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Item#: 5195
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Fig 1.1. - Madison, WI

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5195 is considered neutralized. No further action is required. The city of Madison is to be regularly monitored by Foundation agents, and MTF Rho-20 "Ratdogs" are to engage if a new event occurs. Amnestics of presently suitable class are to be administered to any and all potential witnesses after an event has concluded.

Description: SCP-5195 refers to a series of seven extranormal events that occurred from 10/4/2015 to 7/7/2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. See Addendum 5195.1 for details. Since SCP-5195 events have concluded, the city of Madison has exhibited no further anomalous properties.

It is to be noted that the average mental-health amongst the population of Madison has increased dramatically since SCP-5195 events have concluded.

Addendum 5195.1 - Event Details

Addendum 5195.2 - Update 3/14/2020

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