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Item #: SCP-5510

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-5510 units and associated documentation are to be contained within Suite 908A of Site-01 and managed through Project AURUM SILKWORM.

SCP-5510 test subjects shall be chosen from within MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") through a standardized process that selects for depth of project-relevant experiences, particularly personnel management and information extraction. Participation in AURUM SILKWORM is to be maintained as a key component of MTF Alpha-1 membership.

Members of MTF Alpha-1 who have been exposed to experience strands with intensity quotients over 20,000 may not be assigned Overseer Council security details. Such individuals are not to be permitted transfer to other positions within the Foundation or voluntary retirement from their posts.

Description: SCP-5510 is a combination of technologies that enable the identification, biochemical extraction, and duplication of an individual's first-hand experiences. SCP-5510 further allows for the conversion of extracted strands into audiovisual media. Although replicable within the Foundation, progenitor paratech guarantees anomalous classification until parallel advancements are publicly made.

Standard SCP-5510 units consist of three individual components. A central terminal controls the overall process and stores extracted strands for future processing. An EEG headset collects general activity data and provides a host platform for micro-needle insertion through thinner skull sections. A chair equipped with full-body restraints ensures subject stability and safety during high-intensity strand exposure. Facilities for large-scale biological matter disposal are frequently used post hoc, but are not considered central to device functionality.

Serial use of SCP-5510 amplifies the qualities of extracted experiences via filtration through subconscious ego constructs. As a result, individuals' experiences, preferences, and psychological outlooks have significant influence over the qualities of produced strands, which vary significantly in duration, emotional slant, and experiential intensity. Consuming the audiovisual output of high-concentration strands induces a variety of effects within the human body, which pose possible health risks and benefits.

The following table contextualizes these effects:

Intensity Quotient Range Health Risks
0 - 300 None observed. Subjects typically report personally calming experiences.
300 - 4,000 Fluctuations in heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity depending on each strand's emotional slant.
4,000 - 20,000 Significant fluctuations in heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity depending on strand slant. Elevated risk of cardiac arrest, internal hemorrhaging, and general organ failure.
20,000 - 50,000 All test subjects not previously exposed to moderate-intensity strands have immediately expired due to experiential overload. Previously-exposed subjects tend to suffer a variety of incapacitating conditions, most of which have ultimately proven lethal.

Addendum 5510-A (Original Test Log Samples):

Addendum 5510-B (Project AURUM SILKWORM Initiation):

Addendum 5510-C (Intermediary Test Log Samples):

Addendum 5510-D (Additional AURUM SILKWORM Directives):

Addendum 5510-E (Recent Test Log Sample):

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