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Item#: 5555-EX
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The first person affected by SCP-5555-EX, Paul Verlaine.

Revised Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5555-EX cannot be properly contained. However, due to its nature, no such procedures are necessary.

The consensus definition of SCP-5555-EX being an unexplainable and natural phenomenon is to be maintained - however, should any non-Foundation research prove otherwise, all persons involved in such a study are to be immediately amnestisized. The work of said persons is to be cataloged and assessed for any research value for the Foundation and otherwise disposed of.

Description: SCP-5555-EX is a phenomenon manifesting inside the consciousness of persons who underwent amnesticization procedures. During an episode in which a human being experiences the effects of SCP-5555-EX, they are, for a short period of time, able to recollect memories erased by amnestics. In effect, affected individuals answer to past stimuli instead of present ones.

Though the exact biological mechanism behind the anomaly is currently not known, it is certain that individuals affected by SCP-5555-EX are not aware of the fact that they are experiencing erased memories.

The first appearance of SCP-5555-EX manifested in 1873, inside of the mind of Paul Verlaine, a French poet.

For more information regarding the origin and properties of SCP-5555-EX, see Addendum 5555-EX-1.

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