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4/5594 LEVEL 4/5594
Item #: SCP-5594


Non-anomalous land snails found during the recovery of Subject H-1.

Special Containment Procedures: Subject H-1 will be delivered to coordinates 29°58'02°N, 31°08'05°E by a Foundation aircraft and parachute at 00:30 on the day preceding The Day of Shells. Subject H-1 is to have their Morale and Beginning on hand before the transportation begins. A Foundation made bunker at coordinates 29°58'02°N, 31°08'05°E contains the necessary items to proceed with the Pulmunata Procedure. Subject H-1 will be given the access codes to the bunker via a remote earpiece, all communication to the subject will cease following the delivery of that information.

At 00:00 on The Day of Shells, Subject H-1 is to enter into the tunnel connecting to the north wall of the bunker with the supplies necessary for the Pulmunata Procedure. This leads to the Foundation protected Catacomb-17 of The Great Pyramid of Giza where Subject H-1 can recover the free-roaming SCP-5594-1 through -6.

Description: SCP-5594 is the designation for the reality-warping phenomena surrounding a contest of speed between 6 land-based snails under the Great Pyramid of Giza of Egypt. Every 35 years, a random human between the ages of 16 and 56 is selected and deemed The Hidden One. This person undertakes the formulation of the race as well as the ceremonies that occur leading to and following the contest.

The 6 land snails, designated SCP-5594-1 through -6, are described to be directly connected to a fundamental aspect of our species, planet, and/or reality within Tome-5594. These aspects are randomly altered depending on the snail that is victorious on The Day of Shells, henceforth referred to as SCP-5594-A. After the conclusion of the race, Hume readings within Catacomb-17 are seen increasing by nearly 12 times that of the baseline level.

The baseline reality deviations are listed in an unmarked, leather-bound tome found within Catacomb-17. This book, designated Tome-5594, anomalously updates within 3 hours to 4 days of SCP-5594-A regarding the reality deviations. These updates are written in an unknown language similar to ancient Arabic and Egyptian; translations are ongoing.

Addendum One — SCP-5594-1 through -6

SCP-5594-1: Space
Description: An adult Burgundy Snail1 with its shell painted bright cyan.
Known Victories: 2
Known Baseline Deviations:

  • The erasure or displacement of 'The Julius Moon,' a previously unknown second moon which orbited Earth before it disappeared on an unknown date.
  • Mercury is visible from Earth due to either the complete manifestation of Mercury or Mercury increasing in size by at least 75%.

SCP-5594-2: Zoological Phenomena
Description: An adolescent common Garden Snail2 with its shell painted with a random green and white speckles.
Known Victories: 5
Known Baseline Deviations:

  • Certain species of birds are given the capability to fly.
  • The erasure of an east-Asian, serpentine creature, potentially those seen in ancient art pieces.
  • The introduction of the Giraffa genus to the Giraffidae family and the introduction of the nine known species of the Giraffa genus.

SCP-5594-3: Time
Description: A fully grown Burgundy Snail with its shell painted a deep black.
Known Victories: 2
There are no known baseline deviations from SCP-5594-3 victories.

SCP-5594-4: Elements3
Description: A Milk Snail4.
Known Victories: 1
Known Baseline Deviations:

  • The elimination of an element of which its name has not/can not be translated. Tungsten appears to have manifested in its place.

SCP-5594-5: Geographical and Geological Phenomena
Description: An adult Giant African Snail5 with its shell striped with yellow paint.
Known Victories: 5
Known Baseline Deviations:

  • The formation of North and South America.
  • The erasure of an unnamed island kingdom off the coast of Greece.
  • The temporary de-manifestation of the Bermuda triangle in the late 1930s.
  • Earth's core becoming a mixture of iron, gold, and nickel among other elements. This is a change from the previous iron-silver alloy.

SCP-5594-6: Human Morality or Nature
Description: A White-Lipped Snail6 with a single maroon circle painted on the right side of its shell.
Known Victories: 0

Addendum Two — SCP-5594-A, March 22, 2017

The de-manifestation of Tome-5594 within Catacomb-17 signals the selection of Subject H-1; a standard identify/recover (I/R) protocol is to be enacted for Subject H-1 and Tome-5594, the subject is normally found by the Foundation within 3-5 days of when they are selected. H-1 instances are defined by the following characteristics:

  1. A ravenous craving for dairy products.
  2. An obsessive infatuation with Cairo, Egypt, which may result in manic episodes of spending in an attempt to get to the country.
  3. Non-anomalous land snails manifest around and on the subject in large numbers.
  4. Is always seen with Tome-5594.

Upon their recovery, Subject H-1 is to be transferred to the nearest Foundation site for a briefing regarding SCP-5594-A and the Pulmonata Procedure. The procedure was written in tandem with the first recovered Subject H-1 instance and Foundation personnel in 1912. It reads as follows:

SUBJECT H-1 is to have on hand:

  • Morale
  • Beginning
  • A greatsword of ancient make.
  • The petals pulled from 16 dandelions.
  • Tome-5594

At 00:30 on SCP-5594-A, SUBJECT H-1 is to enter into CATACOMB-17 with their items and lay them around the snail track. The subject is to then meditate for 15 minutes. When they have completed their meditation, the subject will approach each of the four flaming cauldrons at each corner of the track and place 8-10 dandelion petals in each of them.

SUBJECT H-1 is to place Tome-5594 on its podium near the northern wall of CATACOMB-17.

SUBJECT H-1 will recover SCP-5594-1 through -6 and place them onto the slotted track in the center in the room. The pattern of their placement does not affect the contest. The barrier is to be lowered before the placement of each creature.

SUBJECT H-1 is to place one dandelion petal at the victory line of each slot. After this task is completed, SUBJECT H-1 may release SCP-5594-1 through -6.

The victor of the race is to receive the remaining dandelion petals.

SUBJECT H-1 is to look upon their Beginning and Morale and choose one to bisect. When the decision is made the subject is to declare, "I will remember, I am here to remember," before slicing at their selected item.

The most recent SCP-5594 event occurred on 22-03-17. On, 16-03-17, Tome-5594 de-manifested from within Catacomb-17. The most recent Subject H-1 instance was found in York, England by the name of Andrew Drysdale. Drysdale was distressed over the constant barrage of snails pursuing him and was compliant with the Foundation and the efforts to help him.

After the debriefing, Drysdale was returned to his home to decide on his Morale and Beginning. Upon his selection, he was transported to the bunker where he was able to retrieve the greatsword and flower petals. Drysdale was retrieved on 23-01-17 and interviewed.

Interviewers: Dir. Paul Lague and Dr. Anthony Croix
Interviewee: Subject H-1, Andrew Drysdale, 17 years old


(Immediately after their recovery, Subject H-1 is seated within an interrogation room. A few minutes pass, the steel door leading into the room is unlocked and Dir. Lague and Dr. Croix enter followed by a guard.)

Dir. Lague: Hello again Andrew, I hope all is well. How'd everything go?

Subject H-1: (Anxiously) Fine… I guess.

(The doctors take their seats, the guard takes her post near the door. Dr. Croix opens his notebook and twirls a pen in his hand.)

Dir. Lague: (He leans in) What's wrong? There's no reason to be nervous. (He chuckles) We just need to talk about what happened and we'll let you go.

(Subject H-1 shifts in his seat.)

Dir. Lague: Before I forget, do you have the procedure step list, we need that back along with anything else from the race.

(The subject nods and hastily pulls out the folded document from his pocket. As he yanks it out, he pulls his cell phone with it and both drop to the floor.)

Dr. Croix: (Yelling.) You brought a phone here?

Subject H-1: I- uh, (Tears begin to build under his eyes.)

Dr. Croix: (He takes a deep breath and crosses his arms.) Please put it on the table… unlocked.

Subject H-1: (The subject sluggishly complies and sheepishly wipes his eyes with the back of his hand.) I only took a few pictures. (He sniffles and unlocks the phone.) That's all.

(Dr. Croix seizes the phone and places it between himself and Dir. Lague who grimaces at the doctor.)

Dir. Lague: We'll get to that in a second, I see you brought the book back. (Subject H-1 nods.) Right now, we need to know about the actual race and who won.

Subject H-1: The race didn't take as long as you'd think a snail race would. They were pretty fast, at least for snails. One of them, that massive one, had a big lead the whole time. That one was the winner… I think it had yellow stripes.

Dir. Lague: Interesting, that would be… -5. (He turns to Dr. Croix who is eyeing the open cell phone.) Geological phenomena, correct?

Dr. Croix: Yes, sir.

(Dr. Croix notes this.)

Dir. Lague: Anything else we should know about? Other than the pictures.

Subject H-1: I don't know if I was going crazy or not, but, did you ever watch wrestling as a kid? (Dr. Croix furrows his brow.) There was a ring announcer, uh… Howard Fum- Finkel, sorry. I swear I heard his voice cheering on the race.

Dr. Croix: This was a disembodied voice?

Subject H-1: Yes sir, unless the snails could speak.

(Dr. Croix takes a note once again.)

Dir. Lague: Let's get into your phone. (Croix picks up the device and begins swiping through.) Andrew, this could have been very detrimental for us and for you. Do you understand that? We told you that this had to be kept a secret multiple times. Now, you must tell me if you sent these to anyone. (Subject H-1 remains silent.) They will not be harmed, we just need to know-

Dr. Croix: I don't think he did, I checked his recent messages and there's nothing from the past two days. We can always run it to be safe… As for the pictures, take a look at them yourself.

(Croix hands the phone to Lague who begins swiping through.)

Dir. Lague: (Annoyed) Was this whole thing a joke to you?

Subject H-1: No, I-

Dir. Lague: You took a picture of the catacomb, the snails in their slots. But- But this! Explain it to us! (Dir. Lague slides the phone back to Subject H-1.)

Subject H-1: (He looks to the doctors.) The last three? Um.. this one has the dandelion petals on the ground spelling out 'Escar-go,' (He slides his finger across the screen.) This one is of the winning snail with a small crown on his head and a trophy to his right. (He slides his finger again.) And this one has the word 'Con-gastro-lations.' spelled out with the dandelion petals while the winner eats one.

Dir. Lague: Now, I'm going to ask you again, is this a joke to you?

Subject H-1: No, sir.

Dr. Croix: Do you find it funny to make puns and play dress-up during a very important mission?

Subject H-1: You think I'm behind that? I don't even know was a 'gastro' is! The flowers did that themself during the race and I only took the pictures because I thought it was cool. Hell, I don't even have a trophy that small, they just appeared near the snail.

Dir. Lague: (He turns to Croix.) We'll have to look into this further; if he heard that voice can't we lend some credence to this? (Pause) Andrew, we have to keep this phone for now. We'll provide you with a new one when we return you to your house. (Lague wipes his forehead.) Before we conclude, is there anything else you have that we need to know about… You will be searched so you might as well just tell us now.

(Subject H-1 goes through his other pocket and pulls out a golden piece of paper. Dir. Lague takes an annoyed breath and places the paper in his notebook.)

Dir. Lague: Thank you for your help Andrew, please exit with the guard.


Recovered Certificate

Authentic Hidden One Certification
You have completed your participation in The Day of Shells

This certificate is a declaration of bravery, honor, and sacrifice. You hit the snail on the head and will go down in history.

In one shell swoop you saved us all!

Thank you!

An investigation into the creation of this certificate, the words created by the petals, and the manifestation of the trophies is ongoing.

After the interview, Drysdale was administered a small dosage of Class-A amnestics and returned to his house without further incident. As of writing, Tome-5594 has not been updated with the alteration made due to SCP-5594-5's victory.

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