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Item#: 5152
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5152 itself is currently uncontainable; however, this is not an immediate issue as visitors to the region it inhabits are rare. An exclusion zone has been established approximately 4km in excess of SCP-5152-1 for increased security and is to be increased in size accordingly if SCP-5152 moves elsewhere. Post-10229 has been constructed near the exclusion zone and serves as an observation center, keeping track of SCP-5152's movements and researching its nature. Several propositions for containment have been devised but all have either failed, been deemed a waste of resources or are awaiting enactment. Development of a means to contain SCP-5152 is considered low-priority.

Description: SCP-5152 is a spectral entity inhabiting a northern, heavily forested region of Yukon, Canada designated SCP-5152-1. The exact perimeter of SCP-5152-1 has not been determined due to the nature of SCP-5152's movement, and it is not known if SCP-5152 is capable of leaving it. As of the present, recorded sightings elsewhere have not occurred.

SCP-5152 takes the form of a semi-corporeal humanoid wearing a black veil that obscures its face and body. SCP-5152 also possesses two sets of twig-like appendages in place of hands that extend down the full length of its body, sometimes visible protruding from under the veil. SCP-5152 is generally only visible to a maximum of one individual at any time1, although it occasionally makes itself known to small groups.

If SCP-5152 is near a group of individuals it will typically remain ~100 meters away and silently observe the group for a long period, eventually disappearing out of view. However, if SCP-5152 is near a single individual it may begin following them; walking at a slow pace towards them. This will change if the target individual attempts to observe SCP-5152, resulting in it's temporary disappearance. SCP-5152 will continue following the target individual until they leave SCP-5152-1 or join with a group.

SCP-5152 first came to the Foundation's attention after sightings of a "hooded figure" were reported to police in Hedder Creek, a small settlement near the perimeter of SCP-5152-1. This figure was seen sparsely over the course of 8 months, lingering at the edges of the forest surrounding the town. A small search for the figure was conducted, but was unsuccessful.

Addendum 5152.1 - Exploration Log

As part of an early research effort attempting to discern SCP-5152's area of effect, D-511904 was sent into SCP-5152-1. The events that took place during this exploration have been transcribed below.


Date: 5/11/2010
Location: SCP-5152-1

Foreword: D-511904 was equipped with a headcam, flashlight and thermal jacket, and was instructed to walk in a constant eastward direction through SCP-5152-1.


Control: D-511904, do you see anything unusual?

D-511904: Just… snow and trees. Creepy though. Did you really have to send me in here at sunset?

Control: It's currently 4:38 PM.

D-511904: Yeah right.

«13 minutes of extraneous footage removed»

D-511904: Uh… guys… you didn't send any others in here, did you?

Control: Negative.

D-511904: I can hear… footsteps. In the snow.

Control: Noted. Where are they coming from?

D-511904: Behind me, I think. I can only hear it when I'm walking- if I stop I can… I can hear it stop after me.

Control: We have reason to believe an entity may be following you. Your best course of action is to keep moving.

D-511904: Okay. I don't have a problem with that.

«2 minutes of extraneous footage removed»

The sound of a tree branch snapping is heard.

D-511904: (Whispering) What was that?

Control: Elaborate.

D-511904: I didn't step on a… on a twig.

Control: Just keep moving forwards.

D-511904: It's just…

Control: What?

D-511904: I keep feeling like something's right behind me. I can hear it… breathing. Crunching through the snow. It's so close but- every time I turn around… nothing's there.

Control: Noted. Please continue.

«15 minutes of extraneous footage removed»

D-511904 reaches a clearing; a wooden cabin at the center.

D-511904: Y'know… I remember this place. Or at least a place like it.

Control: How so? Do you remember any details?

D-511904: I can if I try. Thing is, I'm pretty sure you guys wiped my memory. Can't remember anything before I was in my cell. Good play. Except… this cabin… I remember… something. It's like re-entered my brain.

Control: Please remember that casual conversation is not allowed. This only serves as a source of information.

D-511904: I guessed that.

Control: Let's hear it.

D-511904 pauses for a moment to think as he approaches the cabin.

D-511904: I… remember walking to school through a forest like this. My family lived in this little village miles away from town, and in the winter it got too snowy for us to drive there. So I went alone. I walked for hours, and I arrived like halfway through classes. But I still wanted to go every day. I was uh… a weird kid.

Control: And you think it may have been here you walked through?

D-511904: It certainly reminds me of the place. Where is this?

Control: This forest is in Yukon, Canada.

D-511904: Y'know, it could be the same place. I bet it wants me back.

Control: Hm?

D-511904: Nothing. I'm at the cabin now.


The cabin in the clearing, lifted from D-511904's headcam footage.

Control: You have permission to enter.

D-511904 enters the cabin.

D-511904: I'm in.

Control: The camera seems to be malfunctioning. Please give a description of the cabin's interior.

D-511904: It's… empty. Just a bunch of planks on the floor. Good condition, though. This place must've belonged to somebody.

Control: Do you see any other rooms?

D-511904: It's a little dark in here. Wait, I think there's a- (unintelligible)

Control: D-511904?

D-511904: Yeah, I'm here. There's one other room. Very small… there's uh- a bed in here. That's a little weird. Looks kinda like the one I used to have as a… huh.

Control: There's nothing else in the room?

D-511904: Not that I can see, no.

Control: Noted. Leave the cabin.

D-511904 turns around to leave the room but is intercepted by SCP-5152 standing in front of the door.

D-511904: What the… G-get away from me!

SCP-5152 begins to approach D-511904 but is unsuccessful as D-511904 kicks through a nearby window and runs out of the clearing, back into the forest.

«1.3 hours of extraneous footage removed»

D-511904: It's like this place goes on forever.

Control: Have you heard any footsteps since you escaped the creature?

D-511904: No. That thing scared the living daylights out of me. It's weird though… I was telling you 'bout the walk to school earlier. More's coming back to me now. Something about that- that creature.

Control: Go ahead.

D-511904 sighs. A moment of silence.

D-511904: After school me and my friends would walk back home together. I would always be the last one left, of course. But sometimes when we were there, we heard… we heard these- weird noises. Far off in the deeper forest. We'd- see stuff move too. We thought they were elk, deer. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe if this is the place… maybe it wants me back. Your entity. Maybe that's what I saw.

Control: Acknowledged.

D-511904: Yeah.

«14 minutes of extraneous footage removed»

D-511904 looks to his right and begins running, breathing heavily.

Control: D-511904, what's your status?

D-511904: I saw it again!

Control: Noted. Where did you see it?

D-511904: It was like… passing through a gap in the trees. Just for a… for a split second.

Control: Is it still following you?

D-511904: Uh… I couldn't tell you. Probably.

Control: Do you hear anything abnormal?

D-511904 stops running.

D-511904: (Catching breath) No… that's… weird. It's just silence. I can barely hear the wind.

Control: Keep moving forward.

D-511904: Yeah, of course.

«16 minutes of extraneous footage removed»

Control: Still no sound?

D-511904: Nope. Just nothing. I think it's gone.

SCP-5152 suddenly emerges near D-511904 and begins walking towards him at an increased pace, emitting a low-pitched groaning sound.

Control: D-511904, leave the area immediately; turn west!

D-511904 screams, falling to the floor. SCP-5152 is approaching him slowly with it's claws outstretched. The sound of a bell ringing in the distance is heard.

D-511904: Leave me alone! Get away from me- you… you thing! What are you? Why did you follow me as a boy? What do you want from me? Why won't you leave me alone? Why did you never leave me alone?

D-511904's headcam falls onto the ground. SCP-5152 extends its claws and covers D-511904 under its veil before demanifesting; D-511904 with it. Footsteps can be heard in the snow, moving away until they are no longer picked up by the microphone.


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