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Item#: 5495
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Special Containment Procedures: All property within a 300-meter radius of the center of the anomaly are currently under Foundation control. A facility has been constructed around the anomaly under the guise of a chemical manufacturing plant. Security personnel are to be posted outside each entrance of this facility and the building is to be placed under constant video surveillance.

As the anomaly expands, the area and height of the building may be extended as needed. If and when the anomaly reaches within 5 meters of the wall facing the street, construction of an alternative route around the facility is authorized. This process may be repeated until either the anomaly is neutralized or until containment is no longer necessary or possible.

Neutralization of the anomaly is of priority, but estimates place failure of feasible containment procedures occurring at approximately 4:56 PM, February 19th, 2065. As such, Foundation assets have been allocated to concerns deemed more pressing.

Current operations regarding SCP-5495 reside under control of Researcher Dr. Ace Gaoler.

Description: SCP-5495 is a spatial and temporal anomaly centered within what used to be the living room of a house in Tombstone, Arizona. To observers outside of the anomaly, it appears as a static cloud of debris caused by an explosion. In reality, the “surface” of the explosion is constantly expanding from the center at a nearly imperceptible rate (currently approximately 1.03 m/year based on best estimates). The expansion does not appear to spread downwards, but otherwise occurs in equal rates in all directions. It is anchored at what is believed to be the origin point of the explosion.

Objects which pass through the surface of the explosion never leave its area may pass through the anomaly after an elongated period of time (see Addendum A). A majority of the house (around 200 meters from the center) has already been incorporated into the anomaly. The rest of the house has been removed in order to prevent further incorporation of non-anomalous material.

Significant tests conducted upon SCP-5495 can be found in Addendum A.

History: SCP-5495 was first observed on April 16th, 1922. Various residents of Tombstone, Arizona reported a noise characteristic of an explosion originating from the household of J███ and M███ Anderson. J███ was a retired copper miner, so it was first assumed he had accidentally set off explosive charges he may have kept. Police of the area arrived at the household to find the anomaly already having incorporated around 100 meters of the house, with neither of the Andersons ever being found. Foundation personnel were alerted to its existence after numerous police officers entered the radius of the anomaly and did not return, drawing attention of local newspapers. The anomaly was shortly thereafter contained, current containment procedures were created, and amnestics were distributed to the local population.

Researcher Dr. B███ was assigned as head of current operations regarding SCP-5495 until his death in 1986, at which point operations were passed from various researchers until 2005, when Dr. Gaoler was appointed.

The expansion of the anomaly was not discovered until two years into its containment. Since then, SCP-5495 has grown well past the boundaries of a non-anomalous mining charge explosion. It has shown no signs of any change in its expansion rate, and no known methods have resulted in significant change. This indicates that the anomaly will continue to expand, perhaps even indefinitely, if no countermeasures are enacted.

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