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Clearance Level 3: Clearance
Containment Class: euclid
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/vlam
Risk Class: #/warning

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5517 is to be locked inside a sealed structure 15 m tall and under the guise of a local environmental service building. A security camera is to monitor the growth of new SCP-5517-1 instances, and incendiary weapons are to be used to prevent their maturation.

Additionally, costotomes1 are to be used to remove excessive material from SCP-5517 whenever necessary, which is to be sent to Site-66 for study. Personnel responsible for this procedure must wear biohazard protection suits at all times. Any individual that comes in direct physical contact with an SCP-5517-1 instance is to be immediately isolated. A medical examination will determine the proper measures to be taken, possibly resulting in termination.

Semiannually2, a Class D personnel is to be exposed to an instance of SCP-5517-1. The affected individual is to be allowed to proceed with its anomalous behavior while escorted by a security team provided with standard equipment.


SCP-5517. Photo taken in 1974 by an unknown photographer.

Description: SCP-5517 is a pale tree of unknown species. Its outer structure is mostly made of collagen fibers and calcium phosphate. The interior presents an amalgam of ordinary human cells, tissues, and organs, including: neurons, hormone-producing glands, and bronchioles.

Organisms visually similar to leaves, designated SCP-5517-1, will periodically grow and detach from SCP-5517. These organisms are 6 cm long and scarlet in color. They have simple circulatory systems composed exclusively of erythrocytes3. They also have rudimentary muscle fibers, which make them capable to control gliding movements through the air. SCP-5517-1 specimens demonstrate no interest in animals other than human beings and will cease all movement 48 hours after full maturation, but will maintain the hazardous properties until biodegradation. Analysis indicate the DNA of SCP-5517 and SCP-5517-1 specimens to belong to a single human female.

SCP-5517-1 will attempt physical contact to human individuals when possible. If successful, the organism will attach to the subject epidermis and will immediately start to merge with the tissue, causing severe pain and temporary paralysis. The affected individual, known as SCP-5517-2, will then engage in a singular behavior4 and will react aggressively to any attempt to hinder its progression. Incendiary weapons have proven to be an effective countermeasure to SCP-5517-2 instances, as they present unnatural resilience to physical damage.

Discovery: SCP-5517 is located inside a natural reserve in the municipality of Maricá, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Following a series of missing persons cases of hikers and local residents, an investigation by the local police led to the official discovery of the anomaly in 1995, and to the eventual intervention by the Foundation in the same year.

Experiment Log:

<Experiment 5517/EX.01>

Conditions: Isolated environment.

Preface: Test subject (D-1058) was exposed to a specimen of SCP-5517-1.

Observation Notes: Subject presented no signs of physical alteration. However, D-1058's behavioral patterns changed notably, his mannerisms coinciding with an individual of very advanced age. Attempts to communicate have resulted in failure, as the individual maintained a fixated stare to the camera, and subsequently proceeded to strike it with its forehead repeatedly. Further results inconclusive, subject incinerated.


<Experiment 5517/EX.03>

Conditions: Isolated environment.

Preface: Test subjects (D-623 / D-955 / D-1337) exposed to ten instances of SCP-5517-1.

Observation Notes: Instances of SCP-5517-1 pursue a single subject, successfully making it their host. D-955, now designated SCP-5517-2, proceeds to assault and kill the other two subjects. Further results inconclusive, subjects incinerated.


<Experiment 5517/EX.07>

Conditions: Open environment, 20 m from SCP-5517.

Preface: Test subject (D-854) was exposed to a specimen of SCP-5517-1. Subject was observed from a safe distance by a team of armed personnel, equipped with hazmat suits and incendiary ammunition.

Observation Notes: Typical behavioral alteration confirmed. SCP-5517-2 starts to follow a linear path through the vegetation while escorted by the supervising team. It then arrives at an abandoned cabin 7 km from the starting point.

While inside, SCP-5517-2 uses an old cleaver to mutilate its own body, and to harvest a number of its organs. It should be noted that SCP-5517-2 displayed no signs of pain during the process, nor did it have its motor functions impaired, even though it was visually confirmed to have removed vital organs from the thoracic cavity. Then, after SCP-5517-2 engaged in a number of culinary practices using the collected material, the entity finally placed the organs inside its own thorax and sutured the opening.

Subsequently, as SCP-5517-2 unexpectedly darted from the front door, Agent Miguel ████, who was recording the entity from an unsafe distance, was attacked. Agent ████ expired from 52 stab wounds. The video camera was damaged in the process, but the experiment was ordered to continue for the sake of data collection. See Interview 5517/IN.01 for further details.


Inventory: Notable items collected from the cabin.

Interview 5517/IN.01:




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