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Item#: SCP-5468

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5468 Should be kept in a 9m X 9m X 9m steel containment cell and should be provided sustenance in the form of 13kg of quartz or crystal twice every week. If the entity is observed to be dormant for more than three days, it is likely the entity has assumed personality 43 and is not a cause for alarm. If SCP-5468 assumes a predominantly dormant personality for more than a week then switch to feeding schedule #33.

The containment cell of SCP-5468 should be guarded by two to three armed security guards. The number of guards may need to increase depending on the personality that SCP-5468 has taken on, primarily personalities #47, #24, #11, and #15. Precautions may not need to be taken if the Hostile Personality Transformation is quickly managed.

If SCP-5468 is left unfed for more time than allotted by the assigned feeding schedule the entity will breach the containment unit and make its way to an area with exposed ground. When the entity reaches the area it will begin digging towards the nearest source of crystal or quartz. The entity will not resurface until recaptured.

Description: SCP-5468 is a humanoid entity standing at 2.5 meters tall. The entity is made entirely from an extremely dense stone like substance bearing an appearance and texture similar to that of garnet. The entity also looks as if it was sculpted with primitive tools as it bears many sharp edges and flat sides along its surface. Though the entity has no joints it can move with the same dexterity as a human. On the back of the entity there is a flat area containing symbols from an archaic language. The symbols on the back of the entity will regularly change. The symbols have been confirmed to be directly related to the personalities of the entity. The symbols can also be changed to select a certain personality for the entity; SCP-5468 currently has 50 known personalities. SCP-5468 has minor shape shifting capabilities which are limited to its hands. The forms of the entity’s hands is usually related to the personality it has assumed or been assigned.

SCP-5468 was discovered after complaints of rumbling coming from the ground under a small town in Iceland. Upon investigation researchers found an elaborate system of mines and along with SCP-5468, attached to the entity was a stone tablet containing symbols similar to those found on SCP-5468’s back. Further investigation of the tablet concluded it was similar to an owner’s manual for SCP-5468 and contained a list of commands that could be manually etched onto SCP-5468’s back and make it assume corresponding personalities. Personalities included soldier, miner, farmer, nurse, worker, etc. The majority of SCP-5468’s personalities are seemingly useless, incomplete, or undeveloped.

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