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Item#: 5590
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SCP-5590 (picture taken during acquisition)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5590 is to be kept in a small entity containment cell with all furniture removed. Changes in SCP-5590's behavior and damage to SCP-5590's containment cell are to be reported to SCP-5590's Head Researcher before any actions are to be taken.

As per the request of Head Researcher Arelli, SCP-5590's cell must contain 1 modified Rubik's cube at all times.

Description: SCP-5590 is a 15cm tall sentient humanoid robot. SCP-5590 will attempt, to the best of its ability, to be as much of a non-violent nuisance as possible. This may entail the following:

  • Removing or switching labels on items.
  • Minor to moderate damage to structures. This damage is not severe enough to put structural integrity at risk.
  • Moderate to severe damage to objects. This may cause objects to break when used.
  • Providing excessive sensory stimulation to personnel around SCP-5590. This often includes producing loud and constant noises or reflecting light into the eyes of personnel, but may involve touch, taste, smell, or a combination of senses.

SCP-5590's arms can retract into its body and reappear as an appendage with a variety of tools at the end instead of a hand. Tools that have been observed at the end of SCP-5590's appendages include: a circular saw, a drill, a nozzle full of glue, and a lighter.

Incident Log 5590-1: SCP-5590 cut a small piece of debris from the wall of its cell. SCP-5590 repeatedly threw this debris at a camera that was monitoring it, cracking the lens. The camera lens was replaced and the debris was removed from the cell. 6 hours later, SCP-5590 used another piece of debris to crack the camera lens again.

Note from Head Researcher Arelli: Leave it. We can still see SCP-5590 through the cracked lens, and it isn’t worth constantly replacing.

Incident Log 5590-2: On 3/7/1986, SCP-5590 began making a series of gestures indicating distress towards the camera in its cell. Head Researcher Arelli was repeatedly unable to calm SCP-5590. After 23 minutes, Researcher Coleman successfully calmed SCP-5590. Neither researcher was able to identify a cause for SCP-5590's distress.

Incident Log 5590-3: On 3/18/1986, SCP-5590 began using its circular saw appendage to make small cuts into the floor and walls of its cell. This creates a constant high-pitched cutting noise that persists throughout the day.

Note From Head Researcher Arelli: We can't stop the noise. I talked to a couple of the technicians, and the system the cameras run on don't allow volume control for the individual camera feeds. Our only option is to have sound coming in from all of the feeds or none. The Site Directors won't allow me to turn it off for all of them because some of the SCPs on other camera feeds need to be listened to.

I've decided to change the risk class from "Notice" to "Caution" before the thing gives me tinnitus.

Addendum 5590-1: SCP-5590 has stopped and started cutting the walls and floor of its cell at irregular intervals. Additionally, SCP-5590 has begun making significantly shallower, quieter cuts into the walls and floor of its cell if any staff members1 are within earshot.

Incident Log 5590-4: Using its circular saw appendage, SCP-5590 removed a piece of concrete from the wall of its containment cell. SCP-5590 threw the piece of concrete at the camera, shattering the lens and making remote footage of SCP-5590's cell impossible. When staff arrived to replace the lens, they found that SCP-5590 had dug a small tunnel in the Southern wall of its cell2. SCP-5590 was found standing inside the tunnel, which was only 30 cm deep and did not lead anywhere. When found, SCP-5590 waved at staff and exited the tunnel cooperatively.

Addendum 5590-2: SCP-5590 has been moved to a new small entity containment cell. This cell is similar to SCP-5590's previous cell, the exception being that the camera monitoring SCP-5590 is now behind a plexiglass window, preventing SCP-5590 from damaging it.

Note: Site Director Hoff has reminded Head Researcher Arelli that SCP-5590's containment has been significantly more expensive than initially expected. This was said despite not being Arelli's fault that he was assigned a robot that has dedicated itself to making everything frustrating.

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