0 00 0C 00 00 02 C3 00 F6 8J 05 1H 5L 0Q W8 00 00




    CREW_COUNT = 13








    007BF5A0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    007BF5B0 1C 04 DD 9F 1R 66 74 CF 5S 09 7K FT R1 2K L9 50

    SCP-4734-Document-4A: Personal Log - Captain Ta%*t£a 2a£fe

    TIMESTAMP - 217R-Q1-12T15:05:11

    Pre-warp tests are going well, Nephus has the drive set up for our launch tomorrow morning. Once we get the all clear from Foundation Control we'll be making our scheduled warp to Phobos before jumping to Pluto for our final run of tests.

    After that it's a simple loop back to Site-L01, and we can finish up with this project. Hopefully this'll get some of those researchers off our backs, they've been hounding us for months to get this done.

    Drinks are on the Foundation after this.

    <END OF LOG>

    SCP-4734 Flight Recorder Log-1B

    099YJ2B0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    099YJ2B0 P3 5C T6 00 15 D7 7B H1 00 G2 9D 9N 4E 31 9F 2C



    R9N21NG_DI80NO5T13S = 444554434554454420594C414D4F4E41204C41524F504D4554


    RE52LIB91T4NG_D493 = ERROR

    DATE_TIME_MI591TCH = -3E0998E

    CREW_COUNT = 1



    SCP-4734 SOS Transmission



    HERMES PSN A3 BR 77 N 07 PO 12 W


    AR K

    SCP-4734 Navigation Log-1

    DATE_TIME = 2R7E-LE-1E022:FW:05F








    SCP-4734-Document-4b: Video Log - Lieutenant Malcolm Tasker

    Foreword: The following video log was recovered from SCP-4734 during expedition 4734-7-43. Portions of the video remain corrupted due to degradation of the data storage aboard SCP-4734.

    Timestamp: 09:33:19 - 14.00.217-

    [The camera activates with bands of interference, focusing on the exhausted face of Malcolm Tasker. The room is lit with orange emergency lighting.]

    This is Lieutenant Malcolm Tasker, of the FSS Hermes. We-we've suffered multiple crew casualties and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] wall of stone. Automatic SOS transmissions are active but I've received no response. Foundation Control isn't responding to anything, I've tried every frequency but they're all dead, just static. Even the Lunar beacon isn't responding, somethings [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

    [The footage cuts and resumes 12 minutes later.]

    I found Nephus, and someone else, I think it's Jacobs. They're stuck in the stone, like they just appeared in it, half of Nephus' face is in it just staring into space like nothing's wrong. All I can see is Jacobs' hand, still got his watch on and everything. I just hope they died quick.

    [Lieutenant Tasker sighs deeply]


    [Video footage is too corrupted to be usable for 39 minutes. The footage continues from this point. Emergency lighting has switched to red.]

    -supply. I've managed to at least access some of navigation. We're plummeting straight towards Earth. If the projections are right we're gonna hit [UNINTELLIGIBLE] might be able to change that. If the thrusters can work for a few seconds I could push us off-course, hit somewhere less populated, hell maybe somewhere [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

    I've looked around for a way off before then, but all the escape pods are blocked, half of them are in the stone and the others I can't get to. There's no way out of here, I'm just stuck…

    If…if anyone ever sees this, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] tell him I love him, and I'm sorry.

    <END OF LOG>

    Addendum-SCP-4734-14c: To date only 3 of the 13 crew members have been found, the remaining 10 are presumed to still be within the portions of SCP-4734 fused with the meteor. While no body has been found for Lieutenant Tasker it is assumed it has entirely decomposed over the millenia.

    Addendum-SCP-4734-20a: All thirteen named personnel aboard the Hermes are to be identified upon their induction into the Foundation. Each will be prioritised for training and placement to bring their skills in line with those discovered on documents aboard SCP-4734. Upon induction into the SCP-4734 Project, they are to be briefed on their future work, and allowed access to any materials related to SCP-4734 as deemed appropriate by the Project Director.

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