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Item #: SCP-5311

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the widespread nature of SCP-5311, containment consists of removing footage taken of SCP-5311-1 instances, and the development of an algorithm to assist with predicted manifestation to support containment efforts.

Instances of SCP-5311-1, when discovered, are to be detained until demanifestation, with vehicles returned under guise of local law enforcement action by embedded personnel.

Description: SCP-5311 is a phenomenon sporadically affecting Taxicab services across the continental United States, in which food items and other edible substances left within the interior of a parked or unattended Taxicab will become briefly animate and conglomerate1into a single humanoid shape located in the driver's seat, which results in the creation of an SCP-5311-1 instance.

SCP-5311-1 instances will then proceed to operate their respective vehicle accurately and accordingly to state laws and regulations within their area of manifestation, operating in a manner similar to non-anomalous Taxicab services already present in the immediate area.

Persons utilizing Taxicab services operated by SCP-5311-1 instances do not appear to notice the anomalous appearance of SCP-5311-1 instances, and will instead carry on a one-sided conversation with the instance for the duration of the ride2.

Once a passenger has arrived at the indicated destination, when they attempt to pay the resulting fare, SCP-5311-1 instances will physically refuse payment, and instead remove an edible item3from their body mass, which they will then present to them before driving off.

SCP-5311-1 instances will typically operate for between seven and nine hours at a time, before parking their respective vehicles within the nearest available parking space, and demanifesting into a pile of loose, edible materials.

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