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Item #: SCP-5057

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5057 is to be kept in frozen storage. No contact is to be made with SCP-5057 without clearance from the site supervisor.

Description: SCP-5057 is a ██████████ brand chocolate cake. Anomalous effects occur when a subject makes contact with the cake. The subject will be instantly transported to a child's birthday party in an alternate world, however, details vary between reports. A ██████████ brand chocolate cake is consistently reported being served at the party. Guests of the party will prompt the subject to eat the cake. Subject returns to our world after eating 1 slice of the cake at the party.

Investigations of ██████████ restaurants have yielded no anomalous findings.

Addendum 5057.1: Discovery

SCP-5057 came into Foundation custody after the disappearance of Michael ███████ (hereby referred to as SCP-5057-1) at his 10th birthday party after making contact with SCP-5057. All witnesses were given Class-A amnestics and a cover story for the disappearance. SCP-5057-1 has not been located within the alternate world (see Addendum 5057.2).

Addendum 5057.2: Incident Report

On ██/██/201█, SCP-5057-1 reappeared at the site of his birthday party. Foundation agents monitoring local news heard of this and extracted subject. A cover story was disseminated and amnestics were applied accordingly. Genetic test match that of Michael ███████. It is to note that subject biologically remained 10 years old despite being missing for 2█ years.

Addendum 5057.3: Interview Log

Interviewed: SCP-5057-1

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Foreword: Interview conducted to find out what subject experienced while missing. While he reports being conscious during this time, he still only has the mental capabilities and speech of a typical 10 year old child.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: Hi Michael. I understand you are very scared and confused from what's been going on, but I want you to know that you're safe now. I'm just going to ask a few questions. Do you remember your 10th birthday party?

SCP-5057-1: Yes. It was a long time ago. My cousins and grandma and grandpa were there.

Dr. ███████: Can you tell me about the cake you had?

SCP-5057-1: I asked mom and dad for a ██████████ chocolate cake. They're really tasty. After I blew out the candles, they gave me a slice and I took a bite. Then everything around me was different, like it was someone else's birthday.

Dr. ███████: What happened after that?

SCP-5057-1: I was scared. I couldn't find mom or dad. The adults there wouldn't help me, they just wanted me to eat some cake.

SCP-5057-1 shifts nervously in his seat.

SCP-5057-1: I was so scared so I ran away. Then I was at another birthday like that one. I just kept running and I didn't want to eat the cake.

Dr. ███████: Do you remember how long you did this for?

SCP-5057-1: It was really long. After a while I was just in a dark room and I was there for a really long time. Then a chocolate cake appeared on a plate and I ate it because it was so long since I ate something so delicious. Then I was at home again but mom and dad weren't there.

Dr. ███████: I see. Thank you Michael, you did great.

<End Log>

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