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Item#: 5044
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5044 is to remain in a standard safe-class item room at Integrated Containment Site-30. It may be taken to and from SR-1104 for annual exposure to no more than five (5) Site-30 personnel chosen by a Level 4 Research Director and approved by the Site Director.

Personnel undergoing first exposure to SCP-5044 are required to complete the post-viewing debriefing session. Personnel may not be exposed to SCP-5044 if there is not adequate time for the debriefing session, or if there are concerns regarding their capacity to understand the debriefing.


SCP-5044 and original container.

Description: SCP-5044 is a video cassette tape. Its physical qualities conform to that of a standard consumer-grade video tape, but it does not show signs of wear or deterioration that typically occurs with those products.

The video recording on the tape is 16 minutes long, features heavily distorted audio and visuals, and appears to contain narration and text in an unidentified language. The final 3 minutes of the tape is a static image of symbols associated with occult imagery. Within 5 to 10 minutes of viewing the recording on SCP-5044, individuals start to experience a change to their perception when their eyes are closed.

Through closed eyelids, individuals will perceive blood misting, dripping, or pouring into the room they occupy from behind closed windows, through the cracks underneath doors, and emitted from air vents. This perception is comparable to being in a dark room with no light sources; only the blood is visible. As soon as individuals open their eyes, the effect ceases. If the individual closes their eyes again, the effect restarts from the beginning, with blood entering the room seemingly for the first time. The affected individual does not feel, smell, or otherwise sense the blood except visually.

Testing revealed that the effect did not occur in airtight rooms. Further investigation revealed that the perception of "blood" corresponded to air leaks and drafts entering the room occupied by the affected individual. The sensitivity of the perception is comparable to an industrial-grade thermal imaging camera, meaning an affected individual is capable of detecting even very minor insulation flaws that might otherwise be missed by spot radiometers or a thermal line scanner.

Individuals frequently report anxiety when they first experience this effect, but upon being informed that the "blood" is only representative of airflow, they cannot suffer any adverse consequences as a result of their perceptions. Accordingly, it is essential that individuals are debriefed about the nature of their perceptions promptly after viewing SCP-5044.

An individual who has been exposed to SCP-5044, but promptly debriefed, experiences no difficulties in their daily life. Debriefed individuals report that, when they have their eyes closed before or after sleep, they might perceive blood filling up the room in which they are resting. Because it does not have any negative effect on them, debriefed individuals become accustomed to the new "routine" — as if the normal black that one "sees" when their eyes are closed is simply replaced with a different color — and it is no longer considered disturbing.

The effect appears to wear off after 300 days. Individuals can be re-exposed to SCP-5044 to come under the effect for an additional 300 days. There appears to be no limit to how many times individuals can safely repeat this process: at present, one individual has been exposed to SCP-5044 five times.

Addendum — 05/03/2014

Due to the utility of detecting air leaks and flaws in insulation of containment sites without requiring costly resources, a limited number of maintenance and containment personnel may be exposed to SCP-5044 to aid in their work of strengthening containment and furthering the Foundation's mission. Staff report that having the perception explained to them promptly alleviates any anxiety they would otherwise feel. Health and psychological monitoring of staff who are exposed and then debriefed shows that they experience better sleep, increased job satisfaction, and less anxiety in general compared to other Foundation employees.

A concise, standardized debriefing presentation has been prepared by Lead Researcher Yin. Following Ethics Committee Decision #F1000303-2008, all individuals exposed to SCP-5044 are also required to complete the debriefing.

Addendum — 07/14/2019

After a successful pilot implementation at Site-30, staff members were permitted to view SCP-5044, receive the debriefing, and return to other Foundation sites. In addition to strengthening containment, insulation repairs made to containment sites by personnel exposed to SCP-5044 have, to date, saved the Foundation USD $4 billion in energy costs. Selective exposure of maintenance and containment personnel to SCP-5044, if followed by debriefing, may continue.

Early testing logs are restricted to Level 4 personnel.

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