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POI-8832 speaking on 1992-07-01.

Special Containment Procedures:
Foundation personnel embedded within local police departments are to monitor for individuals connected to SCP-5512 (meaning any and all connection to the Second Haptic Assembly) and any mention of individuals resembling POI-8832. The UIU has agreed to pass along any relevant information and will inform the Foundation upon discovery.

UPDATE - 1993-06-15: Foundation webcrawler I/O METATRON is to scrub all mention of the Second Haptic Assembly from the internet while continuing to monitor for individuals fitting the description of POI-8832. Any instances of SCP-5512-1 being found in private or public sales listings are to be shut down and the sellers are to be amnesticized.

Members of the Second Haptic Assembly are to be registered within the Foundation database and when apprehended are to be interrogated and then amnesticized.

SCP-5512 is the collective designation for a series of anomalies connected with a small religious organization calling themselves the Second Haptic Assembly. The Assembly is led by Diego Marquez (designated as POI-8832). Investigation into Marquez's life has produced few to no records; all attempts to find a Social Security Number or history of his past work has failed.

The Second Haptic Assembly proselytizes periodically, usually through the efforts of POI-8832. The tenets of the Assembly's faith are vague but consist of a unique origin myth concerning entities called the Prime Movers.1 The Assembly is structured as a new age meditation faith the members of which advance through introspection and ritual.

SCP-5512-1 is a book titled “Many Hands Hold Up the World,” written and self-published in 1989 by POI-8832. The book is a series of anecdotes outlining the creation of the solar system by the Prime Movers and his experiences with the residual divinity from interaction with the Prime Movers. The conclusion of the book is a plan for the enhancement of humans through meditation, thaumaturgical rituals and vague descriptions of metamorphosis.

SCP-5512-A through -D are a series of humans modified through surgical graft and thaumaturgy. A-C are deceased, yet show no signs of decomposition. SCP-5512-D is alive but comatose. All four have undergone grafting of unidentified tissues to their lymphatic systems, through undefined means. The grafted tissues are not recognizable and decidedly non-human. Further information is available in the Addendum below.


Flyer handed out by POI-8832.

Discovery: SCP-5512 was first discovered on July 3, 1992 when the Unusual Incidents Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (UIU) was alerted to a demonstration held in a public park led by POI-8832. Marquez was arrested for holding a demonstration without permit and shortly released, but several keywords red-flagged the incident for UIU review.3

UIU Investigation:
Nolan Forrester, Special Agent in Charge of the Anomalous Tactical Unit (ATU) Northeastern Division, ordered 24-hour surveillance on POI-8832. POI-8832 was found to be residing in a warehouse converted into a worship space owned by the Second Haptic Assembly. The Assembly was attended regularly by a small but growing congregation.

After a week of surveillance, Forrester and a small team picked up Rudy Carmichael, a local novitiate who was seen attending several gatherings. Carmichael had outstanding arrest warrants for distribution of a Schedule One controlled substance. In collaboration with the Department of Justice, Carmichael was offered full amnesty for the distribution charges and expungement of his record. In exchange, Carmichael would cooperate with the UIU’s investigation into the Assembly.

During the initial interview, Carmichael related that POI-8832 was a loosely recognized leader of the Second Haptic Assembly. Meetings usually occurred twice a week and would entail guided meditation sessions, songs and a talk led by POI-8832. When questioned on the content of POI-8832’s “sermons,” Carmichael heavily stressed the fact that the Assembly "wasn’t a church, but a society.” Carmichael described the meeting group as self-help, and stated that POI-8832 most often discussed the ascension of the individual. When asked about entities mentioned by POI-8832 during arrest, Carmichael explained that the Prime Movers were not gods, but had used thaumaturgy to engineer ecosystems and build the solar system.

On 1992-07-12, Carmichael informed Agent Forrester that there would be a meeting on the following night. It was decided to send Carmichael into the meeting with a wireless transmitter. UIU personnel at the site included Forrester and a small extraction team, two medics and a technical officer.

Immediately following termination of Carmichael’s transmission, Agent Trevor requested reinforcements from the UIU office. Less than five minutes after Forrester’s extraction team breached the warehouse, all sounds of gunfire ceased.

Within 10 minutes of Trevor’s call, a UIU Tactical Response team had arrived on scene including a consultant versed in interpreting thaumaturgical anomalies. The UIU personnel immediately discovered that the windows and doors of the warehouse had been reinforced through conventional and thaumaturgical means. Despite their equipment, the Tactical Response team could not effectively breach the entrance to the warehouse without the potential for casualties inside. Attempts to raise Forrester, or his team, on comms were unsuccessful.

Foundation Involvement:
Given the thaumaturgy being reported and the Tactical Response team's inability to breach the warehouse, Assistant Director Sullivan8 reported the incident to his chain of command. Concerned over the status of the extraction team and the UIU Tactical Response personnel on site, FBI Director Sessions decided to request Foundation consultation.

As the situation represented a potential Broken Veil scenario, an emergency mobilization order was issued. At approximately 21:15, MTF-Beta-777 (“Hecate’s Spear”) arrived on site and took command of the area.

The following image was captured on β1's camera feed:

No other living individuals were discovered within the warehouse.

Inquires with the Serpent's Hand have not revealed any connections to POI-8832, despite the usage of a Way.

Recovered Documentation:

Physical Examination of Remains Discovered:
Each of the corpses found upon entry to the warehouse radiated residual thaumaturgical emissions. Close to 20 individuals present on Carmichael’s camera feed during the initial infiltration are unaccounted for. None of the deceased members of the Assembly have any known previous connection to anomalous GOIs or instances.

POI-8832's body was not found upon excavation of the collapsed room, but significant blood was discovered. Genetic profiling revealed baseline human DNA with unknown 24th and 25th chromosomal pair. The blood was also found to emit low levels of Akiva radiation.

After a survey of the site, Foundation personnel transferred the cadavers found in the underground cells to Site-91 for research and storage purposes.13 Each corpse exhibited significant tumorous growths throughout the lymphatic system. These growths had increased so as to be visible under the skin and eventually led to death by asphyxiation. All three individuals were found to have undergone dramatic surgical grafting to a dozen lymph nodes throughout their bodies. Genetic analysis of the grafted material has revealed the donor organism is not human but is otherwise unidentified. Tissue samples of the grafts exude faint Akiva radiation and slight residual thaumaturgical readings.

Rudolph Carmichael has been designated SCP-5512-D and has not regained consciousness. MRI scans have revealed that foreign organic material has been grafted onto Carmichael’s lymph nodes through thaumaturgical means.14 Biopsy has shown that the tissues grafted onto SCP-5512-D's lymphatic system is similar to that of SCP-5512-A, -B and -C.

SCP-5512-D's augmented lymph nodes exude significant thaumaturgical energies, compared to that of rituals of class-C magnitude. SCP-5512-D has been moved to Site-91 to undergo genetic analysis and possible treatment under the supervision of Dr. Iona Varga.

Dr. Varga has theorized that the grafts are an attempt to biologically manipulate thaumaturgical energies, but given the progression of tumor development in the cadavers, it is possible SCP-5512-D's grafts will grow dangerous to its continued breathing. However, no abnormal growth of the grafted tissues has been observed in SCP-5512-D as of yet.

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